16 of Utah Valley’s juciest ‘guilty pleasures’

This list of guilty pleasures goes to show just how tame we really are round here. Our dirty little secrets are pretty darn clean. 1. Drinks (other than coffee) from Starbucks A cozy steamer? A super fattening smoothie? Pick your poison. 2. Eyelash extensions Get your lashes made professionally luscious, then bat them for an […]

10 gifts for high school graduates

And just like that, your baby is graduating from high school and leaving the nest. How time flies! What can you give them to make them feel special on their big day? Caps off to these great ideas. 1. Shadow boxes Feeling sentimental in all directions? Shadow boxes can harness your nostalgic energy and funnel […]

10 ways parents eat their words

We all have lofty ideals about raising our kids. And then we all eat crow about them. 1. “I will never use the TV as a babysitter.” Total meltdown. Sesame Street marathon. Netflix is your saving grace.   2. “I will never let my kid eat processed food.” Until he starves, because he refuses to […]

9 support groups you never knew existed in Utah

“There is strength in numbers” might be a cliche, but it’s also the key to learning and healing for many people with challenges. Whether you’re struggling with an addiction or adjusting to breastfeeding, there are people out there who are going through the same. And chances are, there’s an organized support group ready and waiting […]

Life lessons from an April Fools’ Day legend

In most ways, my mother is a minimalist. She’s not much for elaborate, over-the-top anything. She’s never cared to host a big party or make a big fuss. She’s never spoken a word about garnishes or drapes. She’s never worn jewelry. She’s never bought more than enough. But one day a year, she goes to […]

Why happy couples can use marital counseling too

Many couples seek therapy only when they’ve hit rock bottom. Going to see a marriage counselor is often treated as a last resort. But according to local experts, happy couples have a lot to gain from therapy resources. “What we know now from neuroscience is what many of us have intuitively known—that our brains learn […]

Writers’ workshop features local authors

BYU English professor and published author John Bennion says personal stories are like wriggling, juicy worms. “Everybody has such great stories once we start digging,” he said. Bennion, along with four other authors with Utah Valley ties, will be teaching classes in nonfiction writing at the second annual Solstice Writing Retreat this July, hosted by […]

Does Facebook undermine women’s happiness?

Does Facebook cause depression? Or perhaps anxiety, envy or narcissism? A widely reported study from the University of Michigan found that socializing through Facebook, as opposed to socializing in person, may undermine users’ sense of well-being. A recent study from the University of Gothenburg in Sweden found a negative relationship between Facebook and self-esteem. According […]

Girl Scout Cookie recipes you can’t live without

It’s that time of year, that magical time when sweet little girls sell you sweet little cookies. Oh, you’re not familiar with that season of life? Maybe I should start again. It’s that time of year, that neurotic time when a rabid beast-like version of you hounds your coworker night and day about when the […]

Utah drivers second best in U.S.

Dogging Utah drivers is common small talk around these parts. Amanda Lind, who moved to Lehi six months ago from Montana, says Utah drivers are the craziest she’s ever seen. “If you’re not going 20 above the speed limit, you’re not going fast enough for them,” she said. “Sorry, everyone. I’d like to get myself and […]

Twin sisters with twin PhDs redefine beauty

In honor of International Women’s Day on Saturday, March 8, twin sisters Lindsay and Lexie Kite will host an afternoon workshop and offer the keynote address at Utah Valley University’s celebration on Friday, March 7. The sisters, both of whom have Ph.D.s in the study of media and body image from the University of Utah, […]

11 best YouTube channels for family entertainment

YouTube is the new tube. The more kids turn to the internet for entertainment, the more savvy parents need to be in finding quality content for their children to watch. Check out these family-friendly YouTube channels as you form your own TV guide of the future. 1. Bored Shorts TV If you know this channel, […]

Killing flies, getting ‘beauty sleep’ and other Personal Progress requirements of old

Since the early 1900s, the Latter-day Saint Young Women organization has had some kind of achievement and recognition program in place. But the requirements of old are drastically different from the requirements today. The evolution of Young Women Recognition is a fascinating snapshot of history. My, how times have changed. The Beehive Handbook, published in […]

New hospital breaking ground in Lehi

  IASIS Healthcare went public today with its announcement of a new full-service hospital in Lehi to serve residents of northern Utah County. Layton Construction has already begun work on the project and is expected to finish in the spring of 2015. The new 40-bed Mountain Point Medical Center, will be located across from Thanksgiving […]

Local entrepreneurs gather weekly to promote collaboration

Could the culture of entrepreneurship be fundamentally changed by conversations had over one million cups of coffee? That’s what Kauffman Labs of Kansas City set to find out when it launched its One Million Cups initiative, a program that’s now found in cities all over the country, including Provo. “Entrepreneurship is gaining steam more than […]

9 romantic spots in Utah Valley

Make a date, set the mood, plan a grand gesture — whatever you’ve got going this Valentine’s Day, you don’t have to go far. These spots are as local as they are romantic. 1. Utah Lake What is it about standing on the edge of a big body of water that makes us weak at […]

A local’s guide to the Sundance Film Festival

Every January people travel from all over the world to attend the Sundance Film Festival, where they can watch interesting films, spot celebrities and enjoy the snowy mountain atmosphere. The festival does its best to make the out-of-towners feel at home here, but festival organizers make sure they don’t neglect the locals who make Utah […]

No plans for your MLK holiday? Spend it serving.

This Martin Luther King, Jr. Day the Utah Valley community will unite in service to celebrate Dr. King’s legacy of honoring the worth of every individual. Student leaders from BYU and UVU have joined forces to organize Community Outreach Day, a massive community service effort held annually on the holiday. “The event is set up […]

13 myths about pornography addiction

  Lehi therapist Brannon Patrick, who specializes in pornography addiction recovery, talks about some of the most common myths he sees regarding pornography and addiction. To connect with a therapist like Patrick, visit lifestarlehi.com. For more resources on this topic, visit lightsalongtheshore.com. 1. Sexual addiction shouldn’t be treated like a real addiction. Compulsive pornography use […]

5 steps toward learning to love family history

Let’s play the word-association game. When we say “Family History” what’s the first word that comes to mind? Boredom? Guilt? Nothing but crickets? You’re not alone. Family history is important— this we know. But sometimes it’s hard to feel that importance deeply and personally in a way that motivates us to actually do it. Here […]

7 Cozy Winter Hang-Outs

Battle cabin fever this winter by venturing out, but be sure to head somewhere that makes you feel warm and fuzzy inside. Try one of these favorite winter hangouts in Utah Valley. Stay cozy, UV! 1. University Mall Foyer, Orem The foyer in front of the interior entrance at University Mall has always been the […]

It Takes a Village: Utah Valley’s must-see Christmas village

Sometimes, it takes a village to bring the spirit of Christmas. At least that’s how Jean and Richard Watts of Pleasant Grove feel about it. For the past 25 years, they’ve been collecting Department 56 Christmas village pieces, buying several new additions each Christmas season. “This is the first year since we started collecting that […]

12 pieces of Utah Valley history for sale on Ebay

With only one week left until Christmas, we’ve scoured Ebay and found some last minute presents that any Utah Valley resident would be lucky to receive. 1. This 1929 sheet music of BYU’s Alma Mater would make a unique graduation gift for the music major in your life. 2. How about a 1987 BYU football […]

6 Christmas paintings you need to know

Art and Christmas are inseparable. Here are some of the season’s most notable strokes of Jesus. (And a few of Santa, too.) 1. Brian Kershisnik’s “Nativity” This 2006 painting, measuring 7 by 17 feet, went on display in BYU’s Museum of Art in 2007 and depicts a concourse of angels visiting the newborn Christ child. Kershisnik studied […]

Best of First Presidency Christmas Devotionals Past

In anticipation of the 2013 Christmas Devotional (tonight at 6 p.m. MST) we’re taking a look at devotionals past. Here are some of our favorite moments — the musical and the magical.  2009 In the middle of the 2009 devotional, the Mormon Tabernacle Choir hit a home run. Its performance of “O Holy Night” gave […]

Utah stay-at-home dads face social stigmas

As a stay-at-home parent, James Estrada is an atypical Utah father. When he and his wife, Analisa, welcomed their son Joah to their family in March 2011, they both planned to continue their career paths. Analisa was working as an in-house graphic designer for 1-800-Contacts and James was studying audio engineering at Utah Valley University […]

Thousands of generous Utahns help the Philippines

Two local charities have joined forces to help the victims of the recent Philippines typhoon any way they can. Their efforts are scrappy, centered on being efficient and resourceful, and using every helping hand extended their way. Charity Vision International, a Provo-based group normally focused on providing cataract surgeries to patients in need, has shifted […]

Religious diversity in Utah Valley is not quite an oxymoron

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=k-fMWK6EQrg#t=80 It’s no secret that Utah Valley residents are predominantly Latter-day Saints — roughly 80 percent, in fact — but that doesn’t mean there isn’t a diversity of religions. Highland resident Linda Walton, chairman of the Utah Valley Ministerial Association, says the group represents 38 different faiths in Utah Valley, “and that’s just the ones […]

‘The Lower Lights’ Christmas Concert Series

Listening to Utah-based folk ensemble The Lower Lights is like floating in a snow globe, softly descending on a dreamy scene where simple harmonies and rustic rhythms make your pretty world go round. The group, composed of recognizable local solo artists like Mindy Gledhill and Sarah Sample, is taking the stage to strum in the […]

Typhoon Haiyan: 3 tips for giving

Typhoon Haiyan has impacted the lives of 9.5 million people in the Philippines, displacing an estimated 600,000 individuals. The overwhelming needs of the survivors are enough to compel Utah Valleyites into action, but not all well-intentioned help is equal. Here are a few tips for transforming your empathy into effectiveness: 1. Monetary donations are best […]