Frankie Jane Couture Bridal | Co-Founder | Orem | AGE 24

Tatum Shae Knell is working an aisle a minute. She opened her wedding dress shop — Frankie Jane Couture Bridal — in Orem in 2022, and the daughter-mother duo has already dressed over 60 brides and counting. In addition to being a bridal boss, Tatum is an actress, model and influencer. She moved to L.A. in 2019 and starred in a variety of movies and productions. Now back in Utah, she’s booking gigs — like a movie she’s filming in French Polynesia this summer. The best part? When her two true loves combine: Tatum regularly uses her acting skills on the TikToks and Reels she makes to promote Frankie Jane Couture. 

PROUDEST ACCOMPLISHMENT Seeing our first Frankie Jane bride get married. It was so surreal to see her going from saying yes to her dress to then getting married in one of our gowns. HARDEST MOMENT Trusting brides will want to come to our store. It is scary to open a business and devote everything to it and then just hope and pray people want to come and like the service we are providing. LEADERSHIP STYLE Teamwork makes the dream work! I would not be here without my parents/business partners. We all have devoted a ton to this, and each have special skills that have made our store a success. Dividing out tasks and focusing on our strengths is crucial to thriving. BEST PART OF BEING YOUNG IN BUSINESS  I am great with social media and can help grow our business quickly because of it. I’ve been able to gain traction through Instagram Reels and TikToks. In fact, one of our TikToks hit a million views! MAIN MOTIVATION We put our heart and soul into every appointment. Seeing a bride smile and say yes to her dream dress makes all the hard work worth it every single time. ULTIMATE CAREER DREAM To be the No. 1 wedding dress store in Utah and the store girls want to drive or fly into from other states.

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