3 reasons you need a FREE car wash at Quick Quack’s new Highland location

Sponsored Story It’s hard to keep your car clean. Everyone and everything works against a clean car: children dump crackers in the back, windstorms glue dirt to the car’s exterior and even birds leave gifts on your windows. Whether your [...]

2017 Best of Utah Valley Winners

It isn’t puzzling why we all heart Utah Valley! We pieced together your thousands of love notes and votes to reveal 309 winners that give the big picture of the county we call home. Click on the Best of Utah Valley sections below to view [...]

2017 Executive of the Year: Truman Hunt, Nu Skin

Truman Hunt and Blake Roney met in the mission field while speaking French. The two said bonjour again as roommates at BYU and later bishopric-mates in an LDS ward. Then the two left on splits as Roney founded Nu Skin while Truman earned a [...]

Al’s Sporting Goods coming to University Place in fall 2017

Al’s Sporting Goods anticipates it will open its second store location at University Place in fall 2017, University Place announced on Wednesday. The full-line sporting goods retailer will occupy a 40,000-square-feet retail space in the [...]

8 design tips for maximizing your office space

For spaces that are startup to spacious — try these office design tips on for size. FOR SMALL COMPANIES Have a tiny budget for your tiny company’s tiny office? Here are 8 tips for thinking big when you’re small. 1. Show a little creativity.  “Small [...]

2017 Headliner of the Year: DevMountain

Headliner of the year? That’s code for crushing it. DevMountain, a coding bootcamp school headquartered in Provo, has become a leading institution in an exploding industry. According to Course Report, a third-party resource for students, [...]

Beyond email: New service helps parents listen to their LDS missionary’s experiences

The idea is simple: On P-days, a missionary calls a toll-free number, talks to a machine for five minutes, then hangs up. A link to the recording is then emailed to the missionary’s friends and family. The implications are exciting: [...]

2017 Marketer of the Year: Harmon Brothers

There’s no skipping these ads. The Harmon Brothers are all work and all play. The Provo-based marketing agency is a viral video king, with its ads being viewed more than 450 million times and driving more than $100 million of revenue in 2016. So [...]

Lifey breaks video journaling down to digestible bite-sized clips

Journaling is taking on a new look. Whereas keeping a journal used to require hours of writing or typing, Lifey is inviting people to share their life history verbally. Lifey is a new company in Provo, Utah, that invites people to record their [...]

2017 Entrepreneur of the Year: Kevin Auernig, Sodalicious

Kevin Auernig was born to make lemonade. As a kid, he opened lemonade stands and played “company” with his cousins. And in second grade, when other kids were declaring their dreams of fighting fires and flying planes, Auernig was making [...]

2017 Company of the Year: Jane

Jane is plain impressive. What started in 2011 as a home-based operation making button earrings has turned into a 100-employee, $110-million world-class online boutique. Jane represents the everyday girl. But this Lehi company, with its gorgeous [...]

Nu Skin embraces the madness, maintains employee productivity during NCAA basketball tournament

Once brackets are set and the NCAA tournament bounces into action, March Madness takes over everything — even business. WalletHub estimates corporations lose $4 billion in productivity during March Madness. One Provo business is busting the [...]

A snapshot into photographer Justin Hackworth’s life

Photographer Justin Hackworth is a visual storyteller whose work has appeared in national publications like People, Parade and Glamour. Around town, Justin’s work has been seen at museums and galleries including the Springville Art Museum [...]

5 tips for making meeting magic

By Ansalee Morrison Off topic? Park it. At American Fork-based Brainstorm Inc., they create a “parking lot” in the corner of the whiteboard during meetings. Whenever the conversation veers off topic, they park it on the board. “Often [...]

BusinessQ Roundtable: It’s the Law

Most commonly asked question they hear is, “Do I need a lawyer?” Yes, yes you do. Meet 5 of the best. Jeanette Bennett, BusinessQ: Describe the legal environment in Utah County. Bill Fillmore, Fillmore Spencer: In Utah, there’s a fairly [...]

The Let’s Be Better: 10 ways our culture can still improve for working women

Let’s talk. In the women’s issue of Utah Valley BusinessQ, the ladies weigh in on what it’s like to be a woman in business in 2016. Here are 10 ways our culture can still improve for working women. 1. More, please. “Although women now [...]

Doctor’s Orders: For Dr. Shelly Savage, family, faith and fortitude are the best medicine

Dr. Shelly Savage will see you now.    The founder of Grandview Family Medicine is working her dream — helping patients, working alongside her husband, being a mom to her six children, living her LDS faith, and paying it forward. And her [...]

Storybook School: For 33 years, Cheryl Lant has taught preschoolers to read and to lead

Cheryl Lant is a self-taught entrepreneur. And she is one talented teacher.    Thirty-three years ago, she opened her first Learning Dynamics Preschool in Orem. Today? There are five Learning Dynamics locations — four in Utah, one in Arizona [...]

The Best Not Say That Again: 13 phrases that need to take an early retirement

Let’s talk. In the women’s issue of Utah Valley BusinessQ, the ladies weigh in on what it’s like to be a woman in business in 2016. Here are 13 ways our culture can still improve for working women. 1. “How do you balance it all?” “I [...]

Starr Player: Starr Fowler has traveled the world championing humans (and their resources)

Starr Fowler is a woman of the people. Throughout her 15-year career, the HR genius has been a coach, a strategist, a champion, a leader, and an employee game-changer. “It’s funny, because everyone thinks when you go into HR, you do it [...]