Kenneth Boggs Custom | Founder + CEO | Provo | AGE 32

Now, lewk. Kenneth Martine Boggs is well suited for success. He started his custom suit brand in 2015, which pairs classic Italian and English tailoring techniques with modern silhouettes. His iconic designs have walked the walk with international actors, athletes and industry leaders. Kenneth has nearly 100k followers on Instagram, where he shares his dapper designs, philanthropic passions, and motivational musings. Additionally, Kenneth earned a bachelor’s degree in criminal justice as well as a track and field scholarship with Utah Valley University. Additionally, Kenneth is dressing the part of husband. His wife — artist Melissa Tshikamba Boggs — is also featured in this year’s class of “40 under 40.” Like husband, like wife.

PROUDEST ACCOMPLISHMENT Watching my suits on national TV. HARDEST MOMENT Gaining momentum. LEADERSHIP STYLE Visionary. BEST PART OF BEING YOUNG IN BUSINESS The more I know, the more I don’t  know anything. Continuing to learn stimulates my dopamine. MAIN MOTIVATION Breaking generational curses.

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