40 Under 40: Syd + Shea McGee

  SYD MCGEE Studio McGee Inc. | CEO | Draper + Alpine | AGE 37 You know Syd McGee. He’s one half of Utah’s most prolific design duo. He and his wife, Shea, started Studio McGee by selling their home and using the money to launch their now worldwide brand. Syd is the founding operational […]

40 Under 40: Jenica Parcell

JENICA PARCELL Fearless Infertility + A Slice of Style | Founder | Pleasant Grove | AGE 35 Jenica Parcell’s career has been a slice of style, a slice of bravery, and a slice of heart. After starting her popular blog A Slice of Style in 2014, Jenica took a turn for the vulnerable a year […]

40 Under 40: Bradley Herbert

BRADLEY HERBERT Zions Bank | SVP of Marketing + Communication | Salt Lake City + Lehi | AGE 39 You can always bank on Bradley Herbert. After interning with Zions Bank in 2006 with its Diverse Markets group, he was promoted to VP and emerging market manager in charge of Zions’ focus on the next […]

40 Under 40: Lynsie Galbraith

LYNSIE GALBRAITH Viori | Co-founder + CXO | Orem | AGE 27 Lynsie Galbraith’s story is a hair-raiser. She is the co-founder of Viori, a creator of rice shampoo bars, inspired by the ancient haircare rituals of the Red Yao Tribe in China. (Their rituals have prevented their hair from greying for centuries.) Viori now […]

40 Under 40: Brandon Hale

BRANDON HALE Clyde Companies | General Counsel Orem | AGE 38 Brandon Hale is ready, your honor. The Orem High and BYU graduate attended law school at the University of Chicago Law School, where he learned from some of the best legal minds in the country, including Judge Richard Posner. After law school he moved […]

40 Under 40: Sadie Bowler

SADIE BOWLER SadieB Personal Care | Co-founder + CEO  Salt Lake City | AGE 19 Wash and learn, because Sadie Bowler is heads and shoulders ahead of the game. At just 19, she is an entrepreneur setting out to change the landscape of an industry. Her earth-friendly shampoos, conditioners, body washes and body sprays are […]

40 Under 40: Mike Baird

MIKE BAIRD Pura | CXO | Pleasant Grove | AGE 39 Mike Baird nose what’s up. He’s CXO of Pura — the stellar smart home fragrance diffuser company that’s dominating its market (and was named Company of the Year last issue by yours truly). Mike has been busy directing innovation through new product research and […]

40 Under 40: Megan Tidwell

Qualtrics | Head of Technical, Sales + Executive Recruiting | Provo | AGE 30 Megan Tidwell’s got talent. She graduated from BYU with a bachelor’s in exercise science and as an Academic All-American on the gymnastics team. After graduation, she got hired at Qualtrics as an entry-level recruiter and “hit the tech startup lottery.” Since […]

40 Under 40: Eric Parker

ERIC PARKER Giddy | Co-founder + CEO | Draper | AGE 34 Eric Parker is a tech junkie and crypto aficionado. And in 2021, he decided to combine his two passions with Giddy, an app that helps people tap into the rewards of decentralized finance and guide them through investing in this new financial frontier. […]

40 Under 40: Kody Curtis

KODY CURTIS Zehn-X | President + Co-founder | Lehi  | Plant Science | Co-founder | American Fork | AGE 33 It’s a clean sweep for Kody Curtis. He started his first company, EcoGuardian Pest Control, at the age of 24, and six years later sold it to Rollins, Inc., a parent company of Orkin. That […]

40 Under 40: Abigail Shaha

ABIGAIL SHAHA Brandless | Director of Communications | Lindon | AGE 34 Abigail Shaha is a headliner. She earned a bachelor’s in communications/print journalism from BYU and an MPA from the University of Utah. She started her career story as a journalist at a political magazine in Washington D.C., then onto Newsweek in NYC, and […]

40 Under 40: Ben Peterson

BEN PETERSON Blue Raven Solar | CEO | Orem | AGE 38 The sun will come out for Ben Peterson. After graduating from Stanford University in 2008, he gained valuable leadership experience at McMaster-Carr Supply Company. He then attended Harvard Business School, and after graduation joined McKinsey & Company as a management consultant where he […]

40 Under 40: India Blue Severe

INDIA BLUE SEVERE Lonely Ghost | Co-founder | Provo | AGE 25 For a lonely ghost, India Blue Severe has a lot of friends. She started her brand Lonely Ghost four years ago, which sells fun, quirky, cool hoodies, loungewear, lifestyle and home goods. “It’s Cool to Care.” “Text Me When You Get Home.” “This […]

40 Under 40: Melissa Tshikamba Boggs

MELISSA TSHIKAMBA BOGGS Tshikamba Fine Art & Illustration | Artist + Owner | AGE 27 Melissa Tshikamba Boggs’ career is a work of art — and a work of heart. She received a bachelor’s of fine arts in illustration from BYU, and she has been drawing a legacy of light and depth ever since. She’s […]

40 Under 40: Tyler Babb

TYLER BABB SmartShyp | Founder + CEO  Pleasant Grove | AGE 36 Tyler Babb leads with serious smarts. He is the founder and CEO of SmartShyp, an app that provides ecommerce solutions and elevates the buyer experience. Prior to SmartShyp (which was honored as a UV50 Startup to Watch in BusinessQ), Tyler exited another service-based […]

40 Under 40: Kelsey Berg

KELSEY BERG Senator Mitt Romney | Deputy Chief of Staff Utah + Washington, D.C. | AGE 32 Let’s talk about the Kelsey Berg in the room. After completing a church mission in Houston and graduating from BYU with bachelor’s in political science in 2013, she worked as a lobbyist in Utah, as well as managing […]

40 Under 40: Vess Pearson

VESS PEARSON Aptive Environmental | Co-founder + CEO Provo | AGE 38 Vess Pearson has it all under (pest) control. He co-founded Aptive in 2015, and today it serves customers in more than 5,000 cities across 34 states and ranks as the 4th largest residential pest control company in North America (out of more than […]

40 Under 40: John Konyn

JOHN KONYN Mo’Bettahs Hawaiian Style | Director of Operations Lehi | AGE 32 John Konyn deserves all the shakas. He’s been with Mo’Bettahs for more than 11 years, and he’s learned every aspect and role of the restaurant operation. Assistant manager. General manager. District manager. Director of Operations. He’s done it all. What’s more, he’s […]

40 Under 40: Jessi Ngatikaura

Jessi Ngatikaura JZ Styles Co. | Founder + CEO | Pleasant Grove | AGE 30 Jessi Ngatikaura is flipping heads. Iin 2016, she opened her salon, JZ Styles, and over the past six years it has grown into a full-service salon, hair extension company and other products/tools for hairstylists. She and her team travel across […]

40 Under 40: Adam Klosowiak

ADAM KLOSOWIAK KLOS Guitars | Co-founder + CEO | Provo  Skill Board | Co-founder + CEO | AGE 29 Adam Klosowiak is striking the right chord. After graduating from Princeton in 2015 with a degree in electrical engineering, he and his brother Ian started KLOS Guitars — creator of a carbon fiber travel guitar. Two […]

40 Under 40: Alyssa Sheehan

ALYSSA SHEEHAN Nu Skin | Global Sustainability Manager Provo | AGE 27 Alyssa Sheehan’s career is seriously sustainable. After graduating from BYU in 2019 with a degree in international relations and non-profit business management, she went directly to Nu Skin and breathed nu life into their sustainability practices. Alyssa helped build the first official global […]

40 Under 40: Jared Olsen

JobNimbus | VP of People Experience | Lehi | AGE 37 Jared Olsen is a man of the people. After 15+ years of working in the human resources industry, he has redefined the perception and strategic direction of HR for a variety of Utah companies. Jared has moved from an HR Generalist to leading innovative […]

40 Under 40: Riss Barlow

RISS BARLOW Nani Swimwear | Co-founder Provo + Logan | AGE 23 Riss Barlow is making waves. She founded Nani Swimwear in high school when she was just 17, and now five years later, she has an international brand with her designs sold in stores like REI, Macy’s, Anthropologie, Dicks, and more. She’s currently a […]

40 Under 40: Natalie Okeson

NATALIE OKESON The Labor and Honor Foundation | Executive Director | Provo | AGE 38 Natalie Okeson’s got hops. Her husband’s basketball coaching career has taken them all over the country, and every place they’ve lived, she’s made a name for herself. Natalie began her career in legislative affairs and worked on national campaigns while […]

40 Under 40: Brandon Bradley

BRANDON BRADLEY BYU | Director of On Campus Experience For Football | Provo | AGE 37 Brandon Bradley leaves it all on the field. After playing football for BYU from 2006-2010 (as a three-year starter, no less), Brandon transitioned to coaching and earned a master’s degree in sports administration. He then coached at Snow College, […]

40 Under 40: Steve Anderson

STEVE ANDERSON UVU | Associate VP, University Relations  Orem | AGE 38 Steve Anderson is schooling it. He received a bachelor’s of communication at Utah Valley University, a master’s of strategic communication and leadership at Seton Hall University, and a doctorate of interdisciplinary leadership studies at Creighton University. In 2013, he returned to his green […]

40 Under 40: Erika Orndorff

ERIKA ORNDORFF Block Restaurant + Next Door Lounge | Owner Provo | AGE 38 Erika Orndorff may be a new kid on the Block, but girl’s got good taste. After studying secondary education, helping her husband start and run his construction company, and being a stay-at-home mom for 12 years, she realized her dream and […]

40 Under 40: Jon Lefrandt

JON LEFRANDT Domanicare + ForGrief.com | Co-founder + President + CEO | Orem | AGE 38 Jon Lefrandt met grief too young. Jon is the oldest of seven children, and he lost his father, who was just 46 years old at the time. But that heartbreaking loss led to a meaningful career. After working in […]

40 Under 40: Hannah Neeleman

HANNAH NEELEMAN Ballerina Farm | Founder | Kamas | AGE 32 Hannah Neeleman’s life is a twirl-wind. In 2012, she graduated in dance from the Julliard School and danced professionally as a ballerina. Shortly after marrying, she and her husband lived abroad in São Paulo Brazil for four years while he worked and she danced. […]