40 Under 40: Kelsey Berg



Senator Mitt Romney | Deputy Chief of Staff

Utah + Washington, D.C. | AGE 32

Let’s talk about the Kelsey Berg in the room. After completing a church mission in Houston and graduating from BYU with bachelor’s in political science in 2013, she worked as a lobbyist in Utah, as well as managing local and statewide political campaigns. She worked for Congressman Jason Chaffetz for nearly four years, serving in Washington, D.C. and Utah. And she’s been with Team Romney since 2018, first as political director on the Romney for Utah Senate campaign, and now as Senator Romney’s Deputy Chief of Staff. This powerhouse owns a double-digit number of cowboy boots and still spends half her time walking the halls of the U.S. Capitol. Although her first choice would be spending time on her horse in the mountains of Utah, her inner political junkie has determined the ride of her life.

PROUDEST ACCOMPLISHMENT The two-week period in 2019 where I drove 3,500 miles to have meetings in 22 counties — and didn’t get pulled over once! I am blessed to serve in a role where I assist in the passage of significant pieces of legislation, such as the Navajo Utah Water Rights Settlement and I also assist Utahns on a daily basis when it comes to issues with the federal government that are important on an individual level.  HARDEST MOMENT I’ve had to learn the art of being professional, diplomatic and to not take things too personal with those who vehemently disagree with policies I’ve advocated for. Sometimes that includes members of my own family and close friends. LEADERSHIP STYLE Surround yourself with good people, set expectations, and then let them do their job. Always hold them accountable, but in a supportive way. Work hard, be nice to people, and genuinely care about them. When all else fails; Illegitimi non carborundum. MAIN MOTIVATION A deep love of the State of Utah and the folks who live here. ULTIMATE CAREER DREAM My career to this point has been a dream – much more than I could have ever imagined. I want to continue to be involved in shaping the future of Utah and to build upon the sacrifice and vision of those who created the foundation for our remarkable state. My dream career would be to enjoy a lifetime of building upon that foundation and to make meaningful contributions to the future of our state. Granted, all that goes out the window if I meet George Strait and we run away together to live happily ever after.


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