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Pleasant Grove | AGE 36

Jenna Rammell is sticking with the essentials. After starting out as an OG blogger in 2011 (“back when we had four filters to choose from!”), Jenna has expertly maneuvered from blogging to Instagram to Tumbler to essential oils to a full-fledged skin care company. After playing chemist at her own kitchen table, her now flagship product -— Skin Bae –— was born in 2019. Jenna now shares her popular natural and plant-based products — as well as snippets of her life — to more than 200k followers on Instagram and to her “Dear Jenna Podcast” listeners around the globe.

PROUDEST ACCOMPLISHMENT Every day is my best day, because I have built a life I am obsessed with. We have grown the company slow and steady. First, with the massive leap of my husband, Andrew, quitting his job, to now having 10 employees. I believe so much in a quality of life where my own health and children are top priority, so to have a good team that gives me the space to be a mom to four kids and a business owner, that’s the magic! HARDEST MOMENT When we first started, we didn’t know how to structure a business or run our operations, so we relied on friends and family to help navigate new waters as I was selling the product so much quicker than we thought we could. We were so grateful for help and belief in those beginning days, and even when we compensated people well, we felt the sting of betrayal as things began to grow and people we loved demanded more. That betrayal is tough and still is. I’ll admit I lost trust in people a bit, but I gained a whole lot of business savvy and now know to have everything in writing. LEADERSHIP STYLE I am a fun leader! Leading my team with laughter, unity and plenty of parties is what feels best to me. If I feel good at work, I know they will, too. BEST PART OF BEING YOUNG IN BUSINESS Growing up with the world changing at such a rapid pace, I have an adaptability and flexibility that has been such an asset to me. MAIN MOTIVATION People. The people we serve with our product, and the people I can help and support with the financial impact of our company and my children. ULTIMATE CAREER DREAM To be at peace every day. For me, there is no career worth being under water, stressed, and in anger for.

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