Ballerina Farm | Founder | Kamas | AGE 32

Hannah Neeleman’s life is a twirl-wind. In 2012, she graduated in dance from the Julliard School and danced professionally as a ballerina. Shortly after marrying, she and her husband lived abroad in São Paulo Brazil for four years while he worked and she danced. She learned Portuguese and fell in love with Brazilian cuisine and agriculture. In 2017 they started Ballerina Farm, a farm-to-table agriculture business where they sell beef, pork, as well as sourdough accessories and other kitchen products worldwide. Hannah was Mrs. Utah for 2021, and her family has 1.1 million followers on Instagram — where they share the heart and hard work of their family life on the farm raising their business and seven children ranging from 10 all the way down to a newborn.

PROUDEST ACCOMPLISHMENT Creating a business where I get to work with my husband and children each day. HARDEST MOMENT Our business is in the public eye on social media for over 1 million followers. This can get tricky. The I’s must be dotted and T’s crossed! LEADERSHIP STYLE Operationally I am not detail oriented. I am rarely on time and don’t write many things down. On the artistic side of things, however, I am very picky. BEST PART OF BEING YOUNG IN BUSINESS You still have a long runway to make your dreams come true. HARDEST PART OF BEING YOUNG IN BUSINESS You still have a lot of mistakes to make. MAIN MOTIVATION My husband and seven kids. ULTIMATE CAREER DREAM I hope I can inspire others to chase dreams that seem out of the ordinary.

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