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American Fork | AGE 38

Annie Hawkins is #GOALS. The former pro soccer athlete who played in Sweden’s top league, the USASA National Team, and for Real Salt Lake has scored big in all her passion projects. To name just a few: Social media manager at Domo. Co-star of “Home Court,” a fixer upper show on Magnolia Network. Founder of a hip sneaker shop. A creator of The Ten Influence, which offers hand dyed sportswear. A coach at Leaders League, which celebrates and cultivates the diversity of leadership within young athletes. And a leader at Goals for Girls, which uses soccer to develop leadership in young women. Like we said: Total baller.

PROUDEST ACCOMPLISHMENT Playing pro soccer and working full-time. The support I had from Domo to balance the pursuit of a passion and also grow in my career was such a gift and something I am so proud to have been able to do for eight years. HARDEST MOMENT The proudest moments for me seem to also bring the most challenges; I think that’s how you know you’re in the right place. So, playing pro soccer and working full time was also the hardest moment of my career. Trying to show up at my best in each place — physically and mentally — was so challenging, and I learned a lot about myself. LEADERSHIP STYLE What I love about leadership is you don’t have to look like or be like anyone else to be a leader. And for me, being a leader looks like being a good teammate. BEST PART OF BEING YOUNG IN BUSINESS Getting to learn from incredible mentors, like my boss, Julie, who has so much experience and great lessons to share. MAIN MOTIVATION Creativity, the incredible team I am a part of, and any opportunity to make an impact. ULTIMATE CAREER DREAM I just want to make a difference, wherever I am, and continue to stretch my creativity, wherever I go.

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