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  1. AvatarAdam Jube Reply

    Rob Mckell finally sentenced. Raped his step daughter stole all money and assets from his wife. This man needs to be exposed l.

  2. AvatarMonica Giffing Reply

    Can you please tell me when and how I can nominate someone for the Student who will Change the World article. Thanks

    1. AvatarAnsalee Morrison Reply

      Hi Monica,

      Thanks for being interested in our feature! The students are actually nominated by the administrators from their the schools they attend. We love hearing about the awesome people around the Valley, so if you know of an awesome high schooler, feel free to contact us directly to tell us about him or her.


  3. AvatarTaralyn Sorenson Reply

    Why is there not a best Martial Arts Studio option?
    I noticed that you didn’t have another option for best dance studio where you could fill in a studio.

  4. AvatarMaryAnn Roberts Reply

    How can I get a copy of your latest issue with the high schoolers who will change the world?

    1. Avataradmin Post author Reply

      You can find them at the local grocery stores like Harmons. You can also come to our office at 424 W. 800 N., Orem.

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