Angels lighting the valley: 5 Utah Valley do-gooders that share their light

The world might be getting darker, but that just makes these angels stand out even more. Meet the women who create tiny diapers and make a huge impact, the parents who established a network for families with special needs, the couple finding [...]

9 lessons learned from Elder and Sister Renlund during LDS Face to Face in Africa

Elder Dale G. Renlund of the Quorum of the Twelve Apostles and his wife, Ruth, presented the second regional Face to Face event in Africa on Saturday.  The Face to Face event originated from the Ghana Missionary Training Center of The Church [...]

Jeremy Guthrie announces retirement in The Players’ Tribune

Major League Baseball pitcher Jeremy Guthrie announced his retirement on Monday in an article entitled “Headed Home” on The Players’ Tribune. “I don’t know what the next chapter holds for me, but I look forward to [...]

New Provo MTC expansion is changing the way LDS missionaries study

When entering one of the new buildings at the Provo Missionary Training Center, missionaries encounter a life-size mural of the Book of Mormon prophet Nephi. A scripture accompanying the mural helps missionaries ponder on Nephi’s experience: [...]

Intricate gingerbread houses light lives annually at the Festival of Trees

When Thanksgiving rolls around, Orem’s Jim Lauret isn’t just thinking about his turkey feast. Instead he’s planning his next gingerbread creation. But Jim’s houses go beyond a few gum drops and peppermints. He depicts popular scenes [...]

Creating beams of confidence through self-defense

Karen Knudsen’s favorite moment as a self-defense instructor is watching women stand a little taller — largely because she had to grow along her own journey. The first blow to Karen’s self-confidence came when she was raped at age 9. “It [...]

Finding light and spreading joy in the darkness of mental illness

When Josie Thompson Solomon found herself unable to serve an LDS mission because of mental illness, she decided to take a road trip to visit a friend in Farmington. After her visit she headed home to Arizona. When she stopped in Alamosa, Colorado, [...]

Creating rays of hope for families of children with special needs

Before Mark and Amber Leck married, she had a dream where she learned her daughter’s name would be Aubrey. In the dream, she and her husband thanked God for sending them one of His choice spirits. Now, Aubrey is 7 and the sign above her door [...]

Teeny Tears helps diaper stillborn infants with dignity

As the calendar days were being crossed off on the way to November, Megan Bradshaw knew she would soon face the day that brought her both joy and sorrow each year — the birthday of her twins. At 28 weeks, the boys were born via emergency [...]

Roasting the competition: Nancy Judd crafts award-winning creations

At age 3, Nancy Judd received a miniature baking set for Christmas. She shadowed her mom in the kitchen using a fraction of the ingredients in her own little pan. When she made her first cake, she presented it to her dad after dinner. “My [...]

Gifting through grief: Sunny Mahe starts foundation in daughter’s memory

Elsie Mahe loved the color pink and feared Cosmo the Cougar (she’d cry in the stands if he was on the field). This 3-year-old would mimic her mother who put mousse in her curly hair by doing the same with peanut butter. Her laughter brought [...]

Aaron Fielding and Dalton Johnson bring the write skills to ‘Studio C’

When Studio C’s Matt Meese called Aaron Fielding, he assumed it was a pocket dial. After all, he knew his name would be in Matt’s phone directory since he rented from him earlier that year and his double-A name lands him at the [...]

The lady of laughs: Library-loving Tori Pence joins ‘Studio C’

In the summer of 2013, Tori Pence chopped 10 inches off her hair and rocked a pixie cut — something she had wanted to do for years. That season, she was also known throughout the Aspen Grove Family camp as the rule-promoting superhero — [...]

Tickets now available for public tours of new Provo Missionary Training Center Buildings

Tickets are now available for tours of the newly expanded Missionary Training Center in Provo, Utah between July 31 and Aug. 19. The tours last approximately one hour, including a walking tour and a short video. All ages are invited to attend. The [...]

The brothers who begin The Book of Mormon add meaning to new LDS video series

Jackson VanDerwerken isn’t having the average 17-year-old summer. He’s living more than 2,000 miles from his home and portraying a character he’s known since singing “I will go, I will do” as a child — the prophet [...]

All for love and love for all: Provo’s Stephenie Larsen encircles LGBTQ youth

If a family is not supportive of an LGBTQ child, the minor is nine times more likely to commit suicide and three times more likely to suffer with depression, drug use and illicit sex. These statistics weighed heavily on Stephenie Larsen’s [...]

LDS Church President Monson to no longer attend meetings regularly

President Thomas S. Monson, president of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, will no longer attend meetings held at Church offices regularly, according to a statement from Mormon Newsroom. “Because of limitations incident [...]

11 Utah Valley partnerships put the ‘do’ in ‘duo’

By Greg Bennett and Lindsey Williams The world wouldn’t be as safe if Batman didn’t have Robin. Mork needed his Mindy. Romeo wasn’t a solo act. Meet 11 local partnerships that also put the “do” in “duo” and prove the power in pairs [...]

Bleeding blue bromance: Corbin Kaufusi and Va’a Niumatalolo

Corbin Kaufusi and Va’a Niumatalolo both don Cougar blue at LaVell Edwards Stadium and they both have football coaches for dads. The two athletes frequent In-N-Out Burger and McDonald’s and are known throughout the BYU football team for [...]

The Tee Team: Tony Finau and Greg Bodine

As his third straight birdie sunk into the 18th hole, Lehi’s Tony Finau claimed his first PGA Tour title at the Puerto Rico Open in March 2016. By his side was his caddy, Greg Bodine, who had just rejoined Tony’s team after giving up the [...]