Crumbl Cookies | Co-founder + COO

Orem | AGE 30

My, how the cookie Crumbls. During his senior year of college at Utah State University, Sawyer Hemsley co-founded Crumbl as a side hustle. He was a communications/marketing/multimedia major, and cookies were certainly not in the plan oven. But he set his focus on warm cookie delivery, and that side hustle has now become the main squeeze. (Sawyer even attended an accelerated culinary school this past year in order to gain a deeper understanding of food science, flavor profiling and pairings.) Crumbl has 2.3 million followers on Instagram and 5.3 million followers on TikTok. It’s been featured by Good Morning America, CNBC, and Forbes Magazine. And in 2022, Crumbl Cookies opened its 500th location across the country, and will do over $1 billion in system-wide sales. ONE BILLION. That’s a whole lot of pink party boxes (Sawyer’s idea, by the by), with a side of some serious hustle.

PROUDEST ACCOMPLISHMENT Although my family was nervous and scared for me to start this cookie journey — they supported me and our team tremendously. They worked almost as hard as I did to help our first few stores get up and running, and for that I’m forever grateful. A lot of tears, laughter and a WHOLE lot of stress later my parents, brother, and two sisters ALL own and operate their own Crumbl locations across the nation. I’m most proud to be a Hemsley and to say we are truly ONE BIG COOKIE FAMILY! HARDEST MOMENT Feeling the weight of the nation as I plan the cookie calendar each week. (WINK) LEADERSHIP STYLE Serve first and lead second. BEST PART OF BEING YOUNG IN BUSINESS I’m not afraid to adapt and change to better our business. People are sometimes shocked at how young I am, but I love putting in the hard work to prove that despite my age I can compete with the BIG BOYS. MAIN MOTIVATION Building something and attempting to perfect/master the cookie world motivates my soul. ULTIMATE CAREER DREAM To take Crumbl Cookies international and spread my love for cookies across the globe.

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