40 Under 40: Eric Parker



Giddy | Co-founder + CEO | Draper | AGE 34

Eric Parker is a tech junkie and crypto aficionado. And in 2021, he decided to combine his two passions with Giddy, an app that helps people tap into the rewards of decentralized finance and guide them through investing in this new financial frontier. And Eric’s team is straight money. Giddy was founded by a team of engineers with decades of experience in mobile app development, security, finance, and cryptography. And in January of this year, Giddy announced $8 million seed funding led by Pelion Venture Partners. The round includes local entrepreneurship all-stars the likes of Blake Murray of Divvy, Jeremy Andrus of Traeger, Davis Bell of Canopy, “Brand Whisperer” Shaun Neff, serial angel investor Scott Paul, real estate mogul Brandon Fugal, Scan founder Kirk Ouimet, Chamber Media founder Travis Chambers, and Jeff Burningham of Peak Capital. To which we say: Giddy up.   

PROUDEST ACCOMPLISHMENT Giddy. HARDEST MOMENT Giddy. LEADERSHIP STYLE After googling “leadership styles” and not fitting well with any, I’ll put it this way: Listen. And then show that you heard. Leaders should be doers first. Heap praise on others. Accountability. The buck stops with you. Nobody should be working harder than you. Say “I don’t know.” Learn new information from your team and be willing to change your mind. BEST PART OF BEING YOUNG IN BUSINESS Advice from more experienced entrepreneurs and mentors has an outsized impact. Hearing about lessons learned and winning strategy has helped immensely. HARDEST PART OF BEING YOUNG IN BUSINESS Learning lessons the hard way. MAIN MOTIVATION Solving hard problems. ULTIMATE CAREER DREAM Provide opportunity to people who wouldn’t otherwise get it.


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