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Digger Phelps still not over BYU

More than 30 years later, Digger…

Confluence of BYU basketball’s present and future in Las Vegas

BYU’s ‘baby steps’ to a National Championship

Spring football began Monday, and hope springs eternal.

All-time best BYU basketball quotes and quips

Some guys collect old cars. Some mount deer heads on their walls. Some hide away a stash of Halloween candy. Some hoard foreign currency….

Mika talks about his mission call, friends and mentors

BYU’s Juddy talks Larry Bird and near crash landings

2014 signing day: Number of stars not important to Mendenhall

Jimmered in ’11, Ainged in ’81

It’s hard to believe that it’s been three years since Jimmermania swept the nation. The first…

BYU Basketball Dream Team

A Rose by any other name

BYU in WCC, Malibu beats Laramie

From time to time, I hear people complain about BYU’s affiliation with the…

BYU’s top 10 bowl plays

In honor of BYU’s Fight Hunger Bowl game against Washington on Dec. 27, let’s relive the Top 10 plays in BYU bowl history: 10….

BYU football dream offense

OFFENSE Center Bart Oates (1980-82) Oates snapped the ball to both Jim McMahon and Steve Young at BYU…


First, a disclaimer: Assembling a Dream Team at a tradition-rich school like BYU is…

Playmakers and headliners of 2013

BYU personalities get air time

BYU/Notre Dame legends and lore

Haws, Pingree talk tryouts

Graham Pingree, a 6-foot-8 freshman forward from Greenwood Village, Colo.,…

Holmoe’s original independence vision a reality

An up Hill climb: BYU’s QB has earned an about-face from critics

Jamaal Williams: BYU is ‘the best place for me’

Sophomore running back Jamaal Williams is certainly not your average BYU football player. For starters, he’s…

My BYU Football All-Interview Team (part 2)

This is part 2 of Jeff Call’s ‘all-interview’ BYU football team.

My BYU football all-interview team (part 1)

The first of a two-part series on Jeff Call’s all-interview team. Jeff…

The Bronco way

Lessons I learned on the gridiron

Jeff Call…

BYU forgetting how to pass is …

Reveling in the rivalry


Does BYU belong with the Big Boys of college football?

By Jeff Call For decades, BYU football has suffered from an inferiority complex of sorts. That’s what…

The most gruesome and bizarre injuries — and the gutsiest performances — in BYU football history

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