How we became a dynamic dining duo

Twin sisters and restaurant owners Alisha Nuttall and Angela Wilson are two sides of the same coin — one likes whimsy, one likes boldness. One owns a bakery, one owns a bistro. But the Pleasant Grove pair combined forces to win “Cupcake Wars,” even though their attempt at a pizza cupcake cut them out of […]

How I Earned the Miss Utah Crown

Win, lose, win, lose, win, win. Throw in a strict workout regimen and a haircut, and you’ve got a peek into Lauren Wilson’s jeweled journey to being crowned Miss Utah 2016. She competed for the title three years in a row and finally found her formula for success: confidence, consistency, persistence … and an Oreo […]

7 things Michele Carnesecca wants you to know about American Fork

American Fork is home to Michele Carnesecca’s life story. She attended American Fork Junior High, and in seventh grade heard a name called over the intercom — Chad Carnesecca. “I remember thinking, ‘Carnesecca … now that’s a fun name to say!’” Little did she know she would marry that Chad with the fun last name, […]

Salutation to the fun: Brittany Andrews guides yogis at her rule-bending yoga studio

This is one of a five-story series, “Empower Hour,” for Utah Valley Magazine. “Can I see myself waking up happy every day saying, ‘I’m so excited to be a lawyer’?” That’s the question Provo’s Brittany Andrews asked herself one day after graduating with her English degree with plans to attend law school. Her answer was a […]

The Queen of Clean: Vicki Winterton encourages organizing for progress, not perfection

This is the first of a five-story series, “Empower Hour,” for Utah Valley Magazine. The junk drawer, the hall closet, the entryway table that accidentally evolved into the burial ground for receipts, bills and permission slips — every home has “that” space. Though Vicki Winterton can’t Mary-Poppins-style snap her fingers and make the job a […]

Tidy Tips from professional organize Vicki Winterton

Professional organizer Vicki Winterton shares two mistakes to avoid when tackling a rowdy room or cluttered closet. Mistake #1 Box-buying “Don’t buy containers before you know what you’ll be storing,” Vicki says. She recommends assessing the space you’re organizing before making any decisions about how and where to place each item. Mistake #2  Forgetting to […]

Adoption: Two families, twice the love

When a couple adopts, they’re not just opening their hearts and homes to welcome one new family member. Birth parents and their families often become a part of the new family equation. Lauren Andrews, a social services worker at Utah Adoption Specialists, gives two insights into the new world that’s created through adoption. 1. Open […]

2016 Summer Fun Map to Summer Adventure in Utah Valley

Ditch the compass — this flowchart maps out 40 ideas to get your summer started off with a bang. High Adventure Adventure is out there, and your presence is requested. Pack up for a day or weekend trip for these four high adventure experiences. Breathe in the open desert air at Arches National Park in […]

3 tips for families considering a multigenerational home

Dr. Jeremy Cottle, licensed social worker and CEO of Provo Canyon Behavioral Hospital, knows that achieving kumbaya status in a multigenerational household takes work. Here are his top three tips for families considering making the transition. 1. Discuss the logistics beforehand. “Talk about how the children are to be disciplined, the financial arrangement, chores, routines, […]

Let’s Live Together: Choosing to have 3 generations live under one roof

When sisters Kysliann, Kyneisha and Kyliani Semidey are choosing shoes to pair with an outfit, they don’t just dig through each other’s closets for the perfect match — they head downstairs and raid Mima’s closet, too. “We share shoes, shirts, blouses, accessories, everything you can think of,” Margie “Mima” Rojas says. “When I can’t find […]

It’s about love: Eagle Mountain family extends love to adopted sons’ birth moms

On the back patio of the Wilsons’ home in Eagle Mountain, Melanee watches her 4-year-old build an invisible machine, Branden looks after their crawling 1-year-old and Kalina Hudgins bottle feeds the 6-month-old. After finishing the bottle, the baby starts to fuss. Kalina hands him to Branden, who stands and rocks him in a football hold […]

Non-LDS, former BYU professor defends the Honor Code

In the wake of student protests calling for changes to Brigham Young University’s Honor Code, Damon Linker, former BYU assistant professor, who isn’t LDS, came to its defense. In Linker’s opinion article, published Friday morning, he called on his experience as a BYU assistant professor of political science in the 1990s to support his opinion that BYU should keep […]

7 things Ryan Radebaugh wants you to know about Orem

Elementary school teacher Ryan Radebaugh moved to Orem when he was in second grade. After graduating from Orem High School, he took a short venture down south to BYU to get his bachelor’s degree in elementary education and master’s in educational leadership, but his love for Orem didn’t keep him away for long. He has […]

Say what? ‘UVMagLib’ contest winners fill in the blanks for prizes at CVX Live

At the CVX Live convention March 25-26, Utah Valley Magazine employees turned the pen to the people in a Mad Lib competition called “UVMagLib.” Convention goers and YouTube enthusiasts grabbed the “UVMagLib” form (above) at the Utah Valley Magazine booth and tried their hands at a silly story. Out of more than 40 submissions, these four stood out […]

16 magical outtakes of Utah Valley Magazine’s Fab 40 photo shoot

With a “magic” theme, this year’s Fab 40 photo shoots involved three 10-week-old bunnies, a magic wand and oversized playing cards. In addition, most participants brought props that helped tell the story of their fabulousness. (No bunny rabbits were harmed in the making of these photos — but one of them did pee in the corner, and the Utah Valley Magazine high school intern cleaned it […]

7 things Ann Rowan wants you to know about Provo

Ann Rowan was in a groove in Boston, where she earned her master’s in museum education at Tufts University. She and her husband, Jamin, who was working on his English master’s and Ph.D. at Boston College, loved the city bustle and daily hustle of Boston life. So when Jamin got a job as an English […]

Made in UV: Suitcase shelves, ViDi People’s Action Camera and more

The talent and creativity of Utah County residents is limitless. Here are five locally founded and created businesses that brighten Utah Valley. Have shelves, will travel Mike and Nevia Wright were still designing Luggashelf when they were flown to L.A. to be on “The Real,” the daytime talk show, to pitch their product to Shark […]

In it for the pin: 16-year-old Mapleton girl excels at wrestling

Eight-year-old Hailey Cox was sitting in the Wasatch High School gym watching her older brother compete in a wrestling match. Her dad, sitting next to her, told her she could try wrestling, too, if she wanted. She said yes. “I kept seeing my brother win medals, and it looked like fun to compete and win,” […]

7 things Carol Rice wants you to know about Alpine

Carol Rice is a storyteller. She believes strongly in making oral genealogy part of a family’s culture and in-house teaching. “When a child feels connected to a larger clan — I’m Scottish, so I’ll use the word ‘clan’ — then a bad day at school doesn’t rattle them,” she says. “They have a strong sense […]