Because I said so: When the answer to ‘Are you pregnant?’ is ‘No’

Lately, someone has been remarking that I have my hands full almost every day. Because my baby can’t walk and my toddler often refuses to, I think people mean it in the literal sense. Everywhere I go, I end up carrying a kid in each arm. At [...]

You bet your life: Going all-in with direct sales

When Kevin Baadsgaard of Spanish Fork signed up to be a distributor with his fourth direct sales company, he had a mortgage, seven kids and a wife with a baby on the way. Within a year and a half, he made more than $1 million. Since then, Baadsgaard [...]

Priceless but pricey: The high cost of raising kids in Utah Valley

With $241,080, you can buy more than 68,000 J-Dawg hot dogs, sit in legacy seats at BYU football games with your best friend for 89 years or fly from Salt Lake City to Hawaii six times a year for the next 54 years. Or, you could raise a child [...]

7 ways to spend less on back-to-school clothes in Utah Valley

The start of a new academic year is just days away, and you may feel like the one thing getting schooled is your pocketbook. But take heart, back-to-school shopping doesn’t have to feel like a lesson in impoverishment. Here are seven smart [...]

TGI Friday Video: BusinessQ Sales Roundtable

Ever look at booming sales companies and wonder how they do it? BusinessQ Editor in Chief Jeanette Bennett met up with Utah Valley’s finest in the sales industry to get their strategy to success. Plus, they’re sharing a few other [...]

Prosperity: Investment inspection

A six-point inspection can keep your retirement savings running as smoothly as a new car By Michael MacFarlane, Northwestern Mutual Financial Network The fact that 63 percent of Americans age 55 and older have saved less than $100,000 for retirement* [...]

Financial Fitness Challenge

Four families cut spending and payoff dates By Jeanette Bennett, utahvalley360.com Last issue you met our four financial fitness families (say that three times fast). Now find out what strategies they’ve implemented with the help of a financial [...]

MEMBERS MEMOS: Kirk & Jackie Williamson

By Greg Bennett, utahvalley360.com Kirk and Jackie Williamson joined UCCU as a young married couple in the early 1980s. As they’ve added children and as times have changed, the Williamsons continue to look to UCCU as their financial institution [...]

Prosperity: Ready for ‘what if’?

4 actions that will keep your financial house in order in case of an emergency By Michael MacFarlane, Northwestern Mutual Financial Network When an unexpected illness or accident strikes, many people rely on family and friends to help handle [...]

Member Memos: Jim & Cindy Brown

By Greg Bennett, utahvalley360.com Jim and Cindy Brown are busy professionals who recently added a third member of the family — son Hendrix. So, how does this young family maintain financial health? How does belonging to UCCU help? They answered [...]

Letter of the Law: Admirable Advocacy

By Greg Bennett, utahvalley360.com After the physical wounds healed, Spanish Fork accident victim used attorney Jeff Metler to heal financial scars Kelli Branam of Spanish Fork never thought she’d have to worry about calling a personal injury [...]

Tough Calls

When the investing gets tough, the tough get an adviser By Dave Young Successful investing is tough. Over the long term, it may be one of the toughest tasks you take on. It’s not about physical toughness. According to a story in USA Today, [...]

Financial Fitness Challenge

Four families reveal incomes, debts and goals By Jeanette Bennett, utahvalley360.com This year’s Utah Valley Magazine weight-loss challenge is about losing the heavy burden of money woes and gaining financial strength. In our January/February [...]

Members Memos: Larry & Karen Salisbury

By Greg Bennett Each issue, Utah Valley Magazine features a member of UCCU. This issue we hear from Larry and Karen Salisbury of Cedar Hills. What have you taught your children about money? We’ve taught them from a young age to save a percentage [...]

Clean Slate

By Ashley Dickson Now’s your chance. The blank pages of your 2010 calendar are begging you to forget last year’s unfulfilled resolutions and make a fresh start. And whether you’re looking for a new beginning for your health, relationships, [...]

Members Memos: Steve and Sue Ellen Call

By Greg Bennett Each issue, Utah Valley Magazine features a member of UCCU. This issue we hear from Steve and Sue Ellen Call of Orem. What are principles that influence how you use money? We try to spend less than we make. It feels better to [...]

Money is Slippery

First step of investing? Select a qualified adviser By Dave Young Money is slippery. It is difficult to build wealth and even more difficult to keep it. The stock market is up 50 percent from the lows it hit earlier this year. If you are serious [...]

Forging Fit Families Fiscally

Lindon business combines cost-effective medical care and family fitness   With tough economic times turning from months into years, businesses are responding by becoming creative in services and pricing. For Aaron and David Hartle, twin [...]

Bargain Buying

Local Web site tames the ‘zoo’ of finding bank-owned properties and autos online By utahvalley360.com, sponsored by zoo lender.com Tony Powell and Branden Kirk started Zoolender.com to meet their real estate clients’ needs. Having a [...]

More for your money

Additional sets of eyes help in setting financial goals By utahvalley360.com It’s always smart to have someone look over your writing. If that person is an expert editor, the second set of eyes is even more valuable. (On a related note, thanks [...]