Family Portraits

By Briana Stewart, Here’s a look at how Utah Valley’s family demographics compare to the national standard. Demographics of families in Utah County and the Unites States in 2004 Number of Households: 114,575 (Utah County) 109,902,090 (United States) Average Household Size: 3.45 people (Utah County) 2.6 people (United States) Average Family Size: 3.8 people […]

Family Facts of Life

Since Utah Valley has made its mark as the family-friendly capital of the state, we decided to feature a few of those “numbered marks” that showcase our family ties. In the chart below, we asked three local families to give us a quantified glimpse into their pantries and daily routines. So take a look, grab […]


By Briana Stewart, Provo couple says strong marriages raise strong families Although for the past year we’ve had Gary and Joy Lundberg on our list of story ideas to research, the Provo couple got brought to our magazine’s front burner when they were nominated for our Happy Couples Contest. And after spending an hour […]

Alice In Orderland

Alpine woman’s gift for organization leads to ‘Lemonade Life’ By Briana Stewart, Every night, Alice Fulton-Osborne stood behind a podium dressed in a striking red suit. She held a microphone in her hand and an audience gathered before her, hanging on her every word. And every night for four years, it was only a […]

Financial Weight Loss

4 steps to lifting financial burdens By Briana Stewart, Getting organized with your money has always been a favorite New Year’s resolution. In fact, it may only be second to losing that last five pounds. But successful money management has its own kind of weight loss. It reduces stress, provides control and ultimately lightens […]