40 Under 40: Ben Peterson



Blue Raven Solar | CEO | Orem | AGE 38

The sun will come out for Ben Peterson. After graduating from Stanford University in 2008, he gained valuable leadership experience at McMaster-Carr Supply Company. He then attended Harvard Business School, and after graduation joined McKinsey & Company as a management consultant where he worked for several years. Upon returning to Utah, Ben set out on his first entrepreneurial venture with Blue Raven Solar, a fast-growing solar company that did $125 million in 2020, has installed tens of thousands of solar systems across America, and was acquired by SunPower last fall.

PROUDEST ACCOMPLISHMENT Growing Blue Raven Solar into an Inc. 500 nationally recognized brand known for customer experience and company culture.

HARDEST MOMENT My wife, Alex, gave birth to our first child 10 days before I began weekly travel as a new associate at McKinsey & Company. A few months later, Alex was diagnosed with thyroid cancer. As the situation progressed, we had to come together and reassess our priorities and collective vision. Ultimately, we decided to leave Washington, D.C., and move to Utah for her cancer treatment and to live closer to family. It was a very difficult time of life and a difficult moment in my career. Not only did Alex fully recover, but the pivot from management consulting into entrepreneurship has been life changing. LEADERSHIP STYLE At Blue Raven, our three values are (1) Build a High-Trust Culture, (2) Be Efficient, and (3) Continuously Improve. I strive to reflect these values in my leadership, and I seek consensus whenever possible. HARDEST PART OF BEING YOUNG IN BUSINESS My wife and I have been growing our family during the challenging years of growing Blue Raven Solar. We welcomed twins to our family six weeks before Blue Raven Solar was acquired by SunPower last Fall. Those were some intense and sleepless months! MAIN MOTIVATION I love our mission at Blue Raven Solar. I am passionate about our planet and am motivated by growing the renewable energy industry. ULTIMATE CAREER DREAM I’m not sure. Ten years ago, I would have never imagined I would be a CEO. Ask me in another 10 years!


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