glassFROGG Crowdsources Healthcare Costs

The cost of healthcare has become a crisis for families and employers in the state of Utah and across the United States. In spite of these high expenses, most people are unaware that prices for the same procedure can vary as much as 90 percent. Access to good data is the foundation for accessing affordable […]

Standing Firmly in Their Shoes

   Dr. Matt Swenson didn’t plan on becoming a pediatric psychiatrist. But then he worked with children who had experiences no one would sign up for — a child who had lit his own house on fire and a child who had witnessed the murder of a parent.    Matt attended medical school in Rochester, […]

Helpful Partnership: Dr. Jeffrey Sparenborg and Dr. Richard McWhorter join forces

Sponsored Story While Dr. Jeffrey Sparenborg was on his pediatric block of medical training, he saw a baby boy with a genital urinary malformation that blocked the outflow of urine, causing it to back up into the kidney — a condition known as hydronephrosis. He watched as urologists performed a surgical procedure that fixed the […]

7 steps to a better summer body image

It’s time for a mid-summer body image tune up. Too many women are too hard on themselves and their bodies, especially in the summertime. “There is a belief that there is a ‘summer body,’ a certain standard to be achieved, and I think that’s wrong,” says Emily Cooper, a clinical social worker and therapist at […]

Utah Valley Hospital’s Heart & Sole combines heart entertainment and education

Heart and Sole, you’ll fall in love with heart health. Formerly known as the Race for Red, the Heart & Sole race is Utah Valley Hospital’s new venture to teach Utah Valley residents about heart health and provide a fun, family-friendly event. Cardiovascular disease is the number one killer of women and men in the […]

Trailtalk® fights therapy stigma with walk and talk sessions

Sponsored Story Trailtalk® is painting a new picture of what therapy can look like. Instead of the stereotypical image of a client lying on the couch and talking to the ceiling, therapy can happen on the move, on the trail, in a courtyard during a lunch break or elsewhere out of the office. When Allison […]

InBALANCE Yoga hosts free Yoga Saturday for Breast Cancer Awareness Month

As a breast cancer survivor who then lost her husband to another form of the disease, InBALANCE Yoga studio owner Jennifer Schnabel is passionate about raising awareness of the terrifying illness that changed her life. “Yoga helps relieve suffering,” Schnabel told the Daily Herald. “I believe it liberated my soul, and I want other to experience […]

5 tips for creating connection from a couple who overcame addiction and affairs

Ashlynn and Coby Mitchell are a happy couple from Orem, Utah, but it wasn’t always that way. The Mitchells have suffered through the effects of Coby’s addiction to pornography, two affairs, and the molestation of their two daughters by a family member. “We lived in the weeds for 14 years of our marriage,” Ashlynn says. […]

Springville receives $2 million donation for new recreation center

Springville City received a $2 million donation from Orem-based Clyde Companies to help build the new Springville recreation center. “We are honored to continue the Clyde mission of ‘Building a Better Community,’ and feel confident that this donation will leave a lasting impact in our community for many years,” said Wilford Clyde, Chairman and CEO of Clyde […]

Staying baaa-lanced: BYU students bring GOGA to Utah Valley

Doing downward dog with a goat on your back is a thing now, and Utah County isn’t kidding around. Imagine you’re looking out over the valley — toes at the top of your yoga mat — and breathing in the crisp mountain air. And then imagine a goat on your mat with you. Welcome to […]

5 training tips for a more successful downhill race

Like many Utah races, the AF Canyon Run Against Cancer (June 24) is mainly downhill — 2,484 feet downhill to be exact. In the seventh annual race hosted by Intermountain, approximately the first eight miles are in American Fork Canyon. “The descent can be really rough on your quads,” says Derick Woolf, a physical therapist […]

2017 race schedule in Utah Valley

Spring is just around the corner, which means you can finally leave the treadmill behind and start running outside. Whether you set a 2017 goal to to run your first race or you are a seasoned runner looking for a new race to take for a stride, here is a list of races scheduled in […]

Faces of Fitness: The Trainers

Zac and Kami Price first started training clients in the garage of Zac’s dad (artist Gary Price). As their reputation and business grew, the duo opened Energy Explosion in Spanish Fork. Their clientele now ranges from elite athletes to a wheechair-bound woman who strengthens her arms -— and also a mix of teenagers, middle-aged adults […]

Faces of Fitness: The Survivors

A Lehi garage has been the scene of many celebrations, but they aren’t ones you would find on the cover of Sports Illustrated. The celebrations have come after the first pushup, the first situp and the first time Merrilee Boyack lifted her arms over her head. To Merrilee, these feats mark her desire to never […]

Faces of Fitness: The Warriors

Clayton and Chelsea Wolf describe their relationship as an atypical Utah County love story. When they started dating, Clayton was in his 30s and Chelsea was a divorced single mom. But they had a few things in common: a love of fitness and a love of houses. Clayton’s fitness journey began in his youth. Goals, […]

Utah Fertility Center’s five-fold mission to care for its patients

[pullquote] DOCTORS: Russell A. Foulk, M.D. Shawn E. Gurtcheff, M.D., M.S. Deirdre A. Conway, M.D. Jason Parker, D.O. ADDRESS: 1446 W. Pleasant Grove Blvd. Pleasant Grove PHONE: (801) 785-5100 SITE: [/pullquote] Sponsored Story Utah Fertility Center (UFC) is a comprehensive endocrinology and fertility center dedicated and determined to help those struggling with infertility. UFC’s […]

7 ways to be a more present parent 

Have you ever noticed a mom who was brushing off her children while staring at her phone? Or who seemed constantly overwhelmed and exhausted by the demands of her kids? It was probably me. One day, I realized how bad it had gotten. I was going through the motions of motherhood, and it felt like I […]

Faces of Fitness: The Iron Cowboy

James Lawrence isn’t a cowboy. And, despite feats that may suggest otherwise, he’s not made of iron. However, to fans around the world, the record-setting triathlete is known for his cowboy persona and his no-way-he-just-did-that accomplishments. But he is a physically fit, mentally tough (to an exponential degree) Orem father of five who believes something […]

Doctor’s orders: Top Docs in Utah Valley

Utah Valley Magazine asked more than 600 doctors across Utah Valley to identify peers in the medical industry they would be most comfortable recommending to friends and family members. As the responses came in (our fax machine got more use than it has since 2007) the results clearly identified nine doctors who’ve written the prescription […]

Faces of Fitness: The Queens of Zumba

Across the world, people lace up their dancing (tennis) shoes for Zumba with Kass Martin and Emily Engemann. With classes filled to capacity and a tangible energy, these local sisters create an environment where people not only reach fitness goals, but also feel loved and included. While many have danced alongside them, many Zumba followers […]

UV Hospital’s children’s unit makes Type 1 diabetes less drastic of a life change

Sponsored Story Essentially life was perfect for Haley Hales. She had been attending school, playing on her volleyball team and going about her life like a regular teenager. But a trip to Washington with her mom showed minor signs that something wasn’t right. On the trip, Haley’s mom, Jill Hales, noticed that Haley was drinking […]