10 coolest entrepreneurs: Alison Faulkner

The Alison Show: Alison Faulkner, 34 Alison Faulkner has found her calling. And as she always tells her 108,000 followers on Instagram, “If you feel called to do it, freaking do it!” Faulkner started her shiny career as a blogger, influencer, and dance party diva. But in 2017, her expertise and offerings found their ultimate groove. […]

10 coolest entrepreneurs: Marcus Liassides

Sorenson Media: Marcus Liassides, 39 Marcus Liassides is your typical entrepreneur who went from small town London to big city American Fork. OK, so that’s based on a true story. But in our defense, the British entrepreneur is no stranger to a little drama. Liassides has worked in television, video, and digital advertising for most […]

10 coolest entrepreneurs: Kristy Sevy

FuzePlay: Kristy Sevy, 34 Kristy Sevy is so fly. (And purple hair is just the beginning.) It’s been almost two years since she started FuzePlay, an edTech company that helps kids “build, hack, play.” Their premier product, the ZUBI Flyer, will officially soar off shelves this December. But Sevy’s mission to disrupt the industry and […]

10 coolest entrepreneurs: Kalani Mack and Kimo Mack

Mo’ Bettahs: Kalani Mack, 48 + Kimo Mack, 47 The more, the Mo’ Bettah. We’re technically cheating by counting Kalani and Kimo Mack as just one of our 10 Coolest Entrepreneurs. But it’s our magazine, and we can cheat if we want to. (Cool? Cool.) Besides. It’s bad taste to choose between brothers! And the […]

10 coolest entrepreneurs: Ty Bennett

Leadership Inc.: Ty Bennett, 36 Ty Bennett is the talk of the town. Well, the talk of many towns, to be exact. His life as an author and public speaker has led to more than 100 keynote speaking engagements a year in cities all over the world. His clients include the likes of Coca-Cola, AT&T, […]

10 coolest entrepreneurs: Tiffany Pritchett

Pritchétt Bridal: Tiffany Pritchett, 21 Tiffany Pritchett is all dressed up with everywhere to go. The certified hair and makeup artist has dreamed of opening her own bridal shop since she was 14. And one year ago, she and her husband, Cody, made that dream a reality. They purchased Avenía Bridal in Orem, and quickly went […]

10 coolest entrepreneurs: Johnny Hanna

Homie: Johnny Hanna, 39 When it comes to business, Johnny Hanna is right at home. In 2003, he joined a few friends in Provo to build his first company, Entrata (formerly known as Property Solutions). Entrata has become the go-to software for rental properties, and Hanna helped grow the business to more than $100 million […]

10 coolest entrepreneurs: Matthew C. Peterson

Jive: Matthew C. Peterson, 40 Say hello to Matthew Peterson. He’s the co-founder of Jive Communications, a company in Orem revolutionizing the telecommunications industry. (Forbes, in fact, just named Jive to its list of Next Billion-Dollar Startups.) Peterson is a self-taught programmer and considers himself an accidental entrepreneur. But the force was clearly strong with […]

The Last Word: Money Maestro

With more than 16 years of experience in retirement accounting at Hawkins Advisors, Lori Reay knows a thing or 401 about planning for the future. And with the company’s recent merger with national company, DWC-The 401(k) Experts, her future looks as bright and accounted for as ever. The Pleasant Grove mother of three works entirely […]

With the brand: Meet the branding expert helping entrepreneurs rock the retail world

As CEO of Ant Hill Retail, Jeremy Brockbank helps businesses take products from unknown to prime time — including “Shark Tank” contenders KISSTIXX and The Spatty. The Woodland Hills native is also involved with Invigorate, an essential oil accessory provider, and is currently gearing up to launch a new venture called Volcanic. Before Brockbank was […]

Purple pillow talk lands UV50 No. 2 Startup to Watch

As told by Briana Stewart Purple is a total dreamboat. The mattress company is kicking pain and taking fame. Two inventor brothers, Tony and Terry Pearce, designed a patent-pending machine to create mattresses that are simultaneously soft and strong (aka Goldilocks approved). And the response has been “just right,” with nearly $200 million in sales, […]

Boomsourcing lands UV50 No. 2 Fastest-Growing Company with Perfect Pitch

As told to Briana Stewart Boomsourcing has found its calling. After creating its Perfect Pitch technology that increases sales and customer service through scripted phone calls, the Lehi company realized it could not only help with calls, it could house the calls. Hello! And its call centers in Utah, the Philippines, and Mexico were born. […]

Pinners Conference pinned as UV50 No. 8 Fastest-Growing Company

As told by Briana Stewart Roxanne and Kendall Bennett know how to put on a show. Home shows. Women’s shows. Business shows. For more than a decade, their trade secrets were found on the expo floor of UVU. But in 2013, it was time to trade spaces. “The traditional trade show was starting to feel […]

Qualtrics answers as the UV50 No. 1 Economic Engine

As told by Ryan Smith to Jeanette Bennett What started as a dad and his son in a basement is now a unicorn preparing for an IPO. And while Ryan Smith (the son in the equation) now has five kids of his own, his day job is overseeing 1,500 employees worldwide — with half of […]

Podium takes the top tier as UV50 No. 1 Startup to Watch for 2017

As told by Briana Stewart Podium is talking the talk and changing the conversation. Let’s review, shall we? The customer interaction platform that has revolutionized online reviews for businesses is now tackling every stage of customer interactions. More than 100,000 users and more than 10,000 businesses have stepped up to the Podium, including the likes […]

2017 UV50 Winners: The Rooms Where it Happens

By Briana Stewart and Jeanette Bennett These 50 Utah Valley companies are not throwing away their shot. Many are young, scrappy and hungry. Others are blowing us all away. But every last one of them is making UV50 history. Speaking of which … The UV50 turns 10, sir. Ten years of entrepreneurial women and men, […]

UV50: 30 Fastest-Growing Companies 2017

The world’s gonna know your name. Meet 30 Utah Valley companies with “non-stop” success.                                                                   THE FINE PRINT: The Fastest-Growing Companies list is selected from a group of […]

UV50 Fastest-Growing Companies: No. 3 Foxtail Marketing

Three-Year Growth 3,162% 2016 Revenue $3.2 million City American Fork Founded 2013 Employees 32 Industry Marketing Website FoxtailMarketing.com Founder Mike Templeman, 34 The Company A full-funnel digital marketing agency that works with B2B SaaS companies on achieving their growth goals. NOT THROWING AWAY THEIR SHOT One of our Startups to Watch last year, Foxtail Marketing is still looking foxy. It doubled in […]

UV50 Fastest-Growing Companies: No. 7 Intermountain Nutrition

Three-Year Growth 615% 2016 Revenue $13 million City Provo Founded 2013 Employees 100 Industry Manufacturing Website IntermountainNutrition.com Founder Ryan Gledhill, 40 The Company A manufacturer of nutrition and dietary supplements, custom formula, and stock formula products. NOT THROWING AWAY THEIR SHOT This Inc. 5000 winner is one healthy company. Just look at its manufacturing capabilities: 25 million pills and tablets are packaged per day; […]

UV50 Fastest-Growing Companies: No. 4 Domo

Three-Year Growth 2,250% 2016 Revenue $79.8 million City American Fork Founded 2010 Employees 830 Industry Software Website Domo.com Founder Josh James, 44 The Company Domo helps employees from the CEO to the front-line worker optimize performance by connecting to data. NOT THROWING AWAY THEIR SHOT The Domosapiens do more than create snort-worthy blue billboards. As the fastest-growing large software company on […]

UV50 Fastest-Growing Companies: No. 2 Boomsourcing

Three-Year Growth 5,889% 2016 Revenue $7.1 million City Lehi Founded 2007 Employees 1,300 (20 in Utah) Industry Technology Website Boomsourcing.com Founder Jacob Munns, 41 The Company An outsourcing 2.0 company that helps businesses grow their customer base, improve customer experiences and streamline back-office operations with call centers and its Perfect Pitch technology. NOT THROWING AWAY THEIR SHOT Talk about a ringing endorsement. […]

UV50 Fastest-Growing Companies: No. 1 Younique

Three-Year Growth 6,506% 2016 Revenue $395.8 million City Lehi Founded 2012 Employees 589  Industry Beauty/direct sales Website YouniqueProducts.com Founders Derek Maxfield, 41; Melanie Huscroft, 45 The Company A direct sales beauty company that sells makeup and skin care products. NOT THROWING AWAY THEIR SHOT With more than 700,000 presenters in 11 international markets and a 200,000-square-foot campus in Lehi, Younique has the […]

UV50 Fastest-Growing Companies: No. 5 Disruptive Advertising

Three-Year Growth 1,714% 2016 Revenue $6 million City Lindon Founded 2012 Employees 65 Industry Marketing Website DisruptiveAdvertising.com Founder Jacob Baadsgaard, 32 The Company A company that specializes in all areas of online marketing — from “first click to final purchase.” It specifically offers pay-per-click campaigns, data analytics, website testing, conversion rate optimization and other paid channels. NOT THROWING […]

UV50 Fastest-Growing Companies: No. 6 Baby Bling

Three-Year Growth 1,176% 2016 Revenue $2.4 million City Lehi Founded 2005 Employees 15 Industry Retail Website BabyBlingBows.com Founder Summer Zenger Harris, 39 The Company A designer and manufacturer of handmade bow accessories. NOT THROWING AWAY THEIR SHOT Bows before bros! With skilled marketing, impressive social media (nearly 100k on Instagram!) and skyrocketing sales, Baby Bling moved into a 10,000-square-foot space and […]

UV50 Fastest-Growing Companies: No.11 Jane

Three-Year Growth 400% 2016 Revenue $110.2 million City Lehi Founded 2011 Employees 115 Industry Retail Website Jane.com Founder Michael McEwan, 39 The Company A boutique marketplace that offers daily deals for up to 80 percent off. NOT THROWING AWAY THEIR SHOT More like Jane whoa. The online marketplace boutique has dominated its industry with scalable […]

UV50 Fastest-Growing Companies: No. 8 Pinners Conference

Three-Year Growth 599% 2016 Revenue $1.1 million City Spanish Fork Founded 2013 Employees 16 Industry Events Website PinnersConference.com Founders Roxanne Bennett, 47; Kendall Bennett, 51 The Company A modern trade show that connects consumers, brands and influencers all in one fun location. NOT THROWING AWAY THEIR SHOT Talk about a pin-up company. Pinners Conference has exploded in popularity and […]

UV50 Fastest-Growing Companies: No. 9 Stratton & Bratt

Three-Year Growth 588% 2016 Revenue $9.7 million City Pleasant Grove Founded 2013 Employees 120 Industry Landscaping/service Website StrattonandBratt.com Founder Zack Stratton, 30 The Company A commercial and residential landscaping company. NOT THROWING AWAY THEIR SHOT The grass is greener at Stratton & Bratt. With premier clients like Thanksgiving Point, Mountain Point Medical Center, Red Butte […]

UV50 Fastest-Growing Companies: No. 13 Four Foods Group

Three-Year Growth 242% 2016 Revenue $106.7 million City American Fork Founded 2008 Employees 3,400 Industry Food + beverage/hospitality Website FourFoodsGroup.com Founders Andrew K. Smith, 41; Shauna K. Smith, 38 The Company A restaurant investment, development, finance, operations and management company focused on emerging brands looking for hyper growth. NOT THROWING AWAY THEIR SHOT FFG originally […]

UV50 Fastest-Growing Companies: No. 12 BetterBody Foods

Three-Year Growth 368% 2016 Revenue $68.2 million City Lindon Founded 2007 Employees 102 Industry Food manufacturing Website BetterBodyFoods.com Founders Stephen Richards, 56; Steve Birt, 52 The Company A provider of nutritious and delicious alternatives to foods we eat every day. NOT THROWING AWAY THEIR SHOT BetterBody Foods is fit to be king. PBfit and LIVfit […]

UV50 Fastest-Growing Companies: No. 14 Peak Capital Partners

Three-Year Growth 237% 2016 Revenue $164.9 million City Provo Founded 2006 Employees 450 Industry Real Estate Website PeakCapitalPartners.com Founder Jeff Danley, 43; Jeff Burningham, 40 The Company An owner and manager of conventional, affordable, and student apartment communities in growth markets in the U.S. NOT THROWING AWAY THEIR SHOT Peak Capital Partners is forever peaking. […]