Dining Review: Stay Home for the Holidays

  By Mary Crafts Hello fellow Utah County food lovers. My review this month is a little different than usual. I like to introduce readers to both my favorites and to new restaurants in our neighborhoods, but during this glorious month of holidays, I invite you to come home. November and December are a time […]

Holiday Recipe Winner: Almond Puff

This light pastry is the perfect balance of sweetness and nuttiness. Our staff members’ tastebuds enjoyed the buttery pastry, caramelized frosting, crunchiness of the nuts and the immediate flavor of almond. Becky Heward used chopped pecans on this puff, but walnuts or almonds also work well. Becky is excited to share her mom’s famous recipe […]

Taste Owners Morgan and Char Coleman Create Experiences for the Holidays

  Food brings people together, but chocolate has a special ability to minimize differences and help people make friends — which is really what Christmas is all about. “I don’t care how you lean politically or religiously. When you come and sit down over chocolate, everyone can find something they agree on,” Char Coleman says. […]

Holiday Recipe Contest: Chocolate Marshmallow Cookies

These cookies are just as sweet as the story attached to them. They take about 30 minutes of kitchen work and about one hour to prepare total. When our staff taste tested these cookies, we loved the contrast of textures between the cookie, marshmallow, frosting and nut — and we wished we kept a gallon […]

A Taste of Cuba

By Jayna Smith Adalberto Diaz, executive chef and co-owner of Fillings and Emulsions, opens the deck oven, stops everything and exclaims, “Come and look at these. Have you ever seen anything more beautiful?” Adalberto has been baking since he was young and has created thousands of pastries, breads and meat pies but is still astounded […]

Holiday Recipe Winner: Mock Raspberry Cheesecake

Mock Raspberry Cheesecake is not quite cheesecake — the layers of white cake, cream cheese and raspberries create a creamy taste without the heaviness of a true cheesecake. The tartness of the raspberries complement the sweetness of the cream and cake — and drew our staff back in for seconds. Prepared in a sheet pan, […]

Behind the Food Truck: Q&A’s with Local Mobile Restaurant Owners

In 2012, Waffle Love opened up the first food truck in Utah and paved the way for others to follow. Now there are over 250 food trucks serving the stomachs of Utah County. To get a flavor of the innovative food trend, we surveyed owners of four food trucks — Scott Pixler of Art City […]

Around the World, Around the Table

Lehi’s Zulu Piri Piri Chicken Grille takes a bite out of authentic South African dishes I recently returned from the trip of a lifetime to South Africa.  I went there to work in a project area I have been supporting for several years. As usual — like all my trips — it ended up being […]

7 beat-the-heat summer meal planning ideas

One of the last things you likely want to do when it’s 95 degrees outside is turn on the oven or stand over the stove to make a hot dinner. Yet despite soaring temperatures, your family still needs to eat — night after night. What’s a too-hot-to-want-to-cook mom to do? Embrace summertime meal planning strategies […]

8 unique pumpkin treats in Utah Valley for National Pumpkin Day

As the autumn leaves change colors, so do the seasonal foods. Pumpkin takes over our decorations and our kitchens, but we aren’t upset about that. Here are 8 Utah Valley based businesses with pumpkin flavored dishes and treats to celebrate National Pumpkin Day — and they’re just so gourd! Kneaders Pumpkin bread, pumpkin cheesecake, petite […]

Scoop’s up: Rockwell Ice Cream Co. dishes about ice cream creativity

What does it take to make the perfect ice cream? Fresh ingredients, heavy cream—and a dash of creativity have been the recipe for success at Rockwell Ice Cream Co. in Provo. Justin Williams opened Rockwell in November 2015 after two years of perfecting his craft after work. The scoop shop has skyrocketed to local staple […]

Customers reflect on 55 years of El Azteca

El Azteca has been a staple to get good Mexican food in Utah County, but after 55 years the owners have decided to close their doors. The owners of El Azteca, the Rubio and Revuelta family, announced their closing on Facebook on Aug. 22. The restaurant that opened in 1962 has been the go-to Mexican […]

Darkened donuts: Krispy Kreme offering a culinary eclipse

The sun and moon did not schedule their date above Utah County for the 2017 solar eclipse, but that’s not stopping a Krispy Kreme glaze craze. In order to witness the total eclipse of the sun, travelers must look up from a 70-mile-wide strip of land from Oregon to South Carolina. Sadly, Utah County is […]

Tucanos ‘meats’ University Place with tradition of community and celebration

Sponsored Story Tucanos may have moved to University Place on May 15 — but the myriad of flavors and festive traditions will continue at its new location. In 2000, Tucanos opened its first location in Provo, Utah, bringing the taste of Rio de Janeiro to Utah County for the first time. Since opening the first store, […]

5 Utah Valley doughnuts and deals to try on National Doughnut Day

National Doughnut Day has once again rolled around on its circular fashion — and Utah Valley doughnut shops are ready to celebrate on June 2. Here are five Utah Valley doughnut and deals you do-nut want to miss on National Doughnut Day. Daylight Donuts This popular doughnut shop with multiple locations around Utah County promises […]

Mo’ Bettahs is Mo Delicious

I went to review Mo’ Bettahs against my better judgment. I typically don’t dine at fast food — and especially not where they appear to just pile food on a Styrofoam plate to fill guests up with no concern for quality. But on the recommendation of a fellow foodie, I decided to go. Mo’ Bettahs […]

Utah’s best summer staycations for families

When summer hits, many Utah families plan to get far away from home and their busy school-time schedules. But instead of skipping the state, why not stay in Utah? Staycations are easier on your wallet, and Utah has some of the most beautiful, family-friendly destinations in the nation. We hit the road and checked out a few […]

2017 Best of UV: Restaurants

It isn’t puzzling why we all heart Utah Valley! We pieced together your thousands of love notes and votes to reveal 309 winners that give the big picture of the county we call home. BAKERY 1. Kneaders 2. Shirley’s Bakery & Cafe 3. Provo Bakery BARBECUE 1. Bam Bams BBQ 2. Smoking Apple 3. Five […]

Puzzle with patience: Bombay House takes time to perfect food

Puzzles aren’t exactly known for being fast and easy — and that’s the beauty of the 1,000-piece project. Bombay House co-owner D. Shanthakumar believes Indian food also takes patience and time. Shanthakumar grew up in Southern India before moving to the United States to attend BYU-Hawaii. He learned to cook Indian food from watching and […]

Strap puts Springville on the food map

A lot of people have been asking me for a review of Strap Tank in Springville — Utah County’s first beer brewery and restaurant. I attended their pre-opening event, but decided to wait six months to see where they were going and how they would be received in Utah County. I’m happy to report they […]

Rockwell so totally rocks the ice cream scene

By Mary Crafts-Homer It seems my restaurant reviews having been getting much more positive as of late. I don’t know if that’s because I’m just getting soft in my old age or because the restaurant scene in Utah Valley is getting that much better! As many of you know, I fashion myself a bit of […]

Tucanos slated to open new location at University Place in 2017

Fire up the grill, Orem — Tucanos Brazilian Grill is opening a new Utah County location at University Place. Tucanos, which serves an exhibition-style meal of Brazilian meat and vegetables alongside a salad bar, will begin construction on a 7,500 square foot restaurant at University Place in the fall with an anticipated completion date sometime in […]

Made with love: Mother-daughter duo bake up delicious business

By Janessa Broadbent Scents of daily fresh bread fill Natalia Riboldi’s memories of childhood — and now those scents waft through adulthood as she bakes and creates alongside her mother. “One thing I really love about my mom is that she’s OK with us making messes,” Natalia says. “She has always been super supportive of […]

Oteo is Mexican magic north of the border

By Mary Crafts-Homer Lots of folks call themselves “foodies” nowadays, and Utah Valley is no exception to the national wave of elevated food tastes. However, there is a difference between the weekend “foodie” and those of us who live and breathe food everyday. When I meet another lifetime “foodie,” I recognize them right away — […]

2016 Best of UV: Restaurants

Best Bakery 1. Kneaders 2. Enliten Bakery and Café 3. Shirley’s Best Barbecue 1. Bam Bams BBQ (Find out what Founder Cameron Treu’s most embarrassing moment in business has been. Hint: It involves Detroit Lions’ Ziggy Ansah.) 2. Wallabys Smokehouse 3. Madera Smokehouse Best Casual Restaurant 1. Marley’s Gourmet Sliders 2. Good Thyme 3. Art […]