Arm Candy

5 FRESH FLORAL IDEAS TO WELCOME WITH OPEN ARMS Bouquets are babes. In fact, the flowers you pick will set the tone for your entire wedding. Here are five ideas to help you pick your babes in arms. SIZE MATTERS Talk about a wedding-stopper. The bouquet size alone makes us want to weep with joy, […]

A classic love story in Orem

November 20, 2012 Story by Briana Stewart Photography by Photography by McKenzie [pullquote]“I’ve never been interested in pastels,” Ashley says. “They’ve never spoken to me. But having the gold in my dress was so fun. And while ombre is a big thing now, it wasn’t in 2012 — at least in Utah. I loved having […]

More Flour To You

5 CAKES TO INSPIRE SWEET INSPIRATION PATTERN PLAY Adding a pattern to your cake is a fabulous way to add 10 cups of personality to your day. Chevron is still a wedding winner, or you might like to play with some lesser-used patterns: herringbone, polygons/hexagons, tribal or ikat. OH, OMBRE We’re still crushing on the […]

Mediterranean Magic

SAY ‘I D0’ TO DESTINATION DESTINY Can we be bold? We are in hue heaven with this Mediterranean-inspired shoot by Michelle Leo Events and photographed by Alixann Loosle Photography. We will love, honor and cherish the color blush until death do us part, but we were ready to walk down the aisle of vibrant vows. […]

All That Glitters

SAY ‘I DO’ TO SPARKLE This look of love? Golden. Anytime you can combine classic colors and elegant elements and then update them with modern twists, you have an affair to remember. “We wanted to create something so beautiful, so elegant and truly classic,” says Brooke Bakken, of Brooke Bakken Photography. Brooke created and photographed […]

Heart & Soul

SAY ‘I DO’ TO RUSTIC ROMANCE Talk about inspiration after our own heart. This sensational shoot is a Valentine’s Day even cupid would be jealous of. From the paper heart confetti to a theme of carving initials out of a tree to old novel pages wrapped around mason jars, the entire affair reads like a […]

Sweet Somethings

SaY ‘I DO’ TO PASTEL POWER Isn’t it romantic? Pastels, teacups, ball gowns, polka dots, vintage furniture — everything about this elegant shoot designed by Michelle Leo Events and photographed by Jacque Lynn Photography has us sweet on love. “I wanted this look to encompass everything that represents softness, sweetness, romance, classic elegance and timelessness,” says […]

Eye Candy

9 frocks with sweet seams Photography by InStudio by Kenneth Linge Hair & Makeup by Darcy Moody at Suggestions Salon Models Valerie Osmond and Richard Sharrah

10 Coolest Entrepreneurs

We’re hanging out with the cool kids — 10 Utah Valley powerhouses who are too hip to be square. 

Mind our own business: Local entrepreneurs get candid about county culture

Utah Valley may just be the worst-kept secret.  From Forbes repeatedly naming us the Best Place for Business and Careers to giants like Adobe and Microsoft staking their claims, there’s no question the world knows we’re playing to win. But what do we know about our business culture? What is it really like to run […]

Quality Of Work

20 local companies that are totally boss Work. In a world where that word means labor, exhaustion, mindless and neverending, it’s refreshing to see so many Utah Valley businesses work like a charm. These 20 companies next door — whether they be startup small or worldwide warrior — employ thought, passion and creativity. They make […]

Major Props

Make a flash with one of these 16 fancy frocks Photography by InStudio by Kenneth Linge Hair & Makeup by Darcy Moody at Suggestions Salon

Real Wedding: Evelyn Eslava & Marcelo Figuera

September 23, 2012 Story  by Briana Stewart Photography by Alixann Loosle Photography WHEN EVELYN ESLAVA married Marcelo Figuera, she was the picture of elegance. Let us count the ways … Her chic frilled frock? Elegant. Her luscious locks? Elegant. Her fairy tale florals? Elegant. Her clever cuisine? Elegant. Her sit-down soirée? 1-800-Elegant. But if you […]

Real Wedding: Madie Maughan & David Krause

April 6, 2012 Story  by Briana Stewart Photography by Kristina Curtis Photography FOR LINDON’S MANDIE Maughan, it was love at first fate. After all, this girl met boy after he had dated her cousin and a few of her friends. (Told ya: fate.) “Whenever people ask how we met, we just laugh,” Mandie says. “It’s […]

40 under 40: Meet Utah Valley’s most wanted whippersnappers

Now these are persons of interest. We’re talking 40 local pros who are low on years but tops on talent — forty business-changers who prove youth isn’t always wasted on the young. BusinessQ did the county a favor and rounded up the overachievers. Scan through the lineups, find out what alias they’d put on their […]

Hailey and Jordan: This Old Heart of Mine

By Briana Stewart, photography by Jessie Alexis Photography Mothers really do know best. Just ask Orem’s Hailey Kern. Not only did Hailey’s mom set her up with her future Mr., she even offered her own stunningly sentimental wedding dress for Hailey to wear. “Something borrowed” doesn’t get better than that. “It was an amazing feeling […]

Sarah and Michael: Boy Next Door

By Briana Stewart, photography by Tamara Elise Photography For Sarah Doxey and Michael Heder, it was literally a case of boy meets girl. The two then-teens met in German class at Pleasant Grove High School, and for Michael, it was liebe at first sight. “He’s actually liked me since high school,” Sarah says. “Although I […]

Cowboy Take Me Away

Provo home gives the Old West some elegance By Briana Stewart Photos by Dave Blackhurst Arlene and Kelly Olsen’s Provo home is a little bit country, a little bit modern. “I’d call the style ‘feminine cowboy’ — how’s that for a technical design term?” says Arlene, whose husband is one of the founders of Provo-based […]

Sweet Somethings

4 cook-off winners get their just desserts By Briana Stewart, photography by David Blackhurst   There’s just something about dessert. It’s the crème de la crème of food — and dinner’s “happy ending.” And what better place for happy endings than Happy Valley?   In our July/August issue, we called for local cooks everywhere to send […]

Footloose & Fancy Free

By Briana Stewart    Twenty-five years ago, Utah County kicked off its Sunday shoes.     “Footloose,” which would later become a (swoon!) cult favorite flick, came to town for filming — and it put our little ol’ valley on the Hollywood map.     Here’s the “then” and “now” of the 1984 movie that made […]

Nerves of Steel

By Briana Stewart    Utah Valley’s economic history comes from good stock — and steel.     Geneva Steel, that is.     The industry powerhouse, which was voted “Worst Eyesore” in Utah Valley Magazine’s 2007 readers’ choice survey, played an undeniably significant role in the lives of Utah Valley-ites everywhere. In short: If you didn’t work at […]

Heaven’s Helpers: Angels Among Us

When there’s a need, Utah Valley’s angels are waiting in the wings. This year’s group of Angels Among Us is ever-inspiring and ever-influential. Both at home and abroad, these angelic individuals prove that no need is too small (or too big, for that matter) to lend a hand.  Talk about heaven on earth.   Sandy Dubois Sandy Dubois needs […]

On The Rise

    Kneaders Bakery & Cafe cooks up comfort By Bri Stewart   Kneaders Bakery & Café may just be the greatest thing since sliced bread. In its 12 years of business, the sandwich shop sensation — led by founders Colleen and Gary Worthington — has risen right along with its key ingredient. Just take […]

Alexander’s the Great

After 3 decades, Alexander’s Print Advantage is still in print, copy By Briana Stewart Lindon-based Alexander’s Print Advantage has survived and thrived for 29 years largely because of its willingness to change. Founder Jeff Alexander says, “You have to adapt if you want to succeed.”   The company Jeff Alexander started 29 years ago is […]

Take A Number

By Briana Stewart, Business owner rises from employee ‘No. 9’ to ‘No. 1’ Luis Carter is not your typical entrepreneur. For starters, he isn’t the founder of BRG Research Services, the market research and data collection company in which he’s the president and majority owner. What’s more, he’s held eight different positions in his […]

Scoring Points With Your Credit Score

By Briana Stewart, Find out what the credit bureaus are saying about you behind your financial back. What’s in a number? Well, when it comes to credit scores, actually quite a bit. The three-digit figure, typically used to help secure a loan and lower interest rates, has become the go-to factor for financial evaluation. […]

Cleaning House

By Briana Stewart, Ralph Yarro shares tips to sanitizing your home of Internet dangers When a 3-year-old can navigate her way through, you know we live in a technology-saturated world. But not all Internet activities are as innocent as a preschooler’s virtual playground. “If people are connected to the Internet, they have the […]

Angels Among Us

By Briana Hallstrom, This year’s group of angels were harder to get in touch with than high-powered CEOs. They were just too busy doing good — and a few of them didn’t even know it. Meet five local do-gooders: “The Loving Mother,” “The Door Opener,” “The Optimist,” “The Literacy Advocate” and “The Humanitarian.” Their […]

Mr. Janice Kapp Perry

By Briana Hallstrom, Doug Perry’s marriage is happily in tune After spending time with LDS musical legend Janice Kapp Perry and her husband, Doug, a number of clichés come to mind: Their marriage is happily in tune. Their friendship hits all the right notes. Their teamwork is keyed up for success. But the true […]

5 Families Who Changed This Town

By Briana Stewart, utahvalley A handful of surnames have become synonymous with economic growth and improvement of quality of life in Utah Valley. Their success and business values are handed down from generation to generation. ASHTONS Having 11 ambitious children is one way to spread your family influence around the county. But the Ashtons’ contributions […]