6 new spooktacular family Halloween traditions

There’s a lot to love about Halloween, a fuss-free holiday that pairs two of my favorite things: dressing up and gorging on candy. (True, my kids throw up almost every year after trick-or-treating, but I feel that it’s the price I pay for [...]

7 reasons to attend the first annual Pocket Film Fest 

  Old or young, it seems everybody is spending a lot of time on his or her smartphone. That’s no surprise. A new smartphone today is far more powerful than a desktop computer of just a few years ago. For nearly any task, there’s an [...]

10 great wedding gifts from the LDS Distribution Center

The wedding season is a busy time, especially in communities where many members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints live. Weddings are exciting, joyful and can be — for Church members who attend several celebrations every [...]

Audiobooks that will make your family road trip fly by

If you’re going on a road trip with your family this summer, gear yourself up for listening to whiny kids, bored teenagers and a few too many rounds of “99 Bottles of (whatever) on the Wall.” Or, you could just take one of [...]

10 gifts for high school graduates

And just like that, your baby is graduating from high school and leaving the nest. How time flies! What can you give them to make them feel special on their big day? Caps off to these great ideas. 1. Shadow boxes Feeling sentimental in all [...]

13 vacation destinations Mormons love

Quality family time is important to members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. And if family game night is becoming mundane, why not take your quality time on the road? Here are 13 popular travel destinations with special significance [...]

A BYU camp for every teenager

The average age on BYU’s campus drops significantly during the summer months, but it’s not just because of EFY. BYU summer camps bring thousands of teenagers with interests as diverse as they are to campus every summer. With dozens [...]

10 reasons Utah is the nerdiest state

Utah has topped its share of lists lately — best places for business, states with best economic outlooks and even stone-cold sober universities. So when you think about it, we really should have seen this distinction coming. Utah tops Estately’s [...]

5 unique birthday party ideas for elementary-aged kids in Utah Valley

Planning a kid’s birthday party can be intimidating, especially with the picture-perfect parties of Pinterest and mommy blogs to contend with. But when it comes to party venues, Utah Valley has plenty of options. Whether you’ve [...]

Keep it glassy: 5 reasons to sign up for an art class at Holdman Studios

1. You’ve probably never done anything like it.  Glass blowing is a hands-on experience unlike any other. In the Holdman Studios state-of-the-art facility at Thanksgiving Point, students work alongside professionals to create beautiful [...]

Trick or toothbrush: Alternatives to trick-or-treating candy

A typical American consumes 24 pounds of candy every year, according to Daily Infographic. For children, much of that candy consumption comes from trick-or-treating. With the rising obesity epidemic in the United States, Halloween is the scariest [...]

Whose job is harder?

It’s 6:30 p.m., and the minute my husband walks through the door, I want to hand our baby to him like a hot potato and go hide out in the Harts Gas & Food parking lot. There I’ll sip Diet Coke and lick the frosting off the convenience [...]
Maverick Stores, Try it dirty

All jacked up: Mixed (fountain) drinks a Utah County craze

The next time you doctor your Dr. Pepper with coconut syrup, thank the popular St. George Marathon. At least that’s one theory about how the Mormon “mixed-drink” craze migrated to Utah County. Locals running or vacationing in St. George [...]

Because I said so: When the answer to ‘Are you pregnant?’ is ‘No’

Lately, someone has been remarking that I have my hands full almost every day. Because my baby can’t walk and my toddler often refuses to, I think people mean it in the literal sense. Everywhere I go, I end up carrying a kid in each arm. At [...]

Hale Center Theater brings Brooklyn life to Orem

If you want to get a feel for life in New York City, you don’t have to go too far. “In the Heights,” a musical directed by Chris Clark, is now on stage at Hale Center Theater in Orem for the first time in Utah County. “In the Heights” [...]

TGI Friday Video – Daughters Turn Into Mothers

This Sunday is finally Mother’s Day! So naturally, we couldn’t let this Friday slip away without giving a shout-out. This video shows three young Utah Valley mommas (Marie Sant, Amy Rasmussen and Jennifer Crafts), all proud parents [...]

Dress Up

Shade Clothing’s new Basic Black collection fills a void in the fashion market. For decades, it has been hailed as the essential piece of a woman’s wardrobe. But for many in Utah Valley, the perfect “little black dress” is rather [...]

Mother’s Day Gift Guide

10 local ideas for the ladies in your life

Holiday Gift Guide

The goal? To purchase gifts that will bring a smile but not a return slip. The solution? Unwrap these 12 holiday gift ideas that will quickly have you crossing people off your shopping list. From items that will make cooking easier to gift cards [...]

Cooking Made Easy

By Kim Christenson   Deanna grew up on a farm and learned to cook by watching her mom make everything from scratch. “I learned how to make meals that taste good, are well balanced, and look pretty on the table,” Deanna says. “There’s [...]