40 Under 40: Jon Lefrandt



Domanicare + ForGrief.com | Co-founder +

President + CEO | Orem | AGE 38

Jon Lefrandt met grief too young. Jon is the oldest of seven children, and he lost his father, who was just 46 years old at the time. But that heartbreaking loss led to a meaningful career. After working in the funeral industry for seven years, Jon dove into entrepreneurship, knowing the market needed innovative solutions that would help both funeral home owners and the families they serve. In fall 2018, Domanicare was born. It’s a text message-based aftercare follow up program that dialogues with grieving families throughout their first year of losing a loved one. Additionally, they provide grief support through ForGrief.com. Jon’s companies are currently partnered with and provide services for funeral homes in all 50 states and Canada. And in his spare time, Jon is also the senior VP of consumer experience for Homesteaders Life Company.

PROUDEST ACCOMPLISHMENT Simply taking the leap into the unknown as an entrepreneur continues to be my greatest career accomplishment. Seeing the businesses I have created alive, well, and growing — despite a pandemic and other bumps in the road of startup land — is extremely satisfying. HARDEST MOMENT It’s the same as my proudest moment. Taking the leap was nerve-racking and hard. For the most part, we bootstrapped the company. Walking away from great benefits, job security, and hoping we could grow the business fast enough to not be in a vulnerable spot for long is really, really hard. LEADERSHIP STYLE Empowering my team. I am not a micromanager. MAIN MOTIVATION I need PURPOSE-driven work. I need to be in the business of helping people in a meaningful way. This is more motivating to me than any paycheck, payday, or accolade I might receive. ULTIMATE CAREER DREAM My dreams don’t stop. The ideas keep coming.


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