Opportunity Knocking: Waving the Flag of Hope

One of Cathy Nixon’s life passions is helping create opportunities for others. She coached the UVU women’s basketball team for 24 seasons, leading the team from the junior college ranks to Division I and the WAC, mentoring her players along the way. Then in April 2019, Cathy became a senior associate athletic director for alumni […]

Queen of Confidence: Waving the Flag of Confidence Through Activism

For Sydney Glass, the easiest part about pageants is choosing a platform. At age 3, Sydney was diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes, and 10 years later she started fundraising and raising awareness about T1D. She became an ambassador through the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation and speaks at events and on social media. By the time […]

Women in Business: Fieldstone Homes

12896 Pony Express Rd #400, Draper | 801.233.8300 | fieldstonehomes.com    Headquartered in Draper, FieldStone Homes builds homes up and down the Wasatch Front for its clients, but the homebuilder itself has also become home for its more than 70 employees.   Although most of those toiling on the construction sites are men, both men […]

All Ears: Waving the Flag of Empathetic Listening

For the past five years, Katie Cheesman has had a front-row seat to the power of empathetic listening. In her nursing career, she switched to home health so she could have more time to listen to her patients tell life stories. She became especially fond of one patient and his wife. “They were the most […]

Women In Business: Gatehouse No. 1 Design

Gatehouse No. 1 Design 672 S. State Street Orem | 801.225.9505 | gatehousestyle.com | @gatehouseno1    While the team at Gatehouse includes its fair share of men and muscle, you are likely to run into one of the many amazing women when you walk into Gatehouse No. 1 Furniture and Design’s 10,000-square-foot showroom in Orem. […]

Women In Business: Young Living

Lauren Walker, Young Living 1538 W. Sandalwood Dr., Lehi | 801.418.8900 | youngliving.com    Having grown up in the toughest part of Brooklyn, New York, Lauren Walker has seen her fair share of challenges. But like a rose that grows from concrete, Lauren blossoms wherever she’s planted, especially in her latest role as Chief Supply Officer […]

Raise Your Voice: Waving the Flag of Civility

Over the past few months, Nikki Walker has watched as civil injustice, racism and pandemic have created mounting tension and uncertainty. She’s also pondered on the word “civility,” deciding that civility is the answer to understanding others and solving problems. “Once people are civil, everything else can fall into place. The opposite of civility is […]

Q Cards: 5 hints for incorporating service into corporate culture

Utah is ranked No. 1 in the nation for volunteerism by nationalservice.gov. And it’s not just individuals who are racking up hours of goodness. It’s also corporations who are putting their time and money where their heart is. One of the most innovative nonprofits in Utah Valley is Kids On The Move, which focuses on […]

Pivot Power: Local Businesses Adapting to COVID-19

By Ansalee Morrison + Briana Stewart Pivot. Reinvent. Innovate. During the onset of Covid-19 and the subsequent economic downturn, these business terms became the mantra of companies large and small. We were entirely impressed with how quickly local businesses adapted to a new normal — so here’s a smattering of success stories to inspire us […]

Making A Run For It: Best Runner’s Store, Runner’s Corner

  For Hawk and Cheryl Harper, owning Runner’s Corner has become a marathon of business ventures — with a nearly 30-year course filled with moments of trial followed by breakthrough, some heavy doses of endurance, and a whole lot of heart. In 1991, some runners from Sojourners Running Club banded together to open a small […]

Milking It: Best Ice Cream, BYU Creamery

BYU Creamery represents more than an affordable scoop. To current students, it might mean a first date and break from studying. To alumni it represents the time of life when they found themselves and their life-long favorite flavor. To community members, it’s the spot to celebrate or mourn after a basketball game. “It’s the place […]

Best Of Utah Valley: Best Companies to Work For

In our 2020 Best Of Utah Valley contest, voters wrote in their favorite companies to call home. Discover why it pays to join these local crews. Young Living Essential Oils Wise Words “We’re so proud of our people and the culture they’ve helped create at Young Living. We love seeing their talent, innovation, diversity and […]

Delivering For Families: Best OB/GYN, Dr. Steven Nance and Dr. Jeff Nance

The Nance family has been watching family trees grow for three generations. “Every other field of medicine centers around illness. But with obstetrics, it’s unique. To deliver is one thing, but to know them and take care of them for an extended period of time is an incredible experience between the patient and the physician,” […]

Blush and Blow Dryers: Best Stylist, Leslie Lever

Sitting in Leslie Lever’s beauty chair is a catalyst for transformation. Beneath the physical metamorphosis, Leslie’s goal is to create more than a simple trim or highlight. “I enjoy being apart of the transformational process, but more importantly I enjoy helping a person feel better about themselves and more confident inside. Being a stylist isn’t […]

You Can’t Stop The Heat: 2020 Summer Fun Guide

By Ansalee Morrison and Chelsea Kern While the past few COVID months have changed life as we used to know it, a pandemic can’t stop summer from coming! (Just like the Grinch can’t steal Christmas …) Summer 2020 won’t be full of long lines at Seven Peaks or packed with crowded stadiums of fire, but […]

2020 Fab 40: Ben Hopkin

Ben Hopkin, Actor + Teacher Age 48 • Provo • Taurus Ben plays roles of actor, teacher, director, writer, husband and father. In 2000 Ben graduated from Old Globe Theatre acting MFA program, which is one of the top five acting MFA programs in the country. While running the Acting for Film program at the New […]

2020 Fab 40: Amber Andrews

Amber Andrews, AF Canyon Winner Age 34 • Orem • Taurus Amber’s feet are fly. In 2019, she ran the St. George 5K, the St. George Marathon, the Rex Lee Run 10K, the Freedom Run 5K, the Utah Valley 10K, and AF Canyon Run Against Cancer Half Marathon (a three-time Best Of Utah Valley winner). Amber […]

2020 Fab 40: Scott Root

Scott Root, Wildlife Ambassador Age 56 • Springville • Aquarius Scott is living the dream of having his occupation and his hobbies align. For the past 29 years, Scott has been the public relations and outreach manager for the Utah Division of Wildlife Resources. In this capacity he connects people with nature through wildlife presentations, wildlife […]

2020 Fab 40: Brian Hawkins

Brian Hawkins, Tiny House Movement Age 38 • Lehi • Scorpio Brian is attacking the big bad affordable housing crisis with a tiny solution. In 2015 this father of four quit his job at Vivint to start Tiny House Movement by manufacturing shipping container homes. In 2018 he partnered with a manufacturer in China to make […]

2020 Fab 40: Ben Kjar

Ben Kjar, House Flipper and Speaker Age 36 • Pleasant Grove • Gemini Ben has a diverse toolbelt. He’s flipped more than 150 houses and he’s shared his story with millions of people — sometimes with 10,000 at a time. Ben was born with Crouzon Syndrome and has had several reconstructive facial surgeries. His doctors said […]

2020 Fab 40: Amy Wilcox

Amy Wilcox, Crossing Guard Age 39 • Provo • Cancer Amy helps the students of Edgemont Elementary safely cross the street in style. Because this lady of laughs values kindness and comedy, Amy started wearing costumes to the crosswalk (like Winnie the Pooh or a Whoopee Cushion). Amy and her husband, Matthew, have six children. After […]

2020 Fab 40: T.C. Christensen

T.C. Christensen, Director Age 66 • Farmington • Taurus T.C. Christensen is the most well-known Utah director of this generation. Throughout his 40 years of filmmaking, T.C. has worked on dozens of film projects, mostly as a writer, director and cinematographer. His name is behind film titles like “17 Miracles,” “Ephraim’s Rescue,” and “The Cokeville Miracle.” […]

2020 Fab 40: Matt Bushman

Matt Bushman, BYU Tight End Age 24 • Orem • Scorpio The Bushman family lived in New Orleans when Hurricane Katrina hit in 2005, which led Matt and his family to relocate in Tucson, Arizona. As a high school senior several years later, Matt became the perfect storm on the field and was invited to play […]

2020 Fab 40: Shaun Johnson

Shaun Johnson, The Johnson Files Age 36 • Lehi • Pisces Shaun and his wife, Nicole, started a comedy Instagram account called “The Johnson Files” in 2016 when living in Florida and needing a creative outlet. They post humorous skits, usually starring Shaun and his multiple creative personalities (including ‘Sandy’ who comes out with the blond […]

2020 Fab 40: Chelsea Rippy

Chelsea Rippy, Wellness Coach + Entrepreneur Age 45 • Highland • Leo Chelsea’s mind is always spinning on stellar business ideas — and her favorites are those that fill a need for women not currently being met in the market. Chelsea founded Shade Clothing in 2003 and led the modest undershirt movement until 2010 (many women […]

2020 Fab 40: Lyza Bull

Lyza Bull, YouTube Sensation Age 14 • Lehi• Taurus Joining the circus turned Lyza Bull into a viral YouTuber. The Bull family had been creating and posting music videos starring Lyza for about a year when they made a “The Greatest Showman” mashup featuring Lyza, dancers from The Dance Club and Lyza’s little sister, Evelyn. The […]

2020 Fab 40: Natalie Madsen

Natalie Madsen, JK! Studios Co-Founder Age 30 • Provo • Gemini In 2018, Natalie and the other nine original cast members of BYUtv’s Studio C joined forces to create the comedy network JK! Studios. Since leaping into the independent venture, the JK! Studios team has fulfilled its dream of creating original content by blending marketing with […]

2020 Fab 40: Doran Briscoe

Doran Briscoe, Etch A Sketch Artist Age 29 • Provo • Libra Doran Briscoe toys around with art. In high school, Doran learned how to create complicated drawings on an Etch A Sketch. Now he sells his detailed finished products and commissioned work on doranetch.com. His specialty is doodling on the “World’s Smallest” Etch A […]