40 Under 40: Kody Curtis



Zehn-X | President + Co-founder | Lehi  | Plant Science | Co-founder | American Fork | AGE 33

It’s a clean sweep for Kody Curtis. He started his first company, EcoGuardian Pest Control, at the age of 24, and six years later sold it to Rollins, Inc., a parent company of Orkin. That same year, he started Zehn-X, a cleaning and sanitizing wipes company. Then the pandemic happened. (Yes. A sanitizing wipes company. Right before the pandemic. Wipe drop!) Within the first year, Zehn-X’s annual revenue surpassed that of his first company. That’s what you call a sparkling start.

PROUDEST ACCOMPLISHMENT There is always a lot of prep work that comes with getting a new business up and running, but where I’ve found the most joy in business is the customers I’m able to help. I will never forget the name of our very first customer at EcoGuardian. I am still grateful for her trust in our company. HARDEST MOMENT When I started my first company, I was working 16-hour days with little to show for it personally. I had a wife and child at home, and I had to put in the work in order to grow the business, living on only enough to scrape by. It was difficult to say the least, and yet, it was such a transformative and rewarding time for me. I had many experiences during that time that built my character and my confidence, and such experiences continue to influence the way I do business today. LEADERSHIP STYLE I love helping others see their potential, and then supporting them in the quest to reach their potential. MAIN MOTIVATION I love a good underdog story, especially the journey/path to success. I am motivated by the thought of overachieving or surpassing other people’s expectations of me. Seeing growth/success, either my own or that of others, is inspiring. ULTIMATE CAREER DREAM To one day build a private golf course. I have no experience in this area other than my love for the game. My dad taught me how to golf at a young age. He has since passed, but some of my most cherished memories are of my time on the course with him. I want to build a course that can not only be a haven for parents and children to come spend time together, but also a place where business executives and entrepreneurs can meet and make their business dreams a reality.


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