Kitchen 88 + Raised Fried Chicken & Donuts

Founder + Chef | American Fork | AGE 33

Chef B is cookin’. After studying at the Culinary Institute of America in Napa Valley, Calif., Brandon spent three years working with a restaurant development company, helping open over 12 restaurants across three states. After a season working at the Foundry Grill at Sundance, he developed the Kitchen 88 concept in 2014 and decided to open a food truck. After five delicious years, the food truck drove its way into a brick and mortar store in American Fork. The restaurant has had ups and Covid downs, but thanks to community rallying and support, the doors have stayed open and swinging with repeat business. What’s more, this last year he added another restaurant to the menu. In 2021, Brandon opened Raised, a hole-in-the-wall fried chicken and donut concept (which has a drive thru, fyi).

PROUDEST ACCOMPLISHMENT Building Kitchen 88 from the ground up. Starting out as a food truck and getting into a full-scale brick and mortar restaurant.

HARDEST MOMENT Having to close our dining room just 90 days after opening our first store due to the pandemic. LEADERSHIP STYLE Lead by example in all that I do. I would never ask or expect anything from others if I wouldn’t do it myself. BEST PART OF BEING YOUNG IN BUSINESS The naivety. And I have the drive to get it done no matter what it takes. HARDEST PART OF BEING YOUNG IN BUSINESS The lack of experience. No matter how much you study, read, and talk with other people, you won’t truly know it until you do it. MAIN MOTIVATION My wife and kids. Creating spaces for people to gather and enjoy delicious food. ULTIMATE CAREER DREAM To have a farm where I can grow and produce the products I cook and serve. To be directly connected to the source would be the ultimate dream as a chef.

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