LDS teen Evie Clair demonstrates courage, pays tribute to father in AGT final performance

Evie Clair once again showed courage and maturity beyond her years in her performance during the “America’s Got Talent” final on Tuesday night. Paying tribute to her father who died on Sept. 7 from stage 4 colon cancer, the [...]

Lindsey Stirling shines in first dance performance on ‘Dancing With the Stars’

Tonight was amazing!!! Call 1-800-868-3407 to vote for Mark and I. You can vote up to 13 times. Thanks for getting me here. LINK in the bio to vote! A post shared by Lindsey Stirling (@lindseystirling) on Sep 18, 2017 at 9:05pm PDT Electronic [...]

LDS teen Evie Clair to perform in ‘America’s Got Talent’ finals Tuesday night

Evie Clair decided to return to “America’s Got Talent” to perform in the finals, Clair’s mother announced on her blog Saturday. After the 13-year-old singer’s father, Amos Abplanalp, died on Thursday, Sept. 7, [...]

Utah-Tube: Timpview High students prepare for Homecoming with ‘La La Land’-themed video

Timpview High School is preparing to turn Provo into a “city of stars” for its 2017 Homecoming. Students from the Provo high school united for a promotional music video introducing its “La La Land” Homecoming theme, [...]

LDS teen Evie Clair performs in ‘America’s Got Talent’ semifinals

LDS thirteen-year-old Evie Clair continued her journey on “America’s Got Talent” with a performance of “Yours” in the show’s semifinals. While Clair’s angelic voice captures the hearts of America, her [...]

Utah-Tube: BYU Vocal Point gets Michael McLean dancing with EDM

  BYU Vocal Point’s latest music video may have the same effect on viewers it had on Michael McLean, spontaneous dancing. The music video is an electronic dance music (EDM) mashup featuring songs like Calvin Harris’ “Outside,” [...]

Utah-Tube: Imagine Dragons and Neon Trees frontmen turn Primary song into a rock anthem at LoveLoud Festival

At the LoveLoud Festival held on Saturday night, Imagine Dragons’ Dan Reynolds and Neon Trees’ Tyler Glenn turned “I’ll Walk With You” — a Primary song from the Children’s Songbook for The Church of Jesus [...]

From hospital bed, Evie Clair’s father reacts to America saving daughter on AGT

Evie Clair was amongst the bottom three last night on “America’s Got Talent,” but after America voted, Clair got to continue on to the semifinals. Clair, Eric Jones and The Masqueraders were announced as part of the bottom [...]

LDS teen Evie Clair vies for a spot in ‘America’s Got Talent’ semifinals with performance of ‘Wings’

Evie Clair, the 13-year-old from Florence, Arizona, captured America’s hearts yet again with her own heart-wrenching story. Her father, who serves as Bishop in her ward of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, was diagnosed [...]

Utah-Tube: ‘Studio C’ attempts to clear up bizarre Mormon misconceptions

“Studio C” released a new comedy sketch about the misconceptions of Mormonism, only this time the misconceptions are wild, wacky and sure to spark some laughter. Friends from college reconnect at a mutual friend’s wedding [...]

Utah-Tube: Neon Trees ‘feels good’ in new kaleidoscopic music video

It’s a “feel good” Friday with the kaleidoscopic music video of the Neon Trees’s newest single, “Feel Good.” This vibrant video throws back to the retro ’70s style and celebrates summer with a color [...]

UV relatable: Family shows how parents feel about back to school with hilarious parody

August marks every parent’s relief and every child’s dread — the beginning of another school year. The Holderness family — who writes parody music videos where they change the lyrics to relatable family life experiences — [...]

Utah-Tube: GENTRI encourages being ‘The One’ in new video shot in India

GENTRI: The Gentlemen Trio released a new video called “One” about the lessons they learned in India about the power and influence of “The One.” “It only takes one life to make a difference,” trio member [...]

Utah-Tube: Jenny Oaks Baker returns to Beethoven’s roots for music video

Violinist Jenny Oaks Baker returned to Ludwig van Beethoven’s roots in her newest music video. Filming in Vienna, Austria — where Beethoven composed his final masterpiece — Baker played Beehoven’s Ninth Symphony, “Ode [...]

John Curtis responds to negative ads with comical negative flier-use suggestions

Provo Mayor John Curtis knows how to make junk mail useful — at least that’s what he demonstrates in a video response to negative fliers. Curtis is one of three Republican candidates vying for votes in the special election for the 3rd [...]

Utah-Tube: Utah couple ‘Goes the Distance’ with ‘Moana’ and ‘Hercules’ mashup

Utah husband and wife duo Scott and Ryceejo Shattuck are stepping it up a notch when it comes to Disney mashups. The duo released their tenth a cappella video on YouTube yesterday where they performed a mashup of Disney’s “Moana” [...]

Utah women YouTubers serve up heavy dose of nostalgia in ‘Baby-Sitter’s Club’ fan series

Tween and teenage girls dreamed of having friendships that would mirror the affection and camaraderie found in “The Baby-Sitters Club.” And a group of Utah women are capturing that daydream in a fan-made YouTube series. Apple Juice [...]

5 Utah Valley-made Harry Potter videos for Harry Potter’s birthday

By UtahValley360 Staff July 31 marks Harry Potter’s birthday. The title character brought to life in J.K. Rowling’s books turns 37. Last month marked 20 years since “Harry Potter and the Philospher’s Stone” — the first book [...]

Utah-Tube: Dahlia Row flips Sinatra classic to fit ‘La La Land’ style

A childhood memory and modern-day hit film collided as Dahlia Row released its newest song, Frank Sinatra’s “Fly Me to the Moon” with a “La La Land” twist. The Payson-based acoustic trio made up of Becky Foster, [...]

Utah-Tube: The Piano Guys create ‘La La Land’ inspired music video

The Piano Guys are giving fans a taste of the “city of stars,” but it isn’t through their music this time — it’s through the video. In their newest music video, The Piano Guys recreate a popular scene from “La [...]