Studio McGee Inc. | CEO | Draper + Alpine | AGE 37

You know Syd McGee. He’s one half of Utah’s most prolific design duo. He and his wife, Shea, started Studio McGee by selling their home and using the money to launch their now worldwide brand. Syd is the founding operational and strategic leader, responsible for overseeing growth — which has been staggering. From Netflix stars to social media icons to NYT bestselling authors, they have become one of the leading disruptors in a billion-dollar industry by marrying approachability with beautiful design. What’s more, Syd and Shea are receiving accolades on stages around the world and right here at home: In 2021, they received the EY’s Entrepreneur of the Year Award for the Utah Region.

PROUDEST ACCOMPLISHMENT Staying alive this long. HARDEST MOMENT Deciding to leave the job I worked at for 6 years with no plan and a family to support. But that hard choice was what led Shea and I to start Studio McGee together. LEADERSHIP STYLE Building up strong teams where I can provide strategic oversight and trusting them to execute! Then supporting them in all efforts to achieve our goals. BEST PART OF BEING YOUNG IN BUSINESS Feeling comfortable executing on a 10- to 15-year plan. HARDEST PART OF BEING YOUNG IN BUSINESS I don’t know what I don’t know. MAIN MOTIVATION My family, first and foremost. Next is being a creator and contributor to our world. Bringing things we dream about to life and making life more beautiful for those in our brand community. ULTIMATE CAREER DREAM I’m living it now!



Studio McGee | Founder + CCO | Draper + Alpine | AGE 36

Shea McGee has become a household name. Target. Netflix. Instagram. Every platform Shea encounters, she gorgeously conquers. A self-taught designer who leveraged the power of social media in her 20s, Shea grew a loyal following by opening the door and laying out a welcome mat to a traditionally closed off industry. She partnered with her husband, Syd, and saw the potential of growing her brand by merging content, commerce and design. Studio McGee now designs custom homes across the country. Shea and Syd are filming the third season of their Netflix hit, “Dream Home Makeover.” They design and produce luxury home goods for their ecommerce brand McGee & Co. They wrote a NYT Bestseller. And they have an ongoing popular product partnership with Target. Our kind of home runs.

PROUDEST ACCOMPLISHMENT Making the New York Times Bestsellers list for our book “Make Life Beautiful.” HARDEST MOMENT The early days as we sacrificed a lot to build the business, including selling our first home to give us the runway to do so. LEADERSHIP STYLE Friendly, but with high expectations. BEST PART OF BEING YOUNG IN BUSINESS I’m glad someone still considers me young! Achieving a lot in a short amount of time is something I’m proud of, but it also means there is a lot to learn, and we have always had to prove ourselves in this industry. MAIN MOTIVATION I am very self-motivated to always try my best even if there isn’t a reward. ULTIMATE CAREER DREAM I am living it! But a little more time to relax would be nice.

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