Find the 6 differences: Kalani Sitake in the BYU student section

The young Cougar basketball team is quickly gaining fan support with its up-and-down style of play. Can you find the six differences in this photo of BYU cheering fans? See the original (A) and the doctored photo (B). Answers below.  A. Original Photo B. Doctored Photo Answers: From left to right:  1. Elder David A. […]

I Spy: ‘Treasures of Knowledge’ by Greg Olsen

Artist Greg Olsen searched six months to find objects to use on the set for his newest painting, “Treasures of Knowledge.” Because of all the “stuff” Olsen has in his painting, it takes time to take in all the details. This I Spy game will help you find more of the objects, thus helping you look at more of the metaphors […]

#TriviaTuesday: giving away weekly prizes

Are you smarter than your neighbor? Starting May 5, will give out a weekly prize to a local smarty pants who correctly answers a Utah Valley-oriented trivia question on #TriviaTuesday. From SCERA Outdoor Shell Theatre tickets to Costa Vida gift cards, we are giving away just what a “Top of the Class” Utah Valley […]

Elizabeth Smart teaches UVU students to overcome adversity

Utah native Elizabeth Smart shared how she has risen above and worked through the traumatic experience of her kidnapping 12 years ago during her speech to UVU students and community members. “One thing we all have in common is we all have problems,” Smart said. “When we have struggles in life, we have to make a choice. […]

8 times Elizabeth Smart unexpectedly had UVU audience laughing

Elizabeth Smart had her UVU audience on the edge of their seats with personal details of of being kidnapped at age 14, how she dealt with it, what kept her going and how she escaped. This was all expected based on the widespread awareness of her experience, especially after her book, “My Story,” was published. What wasn’t […]

Merry moments: 6 photos of merriment in Utah Valley

Show us your merry, we said. Show us your very, we said. Show us your year-round very merry, we said. You read. You red. And the joy you spread. Check out this thread of eight merry photos submitted by readers and photo leaders. Your heart just might grow three sizes today. “I saw the Santa […]

Best of UV: Restaurants, online media and BYU sports

Whether we are dishing up best restaurants in Utah Valley, dishing the ball to these BYU stars or dishing out the 411 on best deals, we are serving up the delish in this issue’s “Best Of” results for restaurants, online media and BYU sports. After you scan the list of winners, dive into this issue’s […]

Survey: How clean is your house? is trying to find out the cleaning habits of Utah Valley residents. Please take this anonymous survey — it shouldn’t take more than two minutes — and we’ll share the results with you in the next month. View Survey

7 reasons to attend the first annual Pocket Film Fest 

  Old or young, it seems everybody is spending a lot of time on his or her smartphone. That’s no surprise. A new smartphone today is far more powerful than a desktop computer of just a few years ago. For nearly any task, there’s an app for that. The screens are beautiful, sharp and bright. Phone storage capacity seems bottomless. […]

Best of UV Entertainment and Professional Services

The music is jamming and the keyboards are tapping with the most recent “Best Of” categories for this issue: Entertainment and Professional Services. Our readers took a walk on the serious side by voting on Utah Valley’s professional services. But our voting booths also lit up with the lighter side of town by naming the hip-and-happenin’ entertainment hot […]

Utah Valley residents are winning big on UVHITLIST

It’s a game of chance, adrenaline rushes and winning — it’s that simple. The UVHITLIST launched Tuesday, July 1 on and has already given out two grand prizes (a $50 Boondocks card and $200 Costco card) and 34 small prizes to Utah Valley residents., an online news source for Utah Valley, is the […]

Best of Utah Valley Beauty and Home Services

You spoke and we wrote. The last two months saw more than 4,000 readers cast votes in our“Best Of” categories for this issue — Beauty and Home Services. This combination of bedhead to homestead makes sense. We care about looking and feeling our best, and we want our homes to be as happy as we are. In this section, […]

Favorite Stylist: Brittany Fish

Brittany Fish didn’t always want to be a stylist — she just thought it would help pay her way through college. But after spending her senior year of high school enrolled in beauty school, Brittany knew she had uncovered the layers of her life’s passion. Now 24, Brittany is working at the No. 1 Utah […]

Who said it: Nancy Drew or Sheri Dew?

Nancy Drew (a fictional character known for her mystery-solving acumen) and Sheri Dew  (president and CEO of Deseret Book Company) are both smart, analytical-thinkers who are known for their insights and inspiration. Is it any wonder their words can sometimes blur? Here are 16 quotables from these remarkable woman. Who uttered each one — Nancy […]

Best Docs & Dentists in Utah Valley

Our stethoscope is out and we’ve heard the beating of your hearts as thousands of readers voted for the Best Doctors and Dentists in Utah Valley. The results are in, and here are 13 categories of winning experts who are there for us in sickness and in health. Favorite Plastic Surgery 1. Aesthetica Plastic Surgery 2. […]

Luke Staley today: Family, food and photos

In 2001, Luke Staley was the Jimmer Fredette of Provo. He was a consensus All American and Doak Walker winner (best college football running back). He also led BYU to a 12-0 start that year and a national ranking along with his partner-in-crime Brandon Doman. Fandom morale was high and the name “Luke” moved from […]

Who said it: Dieter or Dumbledore?

They both have silvery hair, speak with foreign accents and are known for their wisdom. Both President Dieter F. Uchtdorf, called into the First Presidency of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints in 2008, and Professor Albus Percival Wulfric Brian Dumbledore, a fictional character in J. K. Rowling’s Harry Potter series, have done […]

Where did they serve?: BYU basketball edition

With the recent mission calls of BYU Cougars Eric Mika and Graham Pingree (to the same mission, Italy Rome Mission), as well as recruit TJ Haws being called to France Lyon Mission, we’re taking a look back at some missionary Cougars — past and present. Here’s a list of 10 notable Cougars who served missions. […]

What’s the big teal?

The gray sky and white-capped mountains aren’t the only color palette in town. Amidst the bare trees, Utah Valley has splashes of teal, proving that even in the dead of winter we can always find a bright spot in the valley.

Who said it: Prophet or princess?

Inspiration comes from a number of sources, but perhaps the two most consistent nuggets for Utah Valley residents come from LDS General Conference and Disney movies. The question is — can you tell the difference? Take this quiz: “Who Said It? Prophet or Princess Edition” Read the quote and decide if it was uttered […]

Best of UV: Retail

Amazon schmamazon. Let’s really talk shop. Utah Valley’s bustling retail scene fills our refrigerators and closets — and gives us plenty of hobby horses to ride around on. When Utah Valley wants to shop, we know where to drop. From grocery shopping to craft stores, readers voted on their version of the “best of the best” […]

Find the differences

Five items have been changed on this photo of the Provo City Library at Academy Square. Find the five changes in photo “B” and check your answers below. A.    B.   Changes from left to right: 1. Christmas tree added. 2. Brigham Young is getting a shoe polish. 3. Christmas wreath added to the […]

Canadian geese moving on

As temperatures continue to dip and the inevitability of winter becomes apparent, groups of Canadian geese can be seen cackling and honking their way to less frosty nesting grounds. Canadian geese are just one bird species that depends heavily on the existence of wetlands for survival. Utah, like many other states, is attempting to find […]

TGI Friday Video: May/June Director’s Cut

Our May/June issue is full of ways to bust summer boredom, talk with local techies, and photos of the cutest little cuties you’ve ever laid your eyes on. Although this issue flows seamlessly, there were hiccups with putting together each story you’d never see on the pages. That’s why Editor-In-Chief Jeanette Bennett is here to […]

Letter to the Editor

Dear editor, On page 47 of your May/June issue of Utah Valley Magazine, I noticed an error. The Mechams’ pool is not “chlorine free.” A salt water system for pools is not chlorine free. A salt system produces “chlorine” from sodium chloride (salt), which is dissolved into the pool water and acts just like any […]

Editor’s Letter: Time for me to fly

Provo’s first flight and meeting Utah’s first lady By Jeanette Bennett, The view from 9C on Frontier Airlines’ inaugural flight out of Provo Airport turned me into a namedropper. On my right was Taylor Oldroyd, CEO of Utah County Association of Realtors. (He won me over by bringing BusinessQ, our sister publication, along as […]

Top Ten: Top Ten High School Coaches

Utah Valley sports phenoms from outside the lines By Matt Bennett, High school coaches have strong influences. Meet our top 10 high school coaches in Utah Valley.   1. Louis Wong Timpview High School  After winning five state championships in six years, there is no debating that Coach Louis Wong has been successful on […]