Utah ranked 2nd best state for road trips

  Utah ranked as the second best state for summer road trips in a report released by WalletHub this week. Oregon placed as the best state for a summer road trip with a score of 59.68, which narrowly beat Utah’s score of 58.35. [...]

Utah’s best summer staycations for families

When summer hits, many Utah families plan to get far away from home and their busy school-time schedules. But instead of skipping the state, why not stay in Utah? Staycations are easier on your wallet, and Utah has some of the most beautiful, [...]

10 celebrities you’ll see at RootsTech ’15

RootsTech is the largest genealogical conference in the world with thousands of attendees — from professional genealogists to occasional hobbyists — from around the world. But if a genealogical conference sounds stale, you’ve never [...]

10 local activities to make you forget its winter

Utah Januaries and Februaries can be downright dreary. Lack of sunshine and the post-holiday blues can have us dreaming of being anywhere but here. Fortunately, Utah Valley has some spots where you can leave your winter blues at the doorstep [...]

Building momentum: FamilySearch in ’14 (and what to expect in 2015)

More missionaries are serving in the mission field today than ever before — 88,000, which would have accounted for the entire Church membership in 1869. Twenty-six temples have been announced or are under construction today — the same [...]

Home for the holidays: 4 tips to enjoy a harmonious holiday

The famous Perry Como song “Oh, there’s no place like home for the holidays” sums it up like this: “If you want to be happy in a million ways, for the holidays you can’t beat home, sweet home.” But in many households, [...]

5 questions every family should ask their grandparents

Family history work is about more than dates and places, though those facts are important. It’s about more than providing temple ordinances, though sealing families together is certainly the end goal. In its purest form, family history [...]

How many more hours until school starts?

I think it’s time for the kids to go back to school. I love summer, and we’ve had a good run, but the fact that it’s 3 o’clock in the afternoon and my kids are six hours into their own personal “Good Luck Charlie” marathon makes [...]

Audiobooks that will make your family road trip fly by

If you’re going on a road trip with your family this summer, gear yourself up for listening to whiny kids, bored teenagers and a few too many rounds of “99 Bottles of (whatever) on the Wall.” Or, you could just take one of [...]

9 LDS Church history day-trip destinations

Church history sites dot nearly every corner of Nauvoo, Illinois. Upstate New York and Kirtland, Ohio, have their share of historically significant places too. But families living in Utah County don’t need to drive across the country [...]

Memorial Day activity: New Civil War records released

In conjunction with Memorial Day, FamilySearch.org announced significant updates to its free Civil War historic records collection online. Families can discover ancestors who fought in America’s Civil War by browsing the Civil War landing [...]

Modern Family

With more than 114,000 families living in Utah Valley, a feature dedicated to the subject feels right at home in Utah Valley Magazine. Over the next 12 pages you’ll meet four modern families next door, you’ll learn how birth order affects [...]

8 great restaurants for large groups this holiday season

Whether you’re in charge of the company holiday party or you need a place for your extended family to gather for dinner this holiday season, consider foregoing the stress of hosting an event (and a group the size of a small army) at your [...]

How to not gain weight this holiday season

Healthy eating during the holidays can be tough — especially when you’re faced with once-a-year temptations like grandma’s famous pumpkin roll or your mom’s secret-recipe stuffing. Letting yourself go for just a couple of [...]

Whose job is harder?

It’s 6:30 p.m., and the minute my husband walks through the door, I want to hand our baby to him like a hot potato and go hide out in the Harts Gas & Food parking lot. There I’ll sip Diet Coke and lick the frosting off the convenience [...]

Because I said so: When the answer to ‘Are you pregnant?’ is ‘No’

Lately, someone has been remarking that I have my hands full almost every day. Because my baby can’t walk and my toddler often refuses to, I think people mean it in the literal sense. Everywhere I go, I end up carrying a kid in each arm. At [...]

Party Property

The Hatfields build a one-of-a-kind grandchild haven off of State Street. The Hatfields’ unique home — complete with a gorilla on the roof — rests on a 14-acre fun-filled plot in Lindon near State Street. Ron and Maurine Hatfield have [...]

Bring Your Family Together by Boating

staff, utahvalley360.com Put your entire family in a 168-foot-area for an entire day. Sound crazy? Not if the 21-foot-by-8-foot area is a boat. “I have a passion for boating — not because I’m in the business but because of what it’s [...]

Quick Retreats

staff, utahvalley360.com What are you in the mood for this weekend? Action? Adventure? Romance? Relaxation? It’s all within a short drive from your front door — and we don’t mean to the local video store. Here are a few “quick [...]