60 LDS-inspired baby name ideas for expecting parents

If you’re naming a baby in 2016, you might not think a group of (mostly) elderly men and women can offer much by way of modern name inspiration — but you’d be surprised. From current Church leaders to prominent figures in Church history to canonized scriptures, The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints offers plenty of […]

Naming names: Most popular Utah baby names in 2014 are not ‘made up’

We’ve heard it time and time again (and then a few times more): Utahns have a thing for unique baby names. But the most popular names in the state, according to new data from the Social Security Administration, show otherwise. The ever-traditional William was the hottest name for boy babies in Utah in 2014; for […]

Royal ties in Utah’s baby names

King and queen of the playground: Will, Kate, among top baby names in the state If you have a hard time envisioning a newborn with the name George, put your imagination on hold for a few months. It may only be a short time until you hear a mom at University Mall gushing over her […]