Letters to UV

Dear Editor,  I wanted to tell you how much I love your magazine and that I have enjoyed it for a long time.  After many years of quickly flipping though its pages in waiting rooms throughout the county, I decided to get myself a subscription last fall so I wouldn’t miss anything. As a transplant […]

Third-grade questions

Fablehaven author answers to his biggest fan By Jeanette W. Bennett Please don’t turn me in for violating child labor laws, but I had my daughter interview Brandon Mull for me. As a “Fablehaven” aficionado, Hailey was brimming with questions. In fact, she had her third-grade class brainstorm topics, which they wrote on an oversized […]

Best of UV: 2009

   We all know Utah Valley is home to the best restaurants, best service and best shopping this side of anywhere. So we began a mission to find the best of the best, and we naturally chose the valley’s best judges — its people. See your picks for the valley’s best restaurants, dive into our […]

Letters to UV

Dear Editor,  I am writing about the cover story you had on Kelsey Nixon in your November/December issue. She is quoted in your article as saying her dream job is “cooking on television.” She also says, “I’m also looking forward to being a mom. It sounds really cheesy, but I can’t wait to have a […]

Look good, feel good

  Medical and beauty go hand-in-hand By Jeanette W. Bennett After spending December thinking of others, we begin to focus a little bit on ourselves when the new calendar gets hung in the kitchen. Lose some pounds. Run the St. George Marathon. Organize drawers. Read a few classics. Save a little more money. Visit the […]

Staff Christmas Card

Happy holidays from the people behind the pages Allison YEAGER: ACCOUNT REPresentative Remembering the sparkler I got last year on Christmas Eve and decorating the Christmas tree this year with my new husband!   BRIANA STEWART: ASSOCIATE EDITOR Mistletoe. Festive smooches make me (and my husband) smile.   Tracy SHULTZ: ACCOUNT REPresentative Decorating for the […]

Letters to Utah Valley Magazine

Magazine focuses on the valley’s ‘wholesome goodness’ Romney photography and article are spectacular The article on Ann Romney turned out terrific, and the photos were spectacular. Congrats to your photographer and to you! Eric Fehrnstrom Chestnut Hill, Massachusetts   July/August issue was uplifting and inspiring   I just graduated in May from Mountain View High […]

My Own Lookalike

Turns out Keri Russell and I think alike, too By Jeanette W. Bennett When “August Rush” was released in 2007, friends and strangers started telling me I looked like Keri Russell, the lead actress in the film about a mother searching for the boy she inadvertently gave up for adoption. Even my brother-in-law Kendall said, […]

2008 Celebrity Lookalike Contest Winners

By Matt Bennett, photography by Kenneth Linge The Sundance Film Festival, world-class skiing and the occasional rehab visit to Cirque Lodge keep a semisteady stream of Hollywood celebrities visiting the Wasatch Front — so it wouldn’t be all that odd to see an actual celebrity at Will’s Pit Stop. Heck, with High School Musical 3 […]

Letters to the Editor

Plastic surgery has a time and place   I am writing in regards to a column by Connie Sokol in the September/October issue of Utah Valley Magazine titled “The Perfect Need for Imperfections.” My concern is that your readers need to understand that there is another side to plastic surgery that was not taken into consideration […]

A Girly Ratio

Meet the dozen women behind the glossy pages By Jeanette W. Bennett Twelve women. Four men. That’s three-to-one odds you’ll hear high heels click-clacking down the hall. Three-to-one odds the lunch spot will be Rumbi instead of Wendy’s. And three-to-one odds you’ll hear a (very professional) giggle in a staff meeting. At our magazine publishing […]

Letters to Utah Valley

Politics and fabulous Politics isn’t black and white I’m writing to comment on “The Elephant in the Room,” which was published in the January/February issue of Utah Valley Magazine. My disappointment was with the presentation of only two political parties. I would like to change this view with the World’s Smallest Political Quiz (www.theadvocates.org/quiz.html). My […]

The Hardest Question

  Class of ‘92   14 high schoolers have one thing in common By Jeanette Bennett Of the thousands of questions I ask each year, this one directed at high school principals is the hardest: “Who is the student at your high school who is most likely to change the world?” This isn’t an easy […]

Cute Kids

It doesn’t get much cuter than this. It’s the eighth annual Utah Valley Magazine Cutest Kids contest, and hundreds of photos — from silly to sweet to sassy to sad — charmed our judges this year. Here are the top 25. Category: Cutest 1. Leah Ford Parent: Tahsha Ford Birthday: April 4, 2007 City: Spanish […]

Utah Valley Quiz

How well do you know spring in your hometown? Compiled by Matt Bennett As the last traces of drifted winter snow seep into our dry mountain soil, once-bare trees begin to show tiny puffs of light-green, fuzzy life. By mid-April, Utah Valley will again be alive with color and balmy temperatures. While it’s true it […]

Letters to Utah Valley

Previous letters were laughable — and you underrated Smokehouse! Utah Valley Magazine should be enjoyed for what it is   Thank you for a magazine that shows a few of the amazing people, places and things in our valley. Your interviews and photographs give a glimpse of amazing and not-so-famous people and places in our […]

Fabulous e-mails

Readers helped us compile a list of 50 By Jeanette W. Bennett A few weeks after our first issue of Utah Valley Magazine was unveiled (September 2000), I was asked to speak to a women’s business organization in Provo. After my brief remarks, I opened it up for questions. First hand: “How do you plan to […]

Letters To UV

Don’t write about big homes — focus your stories on big hearts Dear Editor, I feel so compelled to write this letter, and I want you to know I have talked to people in my walk of life and they agree with me. I am so disappointed in your magazine. It was put to me […]


Being No. 1 isn’t always a top priority Bron Roylance is the first cover person in Utah Valley Magazine history to know he wasn’t the top choice. Initially, we had our fingers crossed for Robert Redford, who graciously decided to do the interview for a later issue. Bron’s unique Sundance cabin was to be our […]


Being No. 1 isn’t always a top priority By Jeanette W. Bennett Bron Roylance is the first cover person in Utah Valley Magazine history to know he wasn’t the top choice. Initially, we had our fingers crossed for Robert Redford, who graciously decided to do the interview for a later issue. Bron’s unique Sundance cabin […]

Living Well: If you win, you lose!

 APPLY FOR THE 2ND ANNUAL UTAH VALLEY MAGAZINE FITNESS CHALLENGE and receive free health and exercise services throughout 2008. The only string attached is letting us cheer on your progress in each issue of Utah Valley Magazine.    ENTER TO BE ONE OF OUR FITNESS PARTICIPANTS Before Jan. 31, send your name, phone, photo and […]

Cutest Cuties

Here’s looking at you, kids. It’s time once again for Utah Valley Magazine’s annual “Cutest Kids” photo contest. So grab your cameras and charm our mailbox with your kids’ winning smiles. The contest is open to children born between Jan. 1, 2004, and Dec. 31, 2007. Please mail, drop off or e-mail up to three […]

Babies R Us

Say ‘ga ga’ to the winners of this year’s Cutest Kids Contest  By Natalie Hollingshead Shelby Lee Henson Parents: Kass and Blake Henson Birthday: April 5, 2006 City: Orem   Behind the flash A look into our cover baby’s cute candid The camera may love Shelby Henson, but the feeling’s mutual. “She was very comfortable […]

2007 Utah Valley Magazine Fitness Challenge

Our three fitness challengers have been busy losing themselves (and a few pounds) in the intense exercise and nutrition program we introduced in our January/February issue. Here are their updates. By utahvalley360.com Michael Banks, personal trainer and founder of Body by Banks Our three challengers have had to adopt some severe lifestyle changes over the past […]

Letters to UV

Utah Valley Magazine is the best in Utah Dear Editor, I have just had a chance to review the last issue of Utah Valley Magazine. Congratulations on one nice publication, and thank you for including SunCrest in the “hot lots” article in the March/April issue. The interview with Paul Magleby was excellent. This is by […]

Family Time

And we’re not talking small quantities By Jeanette W. Bennett I should have written this column weeks ago, but I was too busy filling prescriptions for my 3-year-old’s ear infection, searching for my 9-year-old’s baseball cleats and listening to my 7-year-old’s full-length musical — replete with costumes and “stage dives” into the LoveSac. And I won’t […]

Letters to the Editor: March/April 2007

GENEVA STEEL WAS WRONGLY NAMED TO ‘WORST’ LIST Dear Editor, My family and I sat around the dinner table going over the best and worst of Utah Valley in the January/February issue of your magazine. While we agreed with some of what was said, we found the items dealing with Geneva Steel particularly bothersome. Although the […]

Green Thumbs

Gardening and raising a family both require nurturing When I was growing up on a dead-end street in the ‘70s, our punishment for fighting with our siblings was working in the garden. We would have to sit on a wooden stool out in the heat and pull thistles from the rows of peas and beans. […]

Best of Utah Valley

Utah Valley has spoken. In fact, it spoke 341 times — the largest response in the history of our “Best of Utah Valley” survey. The resounding result is that the best thing about Utah Valley is our engaging readers. To celebrate your fantastic participation as well as 2007’s fun batch of results, we’ve taken a closer […]

Organize your efforts

It takes more than desire to eliminate chaos In our November/December issue of Utah Valley Magazine, The Organization Place had a coupon for 25 percent off one item. I am fiercely loyal to our advertisers, so I clipped it out and headed over to their store on University Parkway to find the most promising item to get […]