40 Under 40: Jared Olsen


JobNimbus | VP of People Experience | Lehi | AGE 37

Jared Olsen is a man of the people. After 15+ years of working in the human resources industry, he has redefined the perception and strategic direction of HR for a variety of Utah companies. Jared has moved from an HR Generalist to leading innovative HR plans for a Fortune 500 company. He’s been the chief human resource officer for fast-growing companies, and is now the VP of People Experience for JobNimbus, which ranked #18 on the 2021 UV50 in BusinessQ Magazine. Plus, Jared was named by DisruptHR and Utah SHRM as the first-ever HR Disruptor of the Year. Disruption never looked so nimble.

PROUDEST ACCOMPLISHMENT Being named as the first ever HR Disruptor of the year in Utah. HARDEST MOMENT Each position has its unique challenges, but the hardest single moment was being laid off during the 2009 recession. It did, however, land me in a new role, which helped springboard my career. Looking back, I’m grateful for it and the lessons I learned. LEADERSHIP STYLE According to Clifton Strength Finders, my top two strengths are “Strategic” and “Woo.” When someone on my team needs help, I love to strategize a plan of attack and then infuse a lot of woo/excitement to get that plan accomplished. BEST PART OF BEING YOUNG IN BUSINESS It’s easy to push the status quo and help change the way the People Experience function is viewed. By talking about PX instead of HR, I’ve been able to help a lot of companies advance culturally. HARDEST PART OF BEING YOUNG IN BUSINESS  Impostor syndrome.  I often look at the other people on my executive teams and think, “Who am I to be rubbing shoulders with these amazing people?”  I’m very blessed to soak up their wisdom and knowledge! MAIN MOTIVATION Changing hearts and minds of what people think HR is, compared to my vision of what PX can be. ULTIMATE CAREER DREAM Get a doctorate in organizational leadership, write a book about workplace culture, and take a company public. What really gets me fired up is the thought of working for a PE firm and coaching CEOs & CHROs about the power of their people and culture.


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