A cancer thriver, Tia dances to her own beat as she beats her illness. She has danced with Beyoncé in the Billboard Music Awards Show, and has performed for many NBA and NFL halftime shows. Tia started a non profit called Kalamity Inc, which focuses on dancing for a cause. Kalamity has raised more than $1 million for families in need. Along with Kalamity, Tia founded The Vault Dance Studio, dedicated to serving families through dance. She is known to her 2.7 million TikTok and 689k instagram followers as the Cancer Dancer. Tia is a wife to “the handsome Andrew Stokes,” and the mother of five. Tia creates content full time and is also a motivational speaker. Preach! @thetiabeestokes

Roll the Dice One of my most surprising and meaningful experiences was donating my eggs to my friend so she could be a mama!

Catchphrase “We got this!”

Full Deck I have a lot of Nikes.

Ticket to Ride In five years I see myself touring all over and helping causes as well as keeping up with my own successful brand.

Uno Reverse I have trained and run marathons. I’ve lived with cancer. Undergone a transplant. Covid 2x. Losing my parents. GVHD. I’ve learned you can get through hard things as long as you keep a positive attitude. There is still joy to be found no matter what!

Get a Clue In 2007 I decided to live my life for my Heavenly Father instead of trying to control my life. He has led me to where I am today.

Life Hack Put on your lips for a mood upper! And ALWAYS use people’s names.

Twister I choose happiness and have to work at it, too.

Hungry Hippos I love mango curry at Golden Thai. Yum!

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