Mixhers | Founder + CEO | Provo | AGE 34

Jess Toolson has everyone thinking pink. Not only is it her signature drink and wardrobe color, it’s the bright beacon of her multimillion-dollar brand. Mixhers is a hormone health company that specializes in all-natural remedies to help with periods, libido, PMS, anxiety, depression and sleep. Jess was raised in Provo and attended UVU. She spent 11 years in Europe raising her family with her husband, Ryan, who plays professional basketball. But when the pandemic unexpectedly brought them back to Utah, Jess took her own difficult journey with hormones, became a problem solver, and in 2019 created a company and community of women ready to take on their health — and the world. Mixhers is Jess’ first professional gig and it’s in the pink of health — on track to hit $25 million in sales this year. Color us impressed.

PROUDEST ACCOMPLISHMENT Changing lives with hertime! Every woman who writes in with how hertime changed her life gives me the best sense of fulfillment. HARDEST MOMENT Transitioning manufacturing in a time of need. It was the hardest project I’ve worked on and it was necessary to transition quickly. We made the change with our incredible mixhers team putting all hands in and we came out thriving because of it! LEADERSHIP STYLE Nurturing friendships. I let my employees build trust in themselves. I have no previous experience with managing people, so implementing lessons learned from mom life seem to work well. Be kind, calm, fun and let the team learn to trust themselves — all the while knowing I have their back! BEST PART OF BEING YOUNG IN BUSINESS I have plenty of energy and excitement for what I am trying to build. Not anywhere near done yet! HARDEST PART OF BEING YOUNG IN BUSINESS Realizing I can be experienced and provide valuable insight even though I haven’t had a lengthy career. MAIN MOTIVATION Seeing lives change from our products, as well as women saying they decided to start a business because they have been inspired by watching Mixhers. I love building a fun, thriving company culture! ULTIMATE CAREER DREAM To build a community of women that provides friendship and safety to thousands. I want women to feel empowered with their health journey. I want to become a household brand women recognize all around the nation!

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