Bri Stewart

40 under 40: Shelly Hester, Ph.D.

Nu Skin, Provo AGE: 31 BORN: Kirklin, Ind. TITLE: Associate senior scientist Shelly…

40 under 40: Cameron Treu

Bam Bam’s BBQ, Orem AGE: 37 BORN: Long Beach, Calif. TITLE: Owner +…

40 under 40: David Royce

Aptive Environmental, Provo AGE: 38 BORN: New Canaan, Conn. TITLE: Founder + chairman

40 under 40: Bryan Phelps

Big Leap, Lehi AGE: 32 BORN: Provo TITLE: CEO Including Bryan Phelps on…

40 under 40: Michael Zaro

V School, Provo AGE: 30 BORN: Seattle TITLE: Co-founder + CEO Michael Zaro…

40 under 40: Whitney Booth

Provo City Mayor’s Office, Provo AGE: 30 BORN: San Diego, Calif. TITLE:…

40 under 40: Archana Thiagarajan

Adobe Systems, Lehi AGE: 38 BORN: Secunderabad, India TITLE: Senior manager experience design

40 under 40: Jeff Lyman

Vivint Smart Home, Provo AGE: 39 BORN: Portland, Ore. TITLE: Chief marketing officer

The Q Awards: Naming Utah Valley’s top movers and makers in 2016

Q the applause: Utah Valley BusinessQ presents our 2016 movers and makers. Our second annual Q…

The Q Awards: John Pestana named Entrepreneur of the Year

The Q Awards: Google Fiber named 2016 Company of the Year

The Q Awards: Brandon Fugal named 2016 Executive of the Year

The Q Awards: CVX Live named 2016 Marketer of the Year

The Q Awards: Younique Foundation named Philanthropist of the Year

The Q Awards: UCCU named 2016 Headliner of the Year

Motivation Station: Keeping employees motivated is not overrated

It may look like all fun and games, but motivating employees is work. “Motivation is not a once-a-year activity,” says Chad Perry, VP…

8 hiring and firing tips to get a stellar staff

10 coolest entrepreneurs: Share a cold one with this year’s crop of cool kids on the block

By Jeanette Bennett and Briana Stewart If you promise to play it cool, we’ll…

10 Coolest Entrepreneurs: Eric Farr

10 Coolest Entrepreneurs: Brittany Jepsen

10 Coolest Entrepreneurs: Donna Root

10 Coolest Entrepreneurs: Justin Bingham

10 Coolest Entrepreneurs: Sherrie Everett


10 Coolest Entrepreneurs: Adam Terry

10 Coolest Entrepreneurs: Clint Betts

Clint Betts,…

10 Coolest Entrepreneurs: Matt Bowman

10 Coolest Entrepreneurs: Marty Haws

Single moms in Utah eligible for a career-changing bootcamp

Talk about a career-changer. Three single mothers in Utah are being given the second…

UV50: Game Changers

Business is a game. A gamble. A roll of the dice. A…

UV50: 30 Fastest-Growing Companies 2015

At a glance There are no hard and fast rules to success. These…