40 Under 40: Jessi Ngatikaura


Jessi Ngatikaura

JZ Styles Co. | Founder + CEO | Pleasant Grove | AGE 30

Jessi Ngatikaura is flipping heads. Iin 2016, she opened her salon, JZ Styles, and over the past six years it has grown into a full-service salon, hair extension company and other products/tools for hairstylists. She and her team travel across the country educating other stylists on hair color and extensions to help them further their skillset and careers. What’s more, her national hair education business has gone global with nearly 200k followers on Instagram. Hair yeah!

PROUDEST ACCOMPLISHMENT Being a celebrity hair dresser, doing hair at New York Fashion Week, and growing my business to be a known brand in the industry! I am also able to employ my entire family (I employ my mom and sisters, and my dad is my business partner), which makes me really happy and proud. HARDEST MOMENT Realizing that mixing business and friendship is not always easy and managing people you’re close to has to be handled very delicately. LEADERSHIP STYLE Visionary, progress focused, and inspirational. I thrive on helping others grow and hit goals! HARDEST PART OF BEING YOUNG IN BUSINESS Not being taken as seriously. Especially in the beauty industry, people think hairdressers just “cut hair” and don’t often realize there are so many other avenues stylists can take! MAIN MOTIVATION Helping other people, networking with others in my space and working on projects/products I’m passionate about. I’m always thinking about my next steps. ULTIMATE CAREER DREAM To continue doing what I love, to be a well known and respected brand worldwide, and to continue working with my family like I do now.


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