40 Under 40: India Blue Severe



Lonely Ghost | Co-founder | Provo | AGE 25

For a lonely ghost, India Blue Severe has a lot of friends. She started her brand Lonely Ghost four years ago, which sells fun, quirky, cool hoodies, loungewear, lifestyle and home goods. “It’s Cool to Care.” “Text Me When You Get Home.” “This Song Reminds Me of You.” “Connect.” Indy has her catchphrases on the pulse of the community. Indy started as an influencer building an authentic following through her travel videos. Between her personal brand and Lonely Ghost, she has more than 639k followers on Instagram. And today, she uses that reach to create and connect a community and help everyone feel a little less ghosted.

PROUDEST MOMENT Last week, I was at a sushi restaurant with my fiancé. Halfway through our meal, a little girl probably 10 years old walked in wearing a pink “Text Me When You Get Home” hoodie. As we walked out, I leaned over and said, “I like your hoodie!” and her face lit up. She looked so excited. It was a simple moment, but that little girl casually wearing my brand on a Tuesday at a sushi restaurant was honestly everything I could want from making clothes. HARDEST MOMENT Learning to trust myself. LEADERSHIP STYLE I started Lonely Ghost when I was 21. For the first few years, I was nervous about making decisions — about fully stepping into my leadership role. I cared too much about being liked. I really had to find my own voice and let go of what people thought about me. I’m finally hitting my stride. BEST PART OF BEING YOUNG IN BUSINESS I might not have years of business experience, but I know how to connect a community. And in this day and age, that’s pretty priceless. MAIN MOTIVATION I’m motivated by thinking outside of the box. What market hasn’t been touched yet? What is the last thing people expect? Instead of influencer marketing, let’s spend some money on a billboard? Or a park bench? Let’s start our own newspaper! I like looking at what used to work, and putting my own modern spin on it. No one is primarily focused on traditional marketing anymore. So that’s where I’m immediately attracted to. I don’t want our moves to make sense. ULTIMATE CAREER DREAM Lonely Ghost is more than a clothing brand. We use the hoodies to connect people. That’s it. It’s about the people. I’ve seen people find their closest friends through our brand. Our little ghost logo. I just want more of that, because I think that’s pretty priceless. More ways to get our community together in person. Events. More retail spots. Festivals. Real estate. Anything to make the lonely, a little less lonely.


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