40 Under 40: Lynsie Galbraith



Viori | Co-founder + CXO | Orem | AGE 27

Lynsie Galbraith’s story is a hair-raiser. She is the co-founder of Viori, a creator of rice shampoo bars, inspired by the ancient haircare rituals of the Red Yao Tribe in China. (Their rituals have prevented their hair from greying for centuries.) Viori now has over 100k followers on Instagram and nearly 50k glowing customer reviews. Lynsie graduated from UVU in 2018 with a degree in digital marketing and a minor in business management. She has helped grow Viori from the ground up by building its social media pages, managing influencer relationships, helping direct photo and video shoots, and building the customer service department. Even more beautiful? Viori donates at least 5% of profits directly back to the Red Yao community.

PROUDEST ACCOMPLISHMENT Getting our Instagram page to 100K followers within 2 years. HARDEST MOMENT Trying to build a successful influencer program. It’s tough work! LEADERSHIP STYLE I try to stay upbeat and positive with the team and get to know them on a personal level. By having this attitude as the foundation, corrective action goes a lot smoother and my team is more receptive to it. BEST PART OF BEING YOUNG IN BUSINESS I’m learning so much about the business world from seasoned and more experienced business owners. I try soaking up all their knowledge and advice. HARDEST PART OF BEING YOUNG IN BUSINESS Feeling like I don’t have the experience to back up my opinions. Sometimes my own insecurity prevents me from voicing my opinion. MAIN MOTIVATION I want financial freedom at a much younger age than the traditional retirement age. I want to enjoy financial freedom earlier in life so it will help me build the lifestyle I want, such as spending more time with my husband and kids and traveling the world.


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