The Queen of Clean: Vicki Winterton encourages organizing for progress, not perfection

This is the first of a five-story series, “Empower Hour,” for Utah Valley Magazine. The junk drawer, the hall closet, the entryway table that accidentally evolved into the burial ground for receipts, bills and permission slips — every home has “that” space. Though Vicki Winterton can’t Mary-Poppins-style snap her fingers and make the job a […]

Home is where the garden is

Beneath the shadow of Y Mountain and within the reach of the carillon bell echo is Richard Sheffield’s Provo home. Through the latched gate is a garden, humming with birds, buzzing with bees, brimming with life. This is where Richard’s story begins. “We were attracted to this house because of the yard,” Richard says. “I […]

Choose your own adventure in Pleasant Grove

Away from the hum of the highway and the buzzing of the busy is Pleasant Grove, a haven in Utah County. It was settled in 1850 by travelers attracted to a grove of trees that offered temporary shelter and promise of rich soil — and today the city offers promise of adventures and memories. Mix and match […]

Happy Couples: Doyle and Linda Hatfield

This is one in four of Utah Valley Magazine’s “Happy Couples” series. Once Upon a Time She was 14. He was 20. Newly married, Doyle and Linda Hatfield didn’t have a home yet. “We were living in a motel, had $10 to our name and debated whether or not to spend $3 on a frying […]

Treadmill-dancing local celebrities dance/run their way past record A puppy, a break dancer, a ballerina, a skateboarder and a group of YouTube and Vine stars made history by participating in the world’s largest treadmill dance, all while helping promote fitness. The video features BYU “New Spice” star Stephen Jones dancing on a treadmill, joined by 40 Utah dancers and 12 video bloggers […]

Cool products made in UV

As you go about your holiday shopping this season, don’t look farther than your own backyard with these Utah Valley finds.

New Provo police chief announced

PROVO — John King was named the new Provo chief of police and will succeed former police chief Rick Gregory. Gregory resigned in July to move closer to family, and Captain Cliff Argyle has been acting as interim chief. King is a 30-year veteran of law enforcement, having served as the chief of police in […]

Lehi Fire Department awarded for fire prevention

The Lehi Fire Department firefighters are trained to fight wild land fires and urban fires, to teach children and adults how to prevent fires and to lead an urban search and rescue — and they are getting noticed for it. The National Association of State Fire Marshalls noticed their consistent fire prevention efforts and awarded […]

Google Fiber vs. broadband: A Halloween twist

Provo City is at it again with another humorous video about the differences between Google Fiber and broadband, this time with a Halloween twist. Provo Mayor John Curtis shared on his blog that Oct. 31st is the last day for current Veracity Network customers to sign up for Google Fiber, as they will be the […]

Pieces of ‘Ender’s Game’ comes to BYU’s library

This weekend, fans will crowd movie theaters to see “Ender’s Game,” a film adaptation of the science fiction novel written by Orson Scott Card. Serious fans, however, are already starting to crowd another place — the Brigham Young University Harold B. Lee Library — to get a closer look at the evolution of “Ender’s Game.” […]

The ‘child-full’ life

This article was first posted on Alisha’s blog, The Little Love Bucket, and is shared here with her permission.  I have read a dozen articles that justify living a “child-free” life. The Time magazine featured it, New York Times columnists have written about it, and statistics show that Americans are embracing it. It sounds like a fun lifestyle, and […]

Viral video documents possible illegal activity in Goblin Valley

What started as a claimed attempt to make a Goblin Valley path safer could end in a legal battle for three Utah men. During a trip to Goblin Valley, Glenn Taylor, Dave Hall and Dylan Taylor said they noticed one of the “goblins,” or rock formations, was loose. They claimed they didn’t want the loose […]

BYU Bookstore mannequins prank customers

Just in time for Halloween, the BYU Bookstore is getting spooky. Two student employees dressed as mannequins in BYU gear and posed near the bookstore entrance, waiting to  surprise unsuspecting customers and capture their reactions on camera. Casey Woolley, the multimedia specialist who produced the video, said that the video may not be the only […]

BYU Homecoming Spectacular honors Brimhall’s courage

In 1911, former BYU President George H. Brimhall discovered that several respected and well-educated faculty members were teaching scientific concepts that were controversial to BYU and LDS beliefs.  He originally supported the faculty members, but after learning that the concepts were causing students to lose their faith and stray from the LDS Church, he chose […]

Provo Airport hosts L.A. ticket giveaway

Roll out the red carpet, because Hollywood just got closer. The Provo Municipal Airport and Allegiant Air now offers nonstop service from Provo to Los Angeles (LAX), and they’re throwing a Hollywood-themed ticket giveaway on Wednesday to celebrate the new service. The family-friendly event features a giveaway where a winner and three guests will receive a […]

Stopping predatory towing

When Provo Mayor John Curtis expressed his disappointment with the local predatory towing situation, hundreds of residents expressed their full support. Riding that support, the mayor has taken actions that could kick predatory towing to the curb once and for all. “Some days I feel overwhelmed with this issue but I am convinced we can […]

Mindy Gledhill and Hilary Weeks release new albums

Two popular area musicians released new albums last week, and they’re both worth listening to. Mindy Gledhill‘s “Pocketful of Poetry” and Hilary Weeks‘ “Say Love” will freshen up your playlists and make you fall in love with the artists all over again. Mindy Gledhill’s “Pocketful of Poetry” “Pocketful of Poetry” is Gledhill’s fifth album and, […]

Choose your own summer adventure

Ah, summer. You’re back, in all your sunshine-filled, blue-skied glory that slips us into dusky dreams of biking and camping, road trips and cruise ships. We plan and we save for these bound-to-be-unforgettable vacations. But sometimes our best-laid summer plans don’t come to life, leaving us with toxic pools of regret for wasting away the sunny days. Okay, okay, […]