The Perfect Team

By Matt Bennett “We played both of them (BYU and Oklahoma), lucky me, and I think BYU is better. We felt we had a chance against Oklahoma, but against BYU all I wanted to do was get the game over with and get out of there.” Baylor head coach Grant Teaff (on whether BYU or […]

12 Utah Valley Teens Who Will Change the World

Compiled by Matt Bennett and Nancy Knight, Photographs by Alan Honey and Bob Boyd Photography For the third consecutive year, Utah Valley Magazine is paying homage to the best and brightest students our local high schools are producing. This year’s group of students excels at music, science, athletics and more while lifting others and […]

Best of Utah Valley 2003

ONE OF THE ENLIGHTENING THINGS ABOUT DOING A YEARLY “Readers’ Choice” survey is that we’re able to see the differences from year to year. Opinions change, respondents change and results change. For example, none of the top three restaurants in this year’s survey placed in the first two “Utah Valley Magazine Readers’ Choice” contests. It isn’t because they weren’t good then, or […]

3 Southern Utah Events That’ll Make Your Autumn Just a Little more Golden Autumn signals a new commitment to dayplanners and bedtimes. But many Utah Valley residents are looking for one more quick getaway before the onset of wintry roads and coat weather. Southern Utah, with temperatures hovering in the low 90s in the fall, offers an ideal weekend trip for two or the whole family. Here […]

First and Ten

BYU’s new head football coach Gary Crowton took an indirect route from Orem High to coaching the Cougars.

Cabin Fever

Dallin’s Sundance mountain home is one of a kind.

Behind the Storytelling Festival

Jeanette Bennett, It’s a cross between a quilting bee and a meeting of NBC executives. Forty women meet at Karen Ashton’s Orem home regularly, where conversation switches from labor pains to marketing strategies for the 12th annual Timpanogos Storytelling Festival. Amidst the Ashton’s many oil paintings, grand pianos and antiques is a laid back powerhouse […]

Letters to the Editor

Barksdale Deserves More Credit Dear editor, I read your article about Tom Holdman and his stained glass work in your May/June 2001 issue. However, I was very disappointed that the artist Ralph Barksdale was only mentioned once under a picture and not even in the text of the main article. He has worked as a […]

Fun at Provo Towne Centre’s Beach

Jane Wise, Who would have thought Utah County needed another Mexican restaurant? Don McComas and Dan Yanez with 40 years experience in the corporate realm of restaurant proving and shaping said, Yes! Coming to Utah in 1994 they saw a niche for unique and upscale Mexican food, and Dos Serranos was born. The first […]

Local Golfer Wins $2,547,829 on Tour

staff, Mike Weir has been making the Beehive state proud in recent showing on the PGA Tour. Mike collected his second victory on the PGA Tour last year when he won the World Golf Championship — American Express Championship. Weir shot a bogey-free 67 on Saturday and a final-round 67 to lift him to […]

12 Utah County Teens Who Will Change the World

Matt Bennett, To categorize any of these impressive Utah County teen-agers as simply an “athlete” or “artist” or “musician” would be to understate who they are. No, there’s more to these 12 than meets the eye. Past the accomplishments and SAT scores, it’s about their ambition, energy and focus. These are teen-agers who, according […]

Giving Tree

staff, Holiday wishes will come true for some Utah County children and seniors in need, thanks to the University Mall Giving Tree. Customers can select a paper ornament from the tree, which gives a child or senior’s name, age and needed items. The tree will be on display Nov. 26-Dec. 20. In 2000, nearly […]

Thousand Words

Matt Bennett, As Autumn turns to winter, some of Provo’s leaves fight to hold on to what they had.

Magleby’s et al: Still Creating After All These Years

staff, It’s not much of a stretch to remember back when Magleby’s was practically the only show in town. It was only 1982 when David “Doc” and Lenore Parkinson began to preside over the restaurant set back by the river in a medical office park. The setting is particularly appropriate since Doc is a […]

Parents Need to Say “Yes” More Often

Steven M. Gentry, God’s decision to put parents in charge of kids has, contrary to popular kid opinion, proved to be a pretty good idea. We have a big say concerning the what, how, where, when, and with whom of our children’s actions. On the whole, I think us parents are pretty good at […]

Summer Skin Secrets Your plastic Surgeon Doesn’t want You to Know

Dr. Joseph Berg, SUNSCREEN The right sunscreen and the proper use of it can’t be emphasized enough. The typical signs of aging are brought about largely by sun damage. Sun damage comes not only though direct exposure, but also through such factors as wind and temperature changes (of which Utah is one of the […]

Family Reunion Hot Spots

staff, Planning the summer get-together doesn’t have to be stressful. Bear River Lodge has the activities all planned for you — no worries about equipment or facilities. And with options ranging from horseshoes to volleyball, there is something for everyone. The only question now is which days work best for you — and, of […]

A Thousand Words


Roasted Artichoke a Tasty Center Street Choice

Jane Wise, You have to admire the first person who looked at the spiny, barbed globe of an artichoke plant and thought, “Delicious!” The Roasted Artichoke restaurant on Provo’s Center Street spotlights the artichoke in many appetizers, salads, sandwiches and pasta. You can start with the artichoke pâté, move on to the roasted artichoke […]

2001 Utah Valley Magazine Bridal Guide: Wedding Checklist

Steve Martin on “Father of the Bride” lamented each dollar his daughter’s wedding cost. Fronk frustrated him with his elaborate ideas and confident nature. Fathers of the bride in Utah Valley don’t have quite as big of price tag on their daughters’ weddings. National wedding magazines and Web sites note the average wedding in the […]

2001 Utah Valley Magazine Bridal Guide: Flowers

Jeanette Bennett, Weddings in bloom Utah brides have three factors to consider in flowers: style, season and — least importantly — budget. Local florists tell brides they can have beautiful flowers on any budget. “Flowers are so naturally beautiful, and we can make them fit any bride and situation,” says Diane Berntsen, who owns […]

About Town: Your Guide to Utah Valley’s Must-See Events

To list an event in Utah Valley Magazine, send information at least one month in advance of the issue in which the event occurs to About Town, Utah Valley Magazine, P.O. Box 50142, Provo, UT 84605. Or send it by e-mail to or fax (801) 794-1365. Material for the May/June issue is due March […]

Professionals Answer Your FAQ

staff, Q: I have oak furniture, but I want to put alder cabinets in my kitchen. Is it OK to mix woods? A: It is perfectly fine to mix woods. With some of the beautiful woods being introduced into interiors, there is no reason to keep everything uniform. Using only one wood and stain […]

Trees that Works in Utah County

staff, Local landscaping experts say one mistake homebuyers make is putting all of their money into buying the home and leaving very little for the yard. However, a well-designed, maturing landscape can add thousands to the value of any home. Whatever your budget, here are some flora that grow well in our dry, desert […]

In memory of Brett Crandall

staff, Brett Crandall, friend and photographer for Utah Valley Magazine, was killed in a car accident Jan. 20, 2001. He died returning from Park City after photographing pre-Olympic events and the Sundance Film Festival. Up to his death Brett continued to refine his techniques to produce some of the finest art in his field. […]

Salon With A Vision: Donna Waite, Owner Suggestions Salon

staff, SALON WITH A VISION We recently talked with the owner of Orem’s Suggestions Salon, Donna Waite, and were impressed with the level of dedication and passion she has for an industry that in her own words “has come a long way.” Her interview gives insight on how one salon is helping change an […]