How Does Your (Water) Garden Grow?

staff, Of every 100 landscapes that beautify houses in the United States, three will include some type of water feature, whether it be a waterfall, pond or fountain. Currently, in Europe, 16 out of 100 landscapes include a water feature. If what they say is true, that Americans tend to be slightly behind our […]

Professionals Answer Your FAQ

staff, Q: I have oak furniture, but I want to put alder cabinets in my kitchen. Is it OK to mix woods? A: It is perfectly fine to mix woods. With some of the beautiful woods being introduced into interiors, there is no reason to keep everything uniform. Using only one wood and stain […]

Landscaping that Works in Utah County

staff, Tried and True Perennials Alyssum Anchusa Baby’s Breath Bachelor Button Bearded Iris Bishop’s Weed Bleeding Heart Cactus Columbine Erodium Forget-Me-Not Foxglove Germander Hollyhock Lady’s Mantle Lily Pennyroyal Poppy Potentilla Russian Sage Shasta Daisy Spurge Sunflower Thyme Turtle Head Waldsteinia Wild Geranium Tried and True Groundcovers Sedum Snow in Summer Lamium Ajuga Lamiastrum Potentilla […]

Trees that Works in Utah County

staff, Local landscaping experts say one mistake homebuyers make is putting all of their money into buying the home and leaving very little for the yard. However, a well-designed, maturing landscape can add thousands to the value of any home. Whatever your budget, here are some flora that grow well in our dry, desert […]

Home Expo, April 6-7

staff, On April 6 and 7, the Utah County Association of REALTORS and The Daily Herald will host the 10th Annual Home Expo. The 206 booths will feature services for remodeling, landscaping and retail sales. The Utah County Association of REALTORS began this show as a way to give back to the residents of […]

Something to Write Home About

staff, The combination of lower interest rates and a slight economic slowdown have resulted in numbers consistent with home sales and listings in 1998 and 1999. Here are some highlights of the real estate market at the end of 2000, according to the Utah County Association of REALTORS. • Just under 3,000 homes in […]

Adding to ‘Art City’ Krieger-Ricks’ New Showroom Showcases Furnishings

staff, When Springville City Council member Marty Ricks was a teen-ager in Rexburg, Idaho, he carved frames for his father’s impressionistic artwork. Ricks gained an appreciation for period design through his study of frames — in fact, a history of picture frames still lies open on his desk today. His frames became popular with […]

Surround Sound: What to Expect when Wiring your Home for the 21st Century

staff, Most new home floor plans call for large entertaining rooms, spacious kitchens, inviting backyards and comfortable home offices. Home is where we work, socialize and exercise. And many homeowners no longer want to venture into the cruel, cold world to find entertainment. More and more Utah County residents are bypassing movie theaters and […]

2001 Readers’ Choice Winners

staff, In the premiere issue of Utah Valley Magazine we asked our readers to tell us their favorite restaurants, places for a date, radio stations and golf courses, among other things. Hundreds of our readers responded, and we are listing the results here. RESTAURANTS 1st place, Macaroni Grill 4801 N. University Ave., Provo 2nd […]

Turning a 1974 House into a 2000 Home

staff, Ric and Marilyn Ott knew their 1974 Orem home was getting out of date. But buying a new home in Utah County, where property values have in some cases tripled since 1974, didn’t seem ideal, as they had already paid off their mortgage. So they starting measuring, reading and planning for ways to […]

Discover How Utah Valley Interior Designers can Save You Money

staff, Utah County has no shortage of new home developments (see page 25), and no matter the size of residence, Utahns are turning to interior designers to make their living space more comfortable, polished and classy. One myth Utah County designers want to dispel is that it is expensive to use an interior design […]

12 Great Neighborhoods in Utah Valley

It’s no secret that Utah Valley has consistently rated among the best places to live in the United States, but where are the best places to live … within the best place to live?

No Longer a Secret Garden

For years the only people who knew much about Thanksgiving Gardens were the golfers who looked out over the tee boxes and putting greens of the nearby golf course. But today The Gardens at Thanksgiving Point are