8 New Year’s resolutions moms should never make

Maybe we’re still mesmerized by the magic of the holiday season. Maybe we’re still in that notorious Christmas sugar coma. But for some reason, many of us moms mistakenly see January 1st as a magical switch we can simply flip [...]

8 ways to stretch your back-to-school dollar

The last few weeks before school starts can be a spendy time of year. But if you want to earn an “A” in savings, here are a few tricks you won’t find in a textbook. UtahValley360.com talked to three popular Utah bloggers to get [...]

It’s women in business: Small Business Administration loan launches female-owned businesses

Sponsored story Central Bank Small Business Administration loans 75 N. University Ave., Provo Deborah Lamb, manager/loan officer (801) 655-2152 dlamb@cbutah.com For American Fork’s Zara Quintana, owning her own business has been a dream [...]

Utah tops list of best places to grow up for upward mobility

A new study out of Harvard University ranks counties in the United States based on opportunity for upward mobility. While some results are disheartening (young men growing up in Baltimore are at a distinct economic disadvantage, the study shows), [...]

New Year, New You: 14 ways to say goodbye to 2014 issues

Resolutions are solutions. So what’s your problem? Check out 14 ways to say goodbye to the issues of 2014 — and hit 2015 running. #literally 1. Make the Most of Your Money  Money is air, and we need both to thrive. If 2014 left your [...]

12 ways to save big on groceries (without coupons!)

Want to save money on groceries but don’t have the time or ambition for extreme couponing? There are still simple, easy changes you can make to your shopping habits that will pay off big at the checkout counter. 1. Never, ever shop without [...]

4 money-saving tricks to get the most out of your paycheck this holiday season

In an effort to save her family money, Melea Johnson fell into a full-time job blogging about deals. Five years later not only has Freebies2Deals.com been voted the No. 1 Local Deals Site by the readers of Utah Valley Magazine and UtahValley360.com, [...]

Are your kids getting ripped off?

Earlier this year, I paid my 8- and 6-year-old kids $20 each to give up sugar for a month. It was agonizing for them to pass up sweets at every turn, but they were motivated by what they thought was a crazy amount of money. Then one day, my [...]

5 misconceptions about LDS tithing

The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints is a global faith that receives funds and other donations from a variety of donors. The Church uses these charitable donations to spread the gospel of Jesus Christ, to care for the poor, and [...]

Work it: 8 local summer jobs for your teenager

The temperatures are rising, the school year is coming to a close, and your teenagers are looking forward to the lazy days of summer. Or maybe they’re looking forward to a productive summer of hard work and earning money. Either way, now is [...]

Return with interest: Avoid 7 mistakes to make solid investment in real estate

The professionals at BuyPD in American Fork help investors around the country earn money in real estate. Here the company gives seven mistakes to avoid when it comes to getting realty returns. Mistake #1: Paying market rate Experienced investors [...]

10 most expensive activities for kids in Utah County

Extracurricular activities help kids develop social skills, work ethic, teamwork and self-discipline—all worthy pursuits. At the end of the day, sports are much less about winning and much more about having fun and making friends. But when [...]

5 things your teenager needs to know about money

Glittery iPhone cases, Under Armour sweatshirts, lunch at the Cheesecake Factory: American teenagers today spend a lot of money. Like a whole lot. Like more than $200 billion annually, according to data compiled by the international research [...]

Coach’s banking team: UCCU members memo

Dick Hunsaker knows about strong teammates powering you toward your goals. As the men’s basketball coach at UVU, Coach Hunsaker teaches student-athletes how to make the most of the talent and ability they have through maximum, focused effort. It’s [...]

5 tips for setting a budget you can actually stick to

Good news — it’s still January! Chances are, you’re still on track with your budget goals. But February is on its way, and that’s when most of us need a little help. If your relationship with your budget is on the rocks, [...]

Happy New You: 5 tips for resolutions that stick

I’m a goal-setting junkie, so when New Year’s Eve rolls around, I get giddy as I pull out my pen and paper and start listing the things I’m going to do differently this year. With all of my hypothetical improvements contained [...]

A family affair: Decisions on banking

Kurt and Stephanie Albach joined UCCU as newlyweds, when money was scarce and financial needs were simple. Four children and 23 years later, the couple continues to trust UCCU and has passed that trust onto their four children who each have [...]

5 meaningful gifts among the holiday mayhem

Christmas shopping has become more hectic than ever. Retailers encourage us to hit Black Friday sales before we’re even finished with our last bites of Thanksgiving turkey. New technology is at the top of Christmas wishlists for billions [...]

Whose job is harder?

It’s 6:30 p.m., and the minute my husband walks through the door, I want to hand our baby to him like a hot potato and go hide out in the Harts Gas & Food parking lot. There I’ll sip Diet Coke and lick the frosting off the convenience [...]

5 tips on how to handle panhandlers

By Brent Crane Most of us have seen or been confronted by a panhandler at some point in our lives, which has likely elicited a variety of emotions within each of us.  Lately, the issue has been right in our faces as there is rarely a chance [...]