Fall Tricks Reap Cash Treats

staff, utahvalley360.com Utah County may be Happy Valley, but we also enjoy other emotions — lost and scared. Halloween is the second biggest economic holiday in Utah — just behind Christmas, according to Cydney Neil, director of Rocky Point Haunted House Productions. And autumn activities that reap financial rewards are sown everything from corn mazes […]

Chasing the Ghost of Cluff

BYA president Benjamin Cluff took students and faculty on a trouble-ridden voyage to Central and South America to find proof of the Book of Mormon.

No Longer a Secret Garden

For years the only people who knew much about Thanksgiving Gardens were the golfers who looked out over the tee boxes and putting greens of the nearby golf course. But today The Gardens at Thanksgiving Point are

Golden Touch

Desiree Tanner supported her Olympic gold winning husband, Troy, through eight years of professional volleyball. Now he’s backing her as she develops products for the multimillion-dollar scrapbooking industry.

1 Year to 2002

Ed Carter, utahvalley360.com Imagine it’s the afternoon of Feb. 9, 2002, and you’re making your way across downtown Provo toward The Peaks Ice Arena. Within minutes, a hockey official drops the puck at center ice and Utah County’s first-ever Olympic event is under way as part of the 2002 Winter Games. While the best hockey […]

LaVell’s Game Plan For Next Season

Jeanette Bennett, utahvalley360.com Photographs by Mark A. Philbrick / BYU and Doug Martin For years Patti Edwards has made gameday stew to eat after the BYU football games. Her own concoction of stew meat, cream of mushroom soup, potatoes, carrots, and Lipton onion soup simmered for the five or six hours it took to go […]