40 Under 40: Vess Pearson



Aptive Environmental | Co-founder + CEO

Provo | AGE 38

Vess Pearson has it all under (pest) control. He co-founded Aptive in 2015, and today it serves customers in more than 5,000 cities across 34 states and ranks as the 4th largest residential pest control company in North America (out of more than 20,000 competitors!). Prior to Aptive, Vess’ leadership was instrumental in building and selling two previous pest control ventures and he is now focused on building Aptive as a legacy brand that will disrupt the 100-year-old industry. Vess’ heavy emphasis on elevated employee culture led to him being named 2021 EY Entrepreneur of The Year in the Utah Region.

PROUDEST ACCOMPLISHMENT There’s no denying that the pandemic presented challenges unlike any other, which is just one reason I’m so proud of how our team exceeded expectations during the heart of Covid. Despite a global pandemic that impacted consumers and businesses far and wide, Aptive reached 1.3 million customers and expanded to 1,035 new cities, all while growing its employee base by 24%, its revenue by 33%, and giving back over $1 million to charities across the globe. At the onset of 2020, we knew we would need to take a different approach to the unique challenge in front of us, just as we’ve done with our business as a whole, and I couldn’t be more proud of the result. LEADERSHIP STYLE Calm, thoughtful and clear. BEST PART OF BEING YOUNG IN BUSINESS Never feeling satisfied is both a blessing and a burden. I’m built in a way where I never feel like I’ve arrived. When I meet a goal, I set my sights higher and then focus on the next big thing. It drives me and pushes me to grow. I’ve accepted it is who I am. However, I am working on trying to slow down and enjoy the view every once in a while. MAIN MOTIVATION My villains — anyone who has doubted me or Aptive — motivate me. I take that energy and use it as fuel to keep going. It worked for Kobe. Also, the team at Aptive drives me. Thousands of people depend on me for their livelihood. Aptive is approximately 25% employee-owned, so I want to continue to grow the business so we are not only proud of the work we accomplish, but also successful. ULTIMATE CAREER DREAM For Aptive to be known as the top customer service company.


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