No. 5 Startups to Watch: Zehn-X

FOUNDED 2019 CITY Lehi EMPLOYEES 10 INDUSTRY Sanitation WEBSITE FOUNDERS Mike McKinzie, 57; Scott Pinckney, 32; Kody Curtis, 33 THE COMPANY A formulator/manufacturer of sanitizing wipes and accessory products for commercial/home/personal use. BRIGHT SPOTS Talk about a clean green sweep. Zehn-X is innovating the sanitizing industry with stellar smells and earth-friendly products. Not only […]

No. 3 Startups to Watch: Brandless

FOUNDED 2017 CITY Draper + Provo (and soon to be Pleasant Grove) EMPLOYEES 150+ (split between Utah and Minnesota) INDUSTRY Consumer products WEBSITE CEO Cydni Tetro THE COMPANY Brandless is a platform of “better for you” products ranging from wellness to green clean to beauty. BRIGHT SPOTS This consumer products platform believes when we […]

2021 UV50: Economic Engines

Let’s turn the spotlight to the companies powering our local economy. These 10 green giants are employing thousands, garnering fame, giving back, and sharing the light.

2021 UV50: Startups to Watch

Talk about bright futures. These 10 startups are flipping the switch hard and fast. Get ready to bask in the glow of their youthful good looks.

How Prepared was the U.S. for Online Learning?

  A recent study compared 30 different countries’ digital education systems in the midst of a global pandemic. Closed schools. Empty lecture halls. Abandoned libraries. COVID-19 has left educational facilities desolate.  The pandemic created unprecedented challenges for education systems worldwide. For many countries, providing fair and equal access to online learning on a national level […]


BY JEANETTE BENNETT, CHELSEA KERN & HAILEY BENNETT SUNDWALL | PHOTOGRAPHY BY DAVE BLACKHURST This past year hasn’t felt like fun and games. A pandemic rollercoaster includes a few ups (Zoom calls in sweat pants!) but many downs (mask life). Here at Utah Valley Magazine, we’ve been immunized against negativity. So once again we’re gathering […]

2020 UV50

30 FASTEST-GROWING COMPANIES 10 ECONOMIC ENGINES 10 STARTUPS TO WATCH Not many folks would call 2020 a lucky year. But it’s the UV50’s 13th birthday — and we’ve got 50 Utah Valley companies beating the odds and growing four-leaf clovers on trees. Whether fast, fierce or fresh out of the gate, the businesses on this […]

2020 UV50: 30 Fastest-Growing Companies

TALK ABOUT A RUN OF GOOD LUCK … and hard work … and stealth strategy … and hard work … and late nights … and hard work … and killer teams … and hard work … and hard work … and hard work.    These 30 companies are making their own good luck — with […]

2020 UV50: 10 Startups to Watch

This isn’t just beginner’s luck. These 10 greenies have cool visions, hip hop happenin’ teams, and mad cool work ethic. THE FINE PRINT The Startups to Watch list is selected from a pool of applicants with less than four years of operating history. The winners and rankings were determined by BusinessQ’s editorial board based on […]

Weekend Takeout Ideas to Support Local Eateries

Maybe dining in Utah has experienced a drastic makeover, but good food hasn’t changed — and neither has our love of local businesses. During this era of the Stay Home, Stay Sage directive, we’ve been encouraged to support our local eateries. So here are some businesses that are innovating and keeping the grubs good. Pizza […]

Utah vs. Coronavirus: April 1, 2020

Governor Gary Herbert started his this third daily press conference by denouncing the April Fool’s joke that circulated on social media today saying that he ordered all students to repeat their current grade in school starting next fall. Not true! #aprilfools Then he shared some truths, which include a slight relaxation of rules for restaurants and […]

Till Text Do We Part: Getting Down to Business on Messaging Apps

  While one CEO might let the dos and don’ts of texting keep her up at night, another might send texts to employees until 2 a.m. There is no “Martha Stewart etiquette manual” for texting. Universities don’t offer SMS101. Nevertheless, there are best practices that lean toward respect and balance. The Time of Day Most […]

Q Cards: Tips For Choosing a Social Media Platform

The don’ts of social media stack up as quickly as the chatter buries a well-crafted post. Don’t be boring. Don’t use too much stock art. Don’t sound like a robot. Don’t let direct messages go unanswered. Are you having an #unfiltered anxiety attack yet? Come out from under the boardroom table. We’ll start from the […]

All the Feels 2019 UV50 Awards

BUST OUT THE BALLOONS, because the 2019 UV50 is alive and swell.    These top 50 Utah Valley companies have floated and fought through the various stages of business (and grief).    Running an energetic enterprise is not one emotion fits all: It’s happy. It’s hard. It’s heavenly. It’s harrowing. It’s human. It’s helium-sucking.   […]

UV50 Fastest-Growing Companies: No. 22 Big Leap

THREE-YEAR GROWTH 269% 2018 REVENUE $7.3 million CITY Lehi FOUNDED 2008 EMPLOYEES 76 INDUSTRY Digital Marketing WEBSITE FOUNDER Bryan Phelps, 35 THE COMPANY A digital marketing agency specializing in four core channels: SEO, content marketing, social media and marketing automation. HAPPY DAYS Big Leap is a big deal. It has 555+ clients (including the […]

40 Under 40

THEY GOT IT, BABY. #therightstuff         This year’s group of business heartthrobs is rockin’. They have talent. They have showmanship. They have rhythm. And they’re not afraid to beat to their own drum.    Now flip the page, feel the beat, and hear the anthem of their careers.    

2019 Best of Utah Valley Winners

Eighteen years ago, we called the first version of this contest the “2001 Readers’ Choice Awards,” and we tallied mailed-in ballots. The voting included 10 categories, and the only one from that first edition still on our 2019 “Best Of” ballot is “Best Golf Course.” Since then, we’ve experimented with the contest, adapted the name, […]

Best of Restaurants

Best Bakery 1. Kneaders 2. Provo Bakery 3. Cravings Alisha’s Cupcakes Best Brazilian 1. Tucanos Brazilian Grill 2. Rodizio Grill 3. Lucy’s Brazilian Kitchen Best Barbecue 1. Wallabys Smokehouse 2. Bam Bams BBQ 3. 5 Star BBQ Best Steak 1. Texas Roadhouse 2. Outback Steakhouse 3. Tucanos Brazilian Grill Best Burger 1. Five Guys 2. […]

Best of Home Services

Best Window Coverage 1. The Blindman 2. Blinds by Design 3. Blind Spot Best Windows 1. Jones Paint & Glass 2. Window World 3. Rocky Mountain Windows & Doors Best Cabinets 1. Magleby Construction 2. McCoy’s Flooring and Cabinets 3. Barlow’s Wood Classics Best Carpet Cleaners 1. TruRinse Carpet Cleaning 2. Zerorez 3. Boss Systems […]

The Q Awards

New year, new leaders. Utah Valley BusinessQ presents our 2019 movers and makers.  

Fab 40: Say ‘Kapow” to 2019’s Heroic Fabulous Faces

Say “Kapow!” to this year’s heroic Fab 40. The 12th annual super set of fabulous folk have origin stories to rival any cape-wearing vigilante. The 2019 batch of fabulous faces shared with us their save-the-day moments, personal kryptonites and preferred superpowers. These 40 are smashing stereotypes and zapping the norm.                                       

Iconic Face: Barbara Barrington

Hats off to the grandmother of philanthropy in Utah Valley. Barbara Barrington Jones moved to our community full-time seven years ago and has been brimming with generosity ever since. As the lead funder of UVU’s Wee Care Center, Thanksgiving Point’s Museum of Natural Curiosity and the brand-new Butterfly Biosphere, Jones has brought class and coin […]

A Dose of Good Medicine

   Doctors’ offices all have one thing in common: A devotion to patients. (OK, there are few more things … scrubs, vinyl names on the doors, copies of Utah Valley Magazine in the waiting area …) At the heart of every practice is a caregiver ready to prescribe a good dose of his or her […]

Medical Profiles: Ardu Recovery Center

    1053 W. 1020 S., Provo  •  (866) 869-0105  • Those of us who live in Utah Valley have felt the comfort and reassurance that comes from the mountain setting and tranquil way of life. Its location in Provo is one of the tools Ardu Recovery Center uses to help addicts get their […]

Top 10 Docs in Utah Valley for 2019

 For the third year in a row, Utah Valley Magazine surveyed the medical community to determine the top 10 doctors. Our staff stuffed more than 700 envelopes asking the medical community to weigh in on which peers they’d most likely recommend to friends and family. Votes were faxed, mailed, emailed and — new this year— […]

Unforgiftable: 9 Gift Ideas to Build Memories This Christmas

Stuffing the stockings can lead to a house stuffed with gifts forgotten by Valentine’s Day (or New Year’s). #sadbuttrue. We’ve searched the valley for ways to cut clutter and wrap up memories instead of items as Christmas gifts. So trim the tree and trim down the post-holiday mess by giving experiences to build family relationships. […]

Holiday I-Remember-Whens

Gracious in Receiving    I have learned some valuable lessons from Christmastime as a child from my mother, specifically how to be gracious and aware of others.    As it was growing closer to Christmas, I noticed some of my favorite toys were disappearing. I looked all over the house and couldn’t find them anywhere. […]