2017 UV50 Winners: The Rooms Where it Happens

By Briana Stewart and Jeanette Bennett These 50 Utah Valley companies are not throwing away their shot. Many are young, scrappy and hungry. Others are blowing us all away. But every last one of them is making UV50 history. Speaking of which [...]

UV50: 30 Fastest-Growing Companies 2017

The world’s gonna know your name. Meet 30 Utah Valley companies with “non-stop” success.                                                                   THE FINE PRINT: The Fastest-Growing Companies [...]

UV50 Fastest-Growing Companies: No. 3 Foxtail Marketing

Three-Year Growth 3,162% 2016 Revenue $3.2 million City American Fork Founded 2013 Employees 32 Industry Marketing Website FoxtailMarketing.com Founder Mike Templeman, 34 The Company A full-funnel digital marketing agency that works [...]

UV50 Fastest-Growing Companies: No. 7 Intermountain Nutrition

Three-Year Growth 615% 2016 Revenue $13 million City Provo Founded 2013 Employees 100 Industry Manufacturing Website IntermountainNutrition.com Founder Ryan Gledhill, 40 The Company A manufacturer of nutrition and dietary supplements, [...]

UV50 Fastest-Growing Companies: No. 4 Domo

Three-Year Growth 2,250% 2016 Revenue $79.8 million City American Fork Founded 2010 Employees 830 Industry Software Website Domo.com Founder Josh James, 44 The Company Domo helps employees from the CEO to the front-line worker optimize [...]

UV50 Fastest-Growing Companies: No. 2 Boomsourcing

Three-Year Growth 5,889% 2016 Revenue $7.1 million City Lehi Founded 2007 Employees 1,300 (20 in Utah) Industry Technology Website Boomsourcing.com Founder Jacob Munns, 41 The Company An outsourcing 2.0 company that helps businesses [...]

UV50 Fastest-Growing Companies: No. 1 Younique

Three-Year Growth 6,506% 2016 Revenue $395.8 million City Lehi Founded 2012 Employees 589  Industry Beauty/direct sales Website YouniqueProducts.com Founders Derek Maxfield, 41; Melanie Huscroft, 45 The Company A direct sales beauty [...]

UV50 Fastest-Growing Companies: No. 5 Disruptive Advertising

Three-Year Growth 1,714% 2016 Revenue $6 million City Lindon Founded 2012 Employees 65 Industry Marketing Website DisruptiveAdvertising.com Founder Jacob Baadsgaard, 32 The Company A company that specializes in all areas of online marketing [...]

UV50 Fastest-Growing Companies: No. 6 Baby Bling

Three-Year Growth 1,176% 2016 Revenue $2.4 million City Lehi Founded 2005 Employees 15 Industry Retail Website BabyBlingBows.com Founder Summer Zenger Harris, 39 The Company A designer and manufacturer of handmade bow accessories. NOT [...]

UV50 Fastest-Growing Companies: No.11 Jane

Three-Year Growth 400% 2016 Revenue $110.2 million City Lehi Founded 2011 Employees 115 Industry Retail Website Jane.com Founder Michael McEwan, 39 The Company A boutique marketplace that offers daily deals for up to 80 percent off. NOT THROWING [...]

UV50 Fastest-Growing Companies: No. 8 Pinners Conference

Three-Year Growth 599% 2016 Revenue $1.1 million City Spanish Fork Founded 2013 Employees 16 Industry Events Website PinnersConference.com Founders Roxanne Bennett, 47; Kendall Bennett, 51 The Company A modern trade show that connects consumers, [...]

UV50 Fastest-Growing Companies: No. 9 Stratton & Bratt

Three-Year Growth 588% 2016 Revenue $9.7 million City Pleasant Grove Founded 2013 Employees 120 Industry Landscaping/service Website StrattonandBratt.com Founder Zack Stratton, 30 The Company A commercial and residential landscaping company. NOT [...]

UV50 Fastest-Growing Companies: No. 13 Four Foods Group

Three-Year Growth 242% 2016 Revenue $106.7 million City American Fork Founded 2008 Employees 3,400 Industry Food + beverage/hospitality Website FourFoodsGroup.com Founders Andrew K. Smith, 41; Shauna K. Smith, 38 The Company A restaurant investment, [...]

UV50 Fastest-Growing Companies: No. 12 BetterBody Foods

Three-Year Growth 368% 2016 Revenue $68.2 million City Lindon Founded 2007 Employees 102 Industry Food manufacturing Website BetterBodyFoods.com Founders Stephen Richards, 56; Steve Birt, 52 The Company A provider of nutritious and delicious [...]

UV50 Fastest-Growing Companies: No. 14 Peak Capital Partners

Three-Year Growth 237% 2016 Revenue $164.9 million City Provo Founded 2006 Employees 450 Industry Real Estate Website PeakCapitalPartners.com Founder Jeff Danley, 43; Jeff Burningham, 40 The Company An owner and manager of conventional, affordable, [...]

UV50 Fastest-Growing Companies: No. 10 Big Leap

Three-Year Growth 461% 2016 Revenue $5.1 million City Lehi Founded 2008 Employees 48 Industry Online marketing Website BigLeap.com Founder Bryan Phelps, 33 The Company A digital marketing agency that provides expertise in SEO, PPC, content [...]

UV50 Fastest-Growing Companies: No. 23 Platinum Payment Systems

Three-Year Growth 103% 2016 Revenue $5.2 million City Spanish Fork Founded 2003 Employees 14 Industry Financial/technology Website PlatPay.com Founder Nate Hughes, 40 The Company A provider of payment processing solutions. NOT THROWING AWAY [...]

UV50 Fastest-Growing Companies: No. 24 Rock Canyon Bank

Three-Year Growth 102% 2016 Revenue $22.7 million City Provo Founded 1991 Employees 119 Industry Banking/finance Website RockCanyonBank.com Founder R. Todd Monsen, 59 The Company A local community bank. NOT THROWING AWAY THEIR SHOT Take this [...]

UV50 Fastest-Growing Companies: No. 20 EDGEhomes

Three-Year Growth 121% 2016 Revenue $252.1 million City Orem Founded 2011 Employees 120 Industry Real estate Website EdgeHomes.com Founders Steve Maddox, 49; Gordy Jones, 48 The Company A residential construction company. NOT THROWING AWAY [...]

UV50 Fastest-Growing Companies: No. 16 Sentinel Sales and Management

Three-Year Growth 233% 2016 Revenue $10.4 million City American Fork Founded 2007 Employees 8 Industry Real Estate Website UtahSentinelGroup.com Founder Kathleen P. Lopez, 52 The Company A full service real estate brokerage with sales and property [...]