40 Under 40: Adam Klosowiak



KLOS Guitars | Co-founder + CEO | Provo 

Skill Board | Co-founder + CEO | AGE 29

Adam Klosowiak is striking the right chord. After graduating from Princeton in 2015 with a degree in electrical engineering, he and his brother Ian started KLOS Guitars — creator of a carbon fiber travel guitar. Two years later, they started a Kickstarter campaign and raised an astounding $300k, which pushed the brothers to strum full time. Today, KLOS Guitars has shipped over 8,000 instruments to all 50 states and over 80 countries, has three patents, works with over 60 brick and mortar retail stores, and is coming out with new products every year. In 2019, Adam added another brand to the band. Skill Board is a balance board you ride on a ball instead of a cylinder. And within its first year, it broke $1 million in sales.

PROUDEST ACCOMPLISHMENT Both of my brands combined breaking $3M in sales in 2021, and we have a cumulative count of over 22,000 customers. HARDEST MOMENT In October of 2021, sales of both brands dipped severely due to the upcoming holiday season and a recent price increase with KLOS Guitars. Simultaneously, we were hit with many supply chain invoices that were due and large inventory costs. It was the perfect storm that disrupted our cash flow to a debilitating point. Fortunately, with the help of some mentors and calm and steady work, we were able to pull through the difficult time and get back to a healthy state. LEADERSHIP STYLE I like to empower employees to get responsibility quickly, so they start feeling the impact of their work as fast as possible. Entrepreneurship is attractive to many because of the autonomy and self-starter attitude it comes with, and I believe that doesn’t just have to be for founders. As much as possible, I try to support my employees so they can grow into independent thinkers who can own their work and results. MAIN MOTIVATION To reach full potential. Life is too short to apply half-hearted effort to anything. ULTIMATE CAREER DREAM To eventually lead a company whose main purpose is making a positive climate impact on earth.   


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