Women in Business: Emily Wright, dōTERRA

Humble Beginnings    Over two decades ago, Emily Wright came into the essential oil business without really knowing what essential oils were.    “I was actually a little embarrassed that I ended up working for a network marketing company, and on top of that, a company that sold ‘voodoo’ oils,” she explains.    Over time, […]

Fuel children’s happiness with good memories

Sponsored Story Written by Janae Moss, owner of RBM Building Services Losing our family landscaping business was one of the hardest experiences my husband and I have ever had. I remember having a strong feeling to write down the intense emotions I had. Every time I picked up a pen and paper, my fears started […]

Tis the season of college applications: 10 tips for applying to BYU

Brigham Young University: the dream school of over 13,700 annual applicants. Hundreds of those hopeful high schoolers will come from Utah Valley this year, and all of them will have to mind a new deadline. BYU Admissions moved the application deadline for the fall 2019 semester to Dec.15 of this year. In past years applicants could […]

6 suggestions for ditching Mommy guilt

Mom guilt is real. Many moms spent a lot of time — too much time — feel guilty about, well, almost everything. How much time they spend playing with their kids. How much time they spend working. How much time their kids spend on screens. What their kids eat. How many extracurricular activities they should be […]

10 things teachers wish parents knew

It’s back-to-school season, and parents aren’t the only ones excited to get their kids back to the classrooms. Teachers are counting down the days until school starts again, and not in a don’t-go-summer sort of way. “Teachers care a lot more about their students than parents think they do,” says Steve Herrmann, a third-grade teacher […]

Snap happy: 6 tips for better smartphone photos

You’re making great memories this summer and want the photos to prove it. If your candid photos aren’t turning out exactly how you pictured, don’t dismay. There are a few basic principles of photography you can follow even when you’re snapping pics with a smartphone. Lighting is key Good lighting is the most important factor […]

7 steps to a better summer body image

It’s time for a mid-summer body image tune up. Too many women are too hard on themselves and their bodies, especially in the summertime. “There is a belief that there is a ‘summer body,’ a certain standard to be achieved, and I think that’s wrong,” says Emily Cooper, a clinical social worker and therapist at […]

7 beat-the-heat summer meal planning ideas

One of the last things you likely want to do when it’s 95 degrees outside is turn on the oven or stand over the stove to make a hot dinner. Yet despite soaring temperatures, your family still needs to eat — night after night. What’s a too-hot-to-want-to-cook mom to do? Embrace summertime meal planning strategies […]

7 anniversary destinations close to home

“Oh, they say when you marry in June you’re a bride all your life” — or, at least, you can celebrate your nuptials every time “spring, spring, spring” rolls around. If you’re one of the June brides who celebrates her anniversary this month, it’s not too late to plan your romantic getaway. Here are seven anniversary […]

6 ways to keep kids learning over the summer

For nine months out of the year, elementary school students practice reading, writing, art, social skills, science, technology, physical education and more. They have an established routine, and they grow rapidly. And then summer break comes, allowing kids more time to just be kids — and more time to forget everything they learned during the […]

Utah Valley Hospital’s Heart & Sole combines heart entertainment and education

Heart and Sole, you’ll fall in love with heart health. Formerly known as the Race for Red, the Heart & Sole race is Utah Valley Hospital’s new venture to teach Utah Valley residents about heart health and provide a fun, family-friendly event. Cardiovascular disease is the number one killer of women and men in the […]

12 ways having your 4th child is different from your first

Ah, having a baby. It’s a magical time, a stressful time, a happy time, an emotional time. Whether it’s your first baby or your tenth, there’s something special about every baby and every birth. But as I prepared to give birth to my fourth child, I noticed a few differences between this birth experience and […]

7 companies that hire for work-at-home jobs

Remember 20 years ago, when going to work always meant leaving the house? Or even 10 years ago, when telecommuting was barely a thing? These days, office work is so 2007. If you like the idea of part-time work (and extra income) but can’t feasibly work outside the home, you might try looking into jobs at […]

5 great parent/toddler classes in Utah County

Population estimates say that more than 250,000 children under 5 are living in Utah County. That’s a quarter of a million kids who aren’t yet in school and who love to play. If you have one or two (or more!) of these children living in your house, check out some of these fun parent/toddler classes in […]

Pleasant Grove father creates FHE app

In the 103 years since LDS Church President Joseph F. Smith instituted family home evening as a tradition in the Church, parents have done their best to “gather their boys and girls about them in the home and teach them the word of the Lord.” Some have been successful, others less so. But as Elder […]

5 cues for working from home

Working from home isn’t always picture perfect. It all comes down to focus. Just ask Jessie Evans, an entrepreneur and mother of four young “assistants.” “I have entrepreneur blood running through me,” Evans says. “My dad was an entrepreneur, so I grew up with that. I just like building businesses and working for myself.” Evans […]

DIY Halloween costumes for the non-crafty and last-minuters

Halloween is ghoul sorts of fun until it’s the night before the big day and you realize you still have to get your family’s Halloween costumes together. Don’t be so spooked! We went to DIY experts Megan Mecham and Stephanie Simmons, the sister duo behind the popular Do it Yourself Divas blog, for DIY Halloween costume […]

UV To Do: Calendar of events for October 2017

Events Sundance Scenic Lift Rides When: Sept. 5 – Oct. 8 from 10 a.m.–5 p.m. Where: Sundance Cost: $15-$20 for adults; $13–$18 for children Site: sundanceresort.com Halloween Lift Rides When: Oct 19–31 from 7 p.m.–10 p.m. (Closed Sundays and open until 11 p.m. on weekends) Where: Sundance Cost: $20 for adults; $17 for children Site: sundanceresort.com Fall Festival When: Oct. 6 from 5–8 p.m. Where: Shay Park […]

5 tips for creating connection from a couple who overcame addiction and affairs

Ashlynn and Coby Mitchell are a happy couple from Orem, Utah, but it wasn’t always that way. The Mitchells have suffered through the effects of Coby’s addiction to pornography, two affairs, and the molestation of their two daughters by a family member. “We lived in the weeds for 14 years of our marriage,” Ashlynn says. […]

Niche ranks BYU in 33 categories for best colleges, UVU in six

Niche, a company that researches and compiles information on schools, ranked Brigham Young University in 33 different categories for the best American colleges. Utah Valley University was ranked in six different categories. Other Utah universities ranked: Utah State University in 20 different categories, University of Utah in 31, and Southern Utah University in 17. Using information from the U.S. Department […]

Salem Days seeks to involve community with annual summer festival

Variety and involvement are the two words that best describe the goals of Salem Days this year. The Salem City Mayor Randy Brailsford asked for Salem Days to hold a range of activities that appeal to and involve all the people who live in Salem. He wanted the community to feel like they were a part […]

How ‘wasting time’ led James Perry to a career with ‘Studio C’

“Wasting time” is what led James Perry to become a regular cast member and writer for BYUtv’s family-friendly sketch comedy show, “Studio C,” Perry told the audience attending his BYU TEDx talk in March. In his talk titled, “How I Stumbled On A Purpose,” Perry described how he was jealous of extremely successful people and initially viewed […]

Utah ranked 2nd best state for road trips

  Utah ranked as the second best state for summer road trips in a report released by WalletHub this week. Oregon placed as the best state for a summer road trip with a score of 59.68, which narrowly beat Utah’s score of 58.35. Washington took third place with a score of 57.89. WalletHub evaluated the 50 states’ road […]

5 lessons prophets learned from their fathers

“Follow the Prophet” is a popular song from the The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints Children’s Songbook. It sings of biblical prophets with nine verses and one catchy chorus. Members of the LDS faith respect and revere the leaders of their church. Members also respect and revere their fathers, as fatherhood plays a […]

Local little princesses will receive royal treatment at Strawberry Days Princess Party

With her granddaughters in mind, Terry Marchbanks organized a princess party for Pleasant Grove’s Strawberry Days six years ago. “We wanted something on Thursday afternoon,” Marchbanks said. That Thursday has turned into an annual Strawberry Days event for the past six years where girls ages 3-11 can be a princess for two hours. This year’s […]

5 Orem Summerfest traditions residents won’t want to miss

For Oremites, summer doesn’t begin when school gets out. Summer begins with Orem Summerfest. The 2017 Orem Summerfest began June 5 and is kickin’ out the fun like a summer festival should. They have a variety of events to attract a crowd from many walks of life. “Over the past few years, the Summerfest committee has […]

Utah-Tube: Jenny Oaks Baker and Family Four celebrate Memorial Day with national anthem

Jenny Oaks Baker and Family Four celebrated Memorial Day early with a moving performance of “The Star-Spangled Banner.” “We love our National Anthem and were thrilled to make a music video in tribute to this great nation and those who have given their lives throughout history to protect and preserve it!” Baker wrote on Patreon.com. Baker […]